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Adventures of Sunset

Adventures of Sunset

Studio: Outlaw
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Adventures of Sunset:
Overall Rating 1 star
Adventures of Sunset overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Adventures of Sunset Female looks rating 1 star
Male Looks Adventures of Sunset Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Adventures of Sunset Sex rating 1/2 star
Plot/Acting Adventures of Sunset Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Adventures of Sunset DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Adventures of Sunset A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/8/2001

Running Time: 82 min.

Production Date: 2 / 2000

Director: Zachery Thomas (cover) Zachery Addams (movie)

Cast: Sunset Thomas, Zach Addams, Sabrina, Elena Perez, Honey Dew, Isis, Heather

Initial Expectations: Pro-Am movies have never impressed me that much. Theyíve always seemed really poorly done both technically and overall.

Initial Reaction: Itís one of, if not the worst feature Iíve ever seen.

Audio /Video Quality: For a Pro-Am movie, itís almost very good. The audio is very good and lets you hear most everything. The video is slightly grainy for most of the movie except for the last part of the last scene. Horrible is a compliment for the picture here. Itís a little better than the original Atari games for this part. If not for these few minutes, I would have rated the audio and video an entire point higher. The color is also off in much of the film due to the lighting. Some of the movie is pretty well balanced and others are completely bleached out from too much lighting.

Music: None.

Review: I always get a bad feeling when the movie and the cover canít agree. Not only couldnít they agree on the name of the director, they canít agree on the movie title either. In the movie, they refer to it as The Adventures of Sunset and Zach . I can only assume that Zach had enough sense to try and remove his name from as much as possible with this movie. The only really good thing I can say about The Adventures of Sunset is that it has credits at the end. The performers are listed by order of appearance, which works just fine. Due to real credits, I think Outlaw does care about their performers. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the worst feature Iíve ever seen.

Driving to town after watching The Adventures of Sunset I kept remembering part of Darkmageís review of Double Confusion

where he described the quality of the plot as ďIt has been said that if a million monkeys typed away at a keyboard for a million years that eventually they would reproduce the complete works of William Shakespeare. This plot? Ten monkeys, five minutes.Ē. I couldnít help of thinking of The Adventures of Sunset as giving two monkeys a camera and seeing if they could reproduce the current works of Randy West in three or four days. I think it will take much longer than five minutes to make this 82 minute Ďfeatureí as theyíre monkeys. I assume that much of their time will be spent picking bugs off each other and eating them or flinging their crap at each other.

The movie doesnít seem to know what it wants to do. Yes, gonzo and pro - am are low plot. Normally itís more of a common theme than a plot. The closest The Adventures of Sunset comes to either of these throughout the entire feature is that Sunset introduces each scene. Sunset is a cute and realistic looking (although I think she has been enhanced) blonde. Unfortunately, the rest of the girls donít even hit average looking and a couple are way in the basement. The first two scenes revolve around Valentineís Day. Zach and Sunset each bring the other a girl as a present. The scenes are almost identical except for the people. In the first scene, Isis goes in and starts working on a sleeping Zach and then they get busy. In the second scene Heather goes in and starts working on a sleeping Sunset and then they get busy. At the end, Zach fucks Heather. The rest of the movie seems to be more of an upskirt feature. All three scenes spend a lot of time on the girlsí white panties. After shooting their panties, we get to watch Zach and the girl in the scene fuck.

The photography of the sex in The Adventures of Sunset is horrible. I think monkeys could operate the cameras better. At least monkeys might be able to operate the zoom button both ways. In every scene you rarely had all of both people on the screen. At best, you were just missing one personís head. When Zach joined in with Heather and Sunset, the camera was adjusted so that you had no clue who he was mounting until a minute or so after he blew his load on her ass. If he hadnít zoomed out so that you could see that Heather had cum on her ass youíd never know. Itís also shot from horrible angles. You rarely get a shot from the head down. Almost every scene is filmed from within 45 degrees each way of directly behind the action. Even worse, most of the scenes are spent on extreme close-up. I donít mind close-ups. In fact, I like them every now and then. When Zach did Sabrina in the hot tub, I donít think there was an entire minute of her face in the entire scene. Zach and Elena was a little better but not much. The final scene with Honey Dew was the best, but it was still poorly balanced. I think the scene was probably three quarters extreme close - up.

The Adventures of Sunset was so poorly done that Iím not sure if I want to see Sunset Thomas again. I might give her one more try as I do think she cares about her work, and this is only due to her little intro at the beginning. I hate to judge a company on just one release, so I might give Outlaw another chance as well. Regardless, this is horrible! The only reason I didnít rate it lower than I did is that most of the audio and video quality is better than average for a pro - am release, Zach isnít that bad looking of a guy, and the extras are just slightly below average.

Extras: Trailers, bios, photo gallery, web site, and phone sex info. The only bio is of Sunset Thomas. Itís okay, but doesnít list any of her other movies. The photo gallery is manual and contains about 27 photos. It ranges between average and poor quality. Thereís a good selection of trailers including Stray Cat, Evil Eyes, Looker , Prey, Shattered Vows, Intimate Strangers, Penetrator 2, A Clockwork Orgy, Eros Instinct, Poser, Flesh for Fantasy, and Back & Beyond. There are also several other covers listed.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, pro-am, group (kind of), and internal cum shots

Raincoat Factor: Itís so bad you should be beaten if you use this for whacking material.

Overall: Currently, The Adventures of Sunset can be found online for $20 and up. If youíre looking for a gag porno gift for somebody with a $20 limit, consider it. If not, itís an expensive, shiny, flat frisbee.

Note to Outlaw (Pleasure): I spent some time trying to figure out how to make this DVD into something possible. The best I can come up with is if youíd cancel production on this DVD. Ebay has a huge market for out of print DVDs. They turn into fantastic collectors items and are in high demand. People rush out to buy them. This is the best thing I can think of to do with this DVD. People might actually buy it this way. Unfortunately, Iím not really kidding that much. I hope that this is the bottom of the barrel for your releases.

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