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Addicted To Boobs 7

Addicted To Boobs 7

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Dogzcatcher's ratings for Addicted To Boobs 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Addicted To Boobs 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Addicted To Boobs 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Addicted To Boobs 7 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Addicted To Boobs 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Addicted To Boobs 7 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Addicted To Boobs 7 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Addicted To Boobs 7 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Dogzcatcher  on  10/15/2011
Addicted to Boobs 7
Studio: Red Light District
Running time: 149 minutes
Special features:
Behind the scenes...35 minutes.
Cum shot recap
Photo gallery
Website address
Trailers for three titles

I purchased this title from my local brick and mortar porn shop because each woman performer is a favorite of mine.

Scene 1. Jessica Moore works with Johnny Castle in this scene. The scene opens with Jessica in a bathroom. She's dressed in yellow-colored heels, a black-colored thong and a yellow and black-colored bustier. She teases for about ten minutes. She turns her back to the camera, bends over and sets her right leg up on the sink counter. She has a very nice ass. She rubs herself and squeezes her tits together. Mark Wood (holding the camera) asks her to "show me your tits". Jessica pulls her tits out of her bustier. She plays with her tits. She turns around, unhooks her bustier and takes it off. She wiggles her tits around. Mark says, "take your shoes off". She sits on the floor and takes her shoes off. She stands up to pull her thong down and off. She steps into a bubble bath. Standing up, she covers her tits with bubbles. She bends over, facing away from the camera. She rubs bubbles on her body.

Johnny Castle calls from outside the room, "honey, I'm home!". Jessica replies, "I'm in here!". They greet each other with a kiss. John fondles her tits. He sucks on her erect nipples. For just a moment, you can see Mark in the mirror, holding the camera.

John stands up and drops his blue jeans and shorts. Jessica wraps her fingers around his dick and begins to lick his dick. She takes him in her mouth. Her technique is nice and slow, lasting for about five minutes. John fucks her tits for a minute.

Jessica stands up, turns around and bends over. John licks her ass and pussy from behind. John stands up, slides his dick into Jessica's pussy from behind and pounds her for about three minutes. Jessica lifts her right leg up on the side of the tub, then reaches back with her right hand to rub herself. John pulls out to give her pussy a lick. John stands up and holds her right leg up on his right forearm while he pounds her from behind. I like the view here. Jessica's tits sway back and forth in a sexy rhythm as they make love. John lets her leg back down. Jessica squeezes her knees together. John pounds her from behind.

John sits on the edge of the tub. Jessica bends over in front of him and takes him in her mouth for about half a minute. Jessica sits on his dick in the reverse cowgirl position. Her tits bounce very nice as she rides him. She rubs herself. She gets up and turns around. John sucks her nipples. They return to the reverse cowgirl position. She gets up, turns around and bends over to suck his dick.

The scene cuts to Jessica bent over. John slowly slides his dick into her ass. All the moving parts are well lubricated. Jessica says "I like it". She rubs her pussy. John pounds her ass for about four minutes. The scene cuts to Jessica in the reverse cowgirl position, riding John while his dick is in her ass. More nice bounces of Jessica's tits while they bang away. Jessica's pretty pussy and clit are swollen. She stops to suck him for a moment. She gets back up and backs her ass up on his dick again. Jessica rides really nice. She gets back up and lays on her back on the edge of the tub. Her legs are spread wide. John pounds her ass in the missionary position. I like the view of Jessica's pussy here. The longer John pounds her ass, the more swollen her labia and clit become. Mark says "start asking for the cum". Jessica drops to her knees as John strokes himself. The scene cuts to John cumming a nice load in and around Jessica's mouth. She plays with his cum to end a nice scene lasting about 36 minutes.

Scene 2 features the lovely London Keys with Mark Wood. The scene opens with a nude London in the shower. She rubs herself. She smiles for the camera. She sprays a stream of water on her pussy while she rubs herself. Sexy.

Mark Woods enters the shower. Let the rough sex begin! No vanilla here. London drops to her knees and takes Mark in her mouth. Mark fucks her face holding her head in his hands. Mark fucks her tits. Mark fucks her face again. She gags. They stand up together and Mark takes her from behind. He bends over to lick her ass. He pounds her pussy from behind. He holds her right leg up. Her tits bounce really nice here. She sucks him. He face fucks her. She rubs herself.

Mark lays on his back. London squats over his dick, facing him. She lowers her pussy down onto his dick in this sexy position (oriental cowgirl). I love watching women perform in this position, whether they are in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Just watching a ladies softball game gets me excited, when I see the catcher squatting behind home plate, her feet flat on the ground. Okay, back to the scene...London turns around and gets in the reverse cowgirl position. Her tits bounce nice here. She rubs herself. It's obvious by the expressions on London's face that she enjoys the feeling of Mark's big, hard dick inside her. She sucks him. They try a brief circus act with Mark holding London in the air while she is in the cowgirl position. They fuck in the missionary position. She squeels in delight. London's vocals in this scene are sexy. She sucks him. Mark cums on her face. She licks his cum to end a nice scene of rough sex lasting about 23 minutes.

