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Aftermath (Wicked Pictures)

Aftermath (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Aftermath (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Aftermath (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/19/2014
I was able to get a hold of an advance copy of the Wicked movie Aftermath to check out which I was able to do over the course of one day. It's a long movie which in this pre release version came with two discs and I imagine the final version will as well since the movie is over 3 hours in length. It tells of a journey a young man takes when he's able to find out more about his father who was taken from him at a very young age. This story also takes place in the state and city of New York with ties to an event that for better and for worse has shaped the course of our nations history since 9/11. You have two main characters in this movie one of which is played by award winning actress jessica drake so you know that is a role you'll enjoy watching. The other main lead in this is a younger performer in the industry, Tyler Nixon, who has begun to shape out a nice career in couples friendly fare over the course of the last year plus. This is easily the biggest project he's done to date and he's in good hands with Brad Armstrong directing and jessica drake as his main co star. Other stars in this release are Brandi Love who plays Tyler's mother, Ryan Driller who is the dad taken from Tyler and India Summer who has a couple good dialogue scenes with jessica towards the end of the movie.

The movie opens with Brandi Love lying in bed and she is joined by Ryan who is her husband, lover and chief waker upper. Whether or not this is a "real" scene or a dream doesn't really matter. It just shows Brandi at a happier time making love to her man. A good close in view for part of the blow job and you had Ryan wearing his Superman glasses! Sex wise using a side view we watch a strong missionary position moving neatly to Ryan taking Brandi from behind. They stay with this side view pretty much the entire scene but it was a good open shot of the action which moves to include spoon soon ending with Ryan dropping his load to her tongue and some clean up. The alarm then goes off waking Brandi up to her reality and she sits up to start her day but it won't be an ordinary one as she has a special gift to give to her son Tyler.

Tyler known as Danny in this movie joins and gets his birthday card along with a small box that contains the title to a car which had belonged to his father. An excited Tyler goes to the garage where the covered car has sat unused for over a decade. It still look in mint condition, though. Danny is left to explore the car and this is where the story starts to get interesting. He finds a letter from someone named Nina, jessica, and also a series of photos showing what she looks like plus he sees his father in the pictures and looking happy too. Later on that day Tyler is joined by his girlfriend played by Chloe Amour. What guy doesn't want to christen their first ride with fucking their girl so Tyler is living the dream here. Some nice shots up close as Chloe loses her top exposing some nice tits that Tyler kisses. They are in cramped quarter but definitely make the best of it especially when they get out of the car and Tyler goes behind to face dive into Chloe's ass!! A good open shot here of the oral both to her pussy and ass. Chloe also gets in some quality oral here and they have used the side angle a lot so far but to great results. Back into the car for the fucking but they keep the door open as Chloe goes for the ride in reverse and you have a standing doggie captured too. The back hood gets used for a mish shot and we soon get a facial with clean up from Chloe.

Back to the story where a curious Danny starts to investigate these photos to try and find out who this mysterious Nina is. He is taken with the photo and with the inclusion of his dad he has a reason to keep looking. Tyler finds a clue but then his Mom walks in and eventually finds this stash he's been looking at. A photo of jessica and Ryan is left in the open and this visibly upsets Brandi who asks where he got it. She tells Tyler to never mention it again and he should have picked up that this was an affair his dad was having but he doesn't and keeps on with his journey. Chloe comes back for a dialogue scene where she tries to dissuade Tyler from looking but he's not hearing it and decides to head off to the Big Apple to find out about this mysterious Nina. Tyler then heads off taking the bus. On that bus we have Xander Corvus and Bonnie Rotten who were also heading into the city and they decide to have a little ME time right there on the bus. A shocked Tyler steals a few glances back as Bonnie begins to give Xander head and he in turn lets a few fingers to down to masturbate her pussy. This leads to a juicy climax shot which is captured up close. Danny has become sort of a look out for the two as they have this little bit of sex with Bonnie taking a facial to close it out. Xander says they should hook up later and Tyler who is still a bit shocked at what he saw agrees but his mind has already left this encounter thinking about finding Nina.

