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Adventures of Studman 2

Adventures of Studman 2

Studio: New Machine
Category:  Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Adventures of Studman 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Adventures of Studman 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Adventures of Studman 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Adventures of Studman 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Adventures of Studman 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Adventures of Studman 2 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Adventures of Studman 2 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Adventures of Studman 2 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/25/2003

Running Time: 88 min.

Production Date: 1995

Director: Steve Drake

Cast: Anna Malle, Debi Diamond, Kylie Ireland, Melissa Hill, Melissa Monet, Gerry Pike, Mike Horner, Marc “Dick O Death” Wallice, Nick East, and Steve Drake

Initial Expectations: I’m not sure what to expect here. There’s some great female talent here, but something about the feature just screams “SUCK”.

Initial Reaction: It’s not too bad, but could have been a little better with some minor changes.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of anybody in the cast or anybody looking for some fun porn with stars that aren’t around much anymore

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting gonzo porn or something a little on the nasty side

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and well balanced. You can hear almost all of the dialogue clearly enough to understand it, and there aren’t any noticeable background noises. The video shows the age of the feature a little more. The lighting is just a little on the low side, and there’s some noticeable grain to the feature as if it was mastered from a VHS copy of the original.

Music: The music is a bit on the cheesy side, but rests nicely in the background without interfering with the scene.

Menus: The menus are completely underwhelming. There’s no animation to the main menu, and not even so much as a chapter menu or menu for the trailers included as extras.

The Feature: Adventures of Studman 2 revolves around two plotlines. The first is about the effect that reading Studman’s magazine articles has on women. They immediately need satisfaction and when it has to do with Studman, sometimes just one mortal man won’t satisfy their urges. The second is about evil dominatrix Melissa Monet and her plan to trap Studman.

Kylie Ireland starts things out diddling herself on a bed while fantasizing about Studman. She uses her fingers at first, but when that isn’t enough she breaks out her dildo. She sucks it and rubs it between her tits before sliding it home in her pussy in a couple different positions. It finally fades out with Kylie looking somewhat satisfied but not completely.

This is a pretty decent scene. I’ve been a fan of Kylie since I first set eyes on her, which probably means I’m a little biased here, but it’s a nice light way to start out the movie. She plays to the camera nicely, and there’s a good balance to the angles between full body shots and closeups on her face and where the action is. It also works a little bit of art into the scene by a little smoke now and then. The ending feels a bit rushed, but isn’t to the point that it feels like a timers has went off.

Anna Malle finds a new way to love with Studman Steve Drake in the second scene. She asks to see some identification, and then goes to work sucking it when Steve produces it. He breaks up the cocksucking by working over her pussy and ass with his tongue and fingers when she presents them to him, and then fingers her ass a little more when she starts riding his cock. After a few positions, Steve bones Anna’s behind from the back as well as in pile driver. Anna finishes things up taking Steve’s hot guy goo on her chest and as much as she can on her face.

This is another nicely done scene. Anna and Steve have great chemistry, and she never gets as over the top as she sometimes has. The scene flows very nicely, and the anal seems like a natural progression rather than something to give the scene a harder edge.

Melissa Hill takes on Mike Horner and Nick East in the third scene. Melissa starts out masturbating to the thought of Studman next. She uses her fingers at first and then moves on to a vibe as she sits back in her office. She throws off the small vibe and moves up to a larger dildo before she’s found by Mike Horner and Nick East. She pulls Mike in telling him to put out the fire and Nick figures as long as he’s there he might as well help too. The guys work Melissa over orally before working her from both ends. Not wanting to wear them out too soon, Melissa lets the guys sit back in a couple chairs and trades back and forth fucking them while the other strokes it. Finally, Melissa lays back on a table with her head hanging back and sucks Mike and Nick until they pop on her face.

This is another really likeable scene. Melissa’s masturbation scene starts things off very nicely, and her pulling the guys in to finish her off really gives the scene a fun feeling. There’s nice chemistry between her and the guys, as well as some good energy.

Melissa Monet takes notes as Diamond and Gerry Pike get it frisky on a couch next to her. Gerry and Diamond exchange oral favors, including Diamond giving Gerry a bit of titty fucking before laying back for him to fuck her. Diamond turns around so Gerry can have his way with each of her holes and then gets right up close and personal for a facial. Afterwards, Melissa diddles herself while watching a porno.

This scene left me a little cold. Melissa looks hot, but is barely in the scene and the masturbation scene at the end came off as repetitive with how much there was in other scenes. It also cuts out when she looks like she has plenty to go. That said, Melissa is the better part of the scene. Diamond comes off as a bitch and seems pretty cold with the exception of the facial, which she takes amazingly well.

Melissa Monet takes on Mark “Dick O Death” Wallice in a hotel room after his car craps out on him. He resists her, and not having the benefit of hindsight, Melissa refuses to let him go. She gives him a slow hummer with great eye contact before magically changing into fetishwear, brandishing a crop, and riding Marc. After he gives up on escaping, Melissa rides Marc’s face and works him through a couple more positions. Finally, she has him pop on her tits.

With the exception of this having an alleged multiple murderer in it, this is actually a pretty good scene. There’s some fun chemistry between Marc and Melissa, and it actually put a smile on my face a couple times. Melissa’s change into the dominatrix is great here, and also put a smile on my face while kicking up the heat a notch. I’m surprised at how much I liked this scene.

Finally, Steve “Studman” Drake takes on Melissa Monet. He plays with her pussy and lets her suck his cock as they get to know each other. Steve bones her missionary style and finishes things up popping on Melissa’s tongue.

This is a short scene, and a bit of a disappointing ending. Steve and Melissa play well of each other, but the scene feels a bit rushed. It also feels a bit forced in, as the last three scenes all featured Melissa and by the time I got to this scene I was fairly tired of her.

Adventures of Studman 2 leaves me a little torn. On one hand, it’s much better than what I expected. It’s fun, has nice chemistry, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I had a smile on my face several times during the movie, both for the story and the sex. The sex is also nicely done, and has chemistry in almost every one of the scenes. The biggest problem is the editing of the overall movie. The first half of the movie plays around Studman’s column at a magazine where his secret identity works (but nobody knows that ‘Jack’ and ‘Studman’ are the same person because Studman wears shades). The second half revolves around Melissa Monet kidnaping adult star Mark Wallice. There are only six scenes in the movie, and the last three revolve around Melissa. Melissa does a decent job, but she isn’t so amazing that I want to watch half a movie of her! If her scenes would have been split up and alternated with the magazine storyline, I think it would have been much more bearable and the movie much more enjoyable. Despite that, Adventures of Studman 2 is a fun and light porno that should have a lot of repeat viewing value for quite a few people.

Extras: Trailers are included for Collectible, Seymore Butts Interactive 2: In Pursuit of Pleasure, Burn, and Biker Chicks in Love. There’s also company information.

Themes: Straight, masturbation, toys, anal, group, rimming (male > female), voyeurism, and B&D

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: Only between Diamond and Gerry Pike

Overall: Currently, The Adventures of Studman 2 can be found online for between $8 and $24 with stores offering through the entire range. I’d be tempted to pick this one up at the low end. The movie is fun and has some decent sex, although it’s far from perfect. The technical aspects aren’t too bad for the age of the movie, but there aren’t any extras worth mentioning.

Note to New Machine: If you’re going to release DVDs this close to bare boned, please make it where almost all stores can offer them for around $10.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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