This also offers up some great on location shots of New York City and there is no mistaking where he is when you see the subway he comes walking out of and the shots of the skyline above him and of course the multitude of cabs!! Tyler reaches his destination and knocks on the door with jessica answering. It's New York and his a stranger so this first meeting doesn't go well and when he puts his foot in the door when she tries to shut it things heat up but she is able to close it. That's when Tyler slides the photo of jessica & Ryan under and she opens the door back up and lets him in. Tyler lets her know that's his dad and she realizes he is Danny so evidently Ryan spoke of him with jessica at some point. jessica is now joined Tyler in this curiousity journey and as the movie unwinds this becomes a way for her to relive the passion she had with Ryan, through his son. She tells Tyler that his dad was an amazing man but during this first chat doesn't let it out they were having an affair. Tyler lets jessica know he wants to know everything about his dad she can tell him. jessica has a reaction when she learns Tyler showed the picture of her and Ryan to his Mom. The two then go out for a bit to eat and this offers us another chance to see choice location shots of NYC. jessica begins to let it out that she and Ryan were having relations which led to the next sex scene.

It was at an office Christmas party where the two of them sneak off to an office to fulfill this burning passion that had been simmering between the two. Wearing his Santa hate Ryan works down to jessica's wonderland and delivers some oral attention. through the window you see another large building across the way and you might begin to suspect they are in one of the towers and I think you know of what I reference. After some nice oral from Ryan you get jessica returning the favor. I should point out that she was wearing reindeer antlers! jessica was looking fine here in the red top and black skirt and she gives Ryan's dick more than enough holiday cheer! There is sex as well using the desk to great advantage for an open mish shot and then a very nice cowgirl. jessica is losing more clothing too as the scene goes on but she keeps the antlers on. After that nice ride in cowgirl they stay on the desk top changing around to doggie. You are offered another glance at the open curtains and more and more you should start to think that's one of the towers across the way. A couples friendly end to the scene with Ryan pulling out to pop on jessica's ass which sadly didn't see any action here.

Back to reality where Tyler isn't upset about learning this about his dad. jessica lets him know he reminds her a lot of him. jessica misses Ryan a lot and you can see where this is heading as Tyler is making almost puppy dog eyes at jessica so it's obvious he's infatuated with her. jessica falls for this and the two go falling back into her apartment kissing passionately. The next shot shows the two waking up in bed and we might assume they fucked but we missed it. jessica then tells Tyler he must leave and that this was a mistake. Tyler still doesn't seem to have a clue of what's happened- he's fucked the woman who was having an affair with his dad and this doesn't seem to phase him. Tyler goes leaves but doesn't go far sitting on the steps just outside her apartment. Tyler is on his cell talking to someone and I think it's Chloe and he offers up a lie about not finding jessica and that he'll continue the search. miss drake then comes out and brings Tyler back inside.

Back inside Tyler finally tells us this is a fucked up situation but his dick has taken control now instead of his head up top. The two continue to talk but we already know where this is heading and they begin to kiss again and this time we get to see the sex between the two. Tyler works down to kissing jessica's tits then pulling her jeans off to dive right into tasting her pussy. jessica is leaning back eyes closed and I can't help but think she's actually picturing Ryan in her mind eating her out so she's is definitely using Tyler to feed this missing passion from her past life. Tyler spends some quality time eating her pussy even turning jessica over to a doggie position where he might have licked her ass though we didn't get a definitive shot to prove it. Tyler then lets his cock out and jessica moves down to give oral and I loved the shot of her ass that we get here. It wasn't a full on frontal shot just the way her ass was shaped here grabbed me. I think it was the way she was lying on her stomach that made her butt look so appealing. Speaking of ass we get a very nice 69 captured where that ass is turned out to us so we see all of it. Tyler seems to have a confidence about him here as he begins to nail jessica in mish which moves nicely to jessica raising up to ride him in cowgirl, thus offering more booty time! Tyler finishes the scene taking jessica from behind leading to an open mouth pop with clean up. The screen then faded to black so time to change discs!

The second begins with the finish again with the clean up leading them to an outdoor shot. jessica joins Tyler and offers to tell him more about his father. Again some choice shots on location in NY including a trip around the harbor which I was also able to take on my one lone trip to the Big Apple. My day there was overcast but this one was sunny and offered a great shot of Lady Liberty aka The Stature of Liberty. jessica and Tyler are in the early stages of this "relationship" and even take a horse cab ride through the streets. Can't tell you how impressed I was they were able to get this on location shots as it went a long way in making the movie work. jessica later that night lets Tyler know that his dad had a kinky side or a dark side as Tyler said it. jessica agrees and gives a great line of dialogue about how we explore that dark side especially as one gets older. Exploring new feelings, new possiblities--The affair with a married man, bascially want to have your cake and eat it to but of course this has consequences. Tyler asks if she knew about him being married and she tells him that she didn't know about Ryan being married at first but when she learned it was much to late. jessica knows doing this with Tyler is wrong but she is doing it anyway much like what she did with Ryan a decade earlier. Tyler and jessica by this point have developed into a nice give and take. jessica the much more experienced performer but Tyler holding his own in the exchanges.

The next day dawns and Tyler comes out wearing a shirt that was his dads and he wore it all the time jessica tells Tyler. She wasn't allowed to wash it. jessica then says she has to leave for work and this seems to be goodbye but we know it isn't. Tyler was hoping for a goodbye blow job but she leaves. jessica returns soon after and makes a call to work-- calling in sick so she can fuck!!This leads to the second sexual encounter which is indeed a morning blow job for Tyler and in the extras you see they filmed sex for this scene as well but keeping it out presumably for time purposes. jessica looks hot in the shirt and skirt she wore and even though it was a skirt it still rose up enough to show off her thong panties underneath. After some fine oral work from jessica she's rewarded with another facial from his cock and now they have the rest of the day. What to do!!

The story then moves to the night and Tyler tells how his Mom moved them out from the city soon after Ryan died, to many reminders in the city. jessica agrees with that though she stayed behind in the city. Tyler tells how his Mom seemed to cry forever and we don't know yet how Ryan actually died but hey they lived in NYC and have been gone a little over a decade so you probably have a good idea what happened. So we watch the two walking the streets while having this conversation which leads to jessica taking Tyler into a swingers club that she and Ryan used to frequent a lot back when they were together. In interest of full disclosure I have to say I was on hand for this orgy scene which sadly didn't take place in NY but in downtown LA. This orgy scene brings in fellow Wicked sisters Asa Akira and Kaylani Lei to work with jessica long with Sarah Jessie, Aubrey Addams and Vicky Chase. For the dudes you had Brad Armstrong stepping in front of the camera and also Eric Masterson, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete, Ryan McLane and of course Tyler participated. This was obviously a new experience for Tyler's character and jessica leads him in as the orgy was already in full swing. It was interesting from a personal point of view being on hand and seeing how Brad and co. constructed this scene and it was a process as they shot both hard core and soft core at the same time. It interrupted the flow for those on hand but you don't see that at all here with the final version, thus the power of editing works its magic. There are good shots of all the girls during this orgy and we get anal from jessica who also does a DP during the scene. Anal as well for Aubrey and for Asa who is also DP'd in this scene. Tyler is brought into this with his eyes wide open but he quickly takes to having so many people around. You hear in the BTS from Tyler about how he felt doing this scene. Pops for everyone to taste before the scene is done.

Not sure Tyler's character will be able to top that experience. The next morning he wakes back in jessica's bed and there is no convincing her to stay this time so jessica heads off. He's got a spare key so he can go out into the city or do whatever. jessica makes it to her office where India Summer comes in to inquire about how jessica is feeling. Guess it was India that she talked to the previous morning. India also suspects it's a guy and so she presses jessica until she spills the beans about the guy being Ryan's son. Naturally India reacts the way most of us would, what are you thinking!! jessica then receives a call and hello it's Tyler dropping by and he comes into the office allowing India to get a look. Tyler has come back for his own version of office sex. jessica tries to tell Tyler than he can't be here but he gets up and closes the door. I started to think Tyler was taking a twisted turn wanting to do this but it turns out to be a regular sex scene with jessica not offering much resistance once the door was closed. Kissing and Tyler goes behind to munch on her ass and pussy one final time. The music pipes in lending a hand to this climatic scene which moves to jessica delivering some oral satisfaction while fingering herself. You don't always see it but jessica puts the condom on and they make good use of that desk top much like Ryan and jessica did in their earlier scene. jessica does a token covering of her mouth to try and drown the sound out but you have to think the office outside new exactly what was going on! Mid scene jessica drops down to suck his cock after a good strong fuck session. Tyler puts a fresh condom on and goes back in this time from behind and she tries to drown out the moans again but you still hear them. Tyler finishes off blowing his load on her ass. Tyler sheepishly asks jessica if she thinks the office heard them, ahh yeah! He dresses and leaves followed quickly by India darting back into the office to asks jessica if she just did what she thinks she did, lol. jessica just isn't sure what she will do. jessica knows it's wrong and all sorts of fucked up. This has to end and Tyler actually forgot his cell and hears part of this. He gets the phone and leaves.

When jessica arrives back at her apartment later that day she finds Tyler isn't there. In fact he did hook up with Xander and Bonnie for a little pizza. Bonnie hears a little bit about what Tyler's been doing. Tyler pays the check and takes off to have one last chat with jessica. The two didn't want to end things the way it did at the office so they head into the kitchen to talk. Tyler wants to know that whatever happens that they will be cool and she lets him know they are. There is a special bond between them and yeah it's a little fucked up but it's there. jessica has something to give Tyler and it's a phone message she saved from Ryan. It's a message and he is letting jessica know there's something going on at the office and not to come back. The two then head to bed. One final flash back scene to jessica and Ryan and it's the day he died. jessica is going to head across the street for muffins. She kisses Ryan and leaves. Back to present day and she wakes finding a note from Tyler on the pillow next to her. He has taken his leave but wanted to thank jessica for changing his life. He had learned more about his father and had his life view changed for ever. He even leaves that football shirt that his dad wore all the time, a final gift for jessica who clings to it. A shot then is given of Tyler riding in the bus and next to him on the seat is a 9/11 hat another glaring reminder of the events surrounding this show. Back to the flash back where we visually see Ryan leaving the message and the details emerge of exactly where he is. There is talk about smoke coming from the other tower and he's telling whoever he's leaving the message for that he loves them more than they will ever know. A final shot then of Brandi seated at her dining room table and on the table that photo of jessica and Ryan ripped in two. A shot then of jessica standing in her window looking out and wearing that NY shirt. Then comes a shot that will surely generate some controversy and that is of Ryan about to head out to the stairways to see if there is a way down. Upon turning around he sees a plane and yes it's the second one that flew into the tower and it's heading right for him as he says Oh My God. Talk about ending a movie this end will be talked about for sure.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This latest big release from Brad Armstrong and team takes a stark departure from the epic special effects fare of recent past and instead turns the focus on the movies characters. In this case the chief performers are jessica drake who can handle her own with anyone on the XXX screen and Tyler Nixon who is much newer to the game but shows here he can stand on his own too. Some solid sex scenes with a lot of jessica drake so her fans who love to see her fuck get plenty of that along with her fine acting skills. I am not sure how I feel about that ending and I've watched it a few times. By the time Ryan had made that call you had enough clues to figure out he was in one of the two towers and I'm not sure if that final visual of the plane flying right into the building was needed and I can easily see how some will find it over the top. This screener copy came with a third disc which offered the bonus materials. This included bonus sex which takes us back to the bus scene where you see Bonnie getting to fuck Xander and the second bonus sex scene was from the morning bj scene where you see they captured some sex as well with Tyler and jessica. You also get a deleted scene where Tyler is on the phone with his Mom who wonders why he's doing this and also to deliver a message to jessica thanking her for fucking up her life a second time. Another deleted scene shows Tyler walking around the streets of NY. The final 10 minutes of the extras are interviews featuring both jessica and Tyler so definitely give a listen to this. So overall this was a well done show from Brad and a bit different from the big event movies he's done in the recent past. It's a success though the story of a boy fucking a woman who had an affair with his dad is definitely not something you see every day. jessica's performance helps to carry this and it was important that her costar matched her level and I think you'll find Tyler did. A movie certainly to generate some discussion especially with that ending and this was a screener copy so there might be some changes in the version that gets released but you will know what the first version was at least with this and the other review that came out already.

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