Scene 3 is with Jennifer White and Joey Brass. The scene opens with Jennifer walking into a bathroom wearing a bathrobe. She takes the bathrobe off. She's wearing a pretty blue-colored bikini and clear heels. She takes off her bikini top. Man, I am really impressed with this woman's tits (34 C). They are not huge but they have a classic bell shape with very nice pair of nipples. Beautiful! Mark does a great job zooming in on her tits while she's in the shower. She takes a shower. Mark asks her to bend over. She does. I enjoyed watching Jennifer take a shower. She dries off with a big towel. She spreads baby oil on her body.

Joet Brass enters the scene. He unbuckles his blue jeans and pulls his dick out. Jennifer takes him in her mouth. Her bj technique is nice. She asks Joey "that feel good?". She has some nice vocals in her scene. She rubs herself.

Jennifer is in the reverse cowgirl position, her pussy wrapped around Joey's dick. Mark says "lean back". The scene cuts to Jennifer in the cowgirl position. I liked how she looks into the camera every once in a while. The scene cuts to the bedroom. Joey is fucking Jennifer's pussy while she is on top of him in the cowgirl position. Jennifer asks Joey "you wanna play with my ass?". Joey fucks Jennifer's ass doggie style. She has some nice vocals here. Mark gets his camera around behind them to show a very nice view of her pussy while Joe pounds her ass. Her pussy is swollen.

The scene cuts to a missionary (anal) position. She rubs herself. Her tits bounce nice here, as she's laying on her back. Jennifer says "oh, your cock feels so fucking good!". Mark says "start asking him for the cum". With all the sexy noises going on, she did not hear Mark's request. He asked her a second time "start asking for the cum!". Joey pulls out, strokes himself and cums in Jennifer's mouth. She swallows his cum to end a nice scene lasting about 34 minutes.

Scene 4 features the pretty Sierra Skye with Mark Wood and Michael Stefano. No tease here. Sierra walks into a living room wearing heels and bustier. Her tits are exposed. She's not wearing any panties. She sits down on a couch between Mark Wood and Michael Stefano. She knows what is about to happen and she has a big grin on her face like a kid in a candy store. My wife liked this scene the best.

Both guys start out by sucking Sierra's tits. Mike asks her what size her tits are. Sierra says they are 36 F. She spreads her legs to show pretty peach fuzz pubic hair around her pussy. Mark rubs her pussy. Sierra gets on her knees to take turns sucking both dicks. She giggles. Mike tit fucks her. She sucks Mark's dick. She laughs. She lays on her back on the couch. Mark pounds her in the missionary position. You get the impression that Sierra likes big hard cock pounding her in a variety of positions. Both guys work her over to the point where she has trouble standing up. She sucks one's cock while the other pounds her pussy. She lays her head back on the couch twice, to let each of them, one at a time, slide their cocks almost all the way down her throat while their balls are on her forehead. She rubs herself. She says "trade!". They switch positions. Sierra slides down on Michael's cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Her swollen clit is peeking out from under its hood. Sierra has a very pretty pussy when she is aroused. Sierra is enjoying Mike's dick. She switches partners and mounts Mark in the cowgirl position. She rides him very nice. She suck's Mike's dick. She lays back down on the couch on her back. Mike fucks her tits. Sierra orders Mark to jack off. I'm not sure if he did because he says (while off camera) "you're telling me now?". She sucks Mark's cock while his balls are on her forehead. She deep throats Mark. This woman is getting a real workout between these two guys. She laughs. She rubs herself. Her pussy is soaked from the pounding. Every time either of the guys pull out of her, their dicks glisten from her moisture.

Mark fucks her doggie style. She sucks Mike. Mike sucks her tits. She says "it's so freaking good!". Yep, she's having a real good time feeling Mark's dick pound her from behind. She sucks Mark's dck. She sucks Mike's dick. Mike pounds her doggie style. She sucks Mark.

Sierra gets on her knees between both men. Mark strokes off a huge load on her face. Mike does the same. She smiles. She asks into the camera "you like what you see?" She plays with the cum to end a great scene lasting about 25 minutes.

Scene 5 features lovely Charley Chase with Talon. I enjoy listening to Charley's vocals in all her performances. She has a raspy moan, when she cums, that makes my dick hard. The other thing I like about Charley is that I knew a girl in Louisville, thirty years ago, who looks like her. There is no way thay can be the same person, yet it brings a very nice memory back for me, when I watch this beautiful woman perform.

The scene begins in a living room. Charley walks into the living room to tease Talon for about 6 minutes while she wears a pretty bikini. She touches herself. She takes off her bikini top. She rubs her tits. She covers her tits with baby oil. She rubs her pussy. She crawls over to Talon, who is sitting in a chair. He's got a big smile on his face.

They both pull Talon's clothing off. She sucks his dick. Charley has a nice bj technique, with lots of slurpy noise and spit. She sucks him for about 5 minutes.

Talon sits back down in the chair. Charley fucks him in the reverse cowgirl position, with both feet flat on the floor. Very nice. The look of pleasure, on her her face, as she lowers her pussy down on Talon's hard dick, is awesome to watch. This is my favorite part of this title...watching this beautiful woman pleasure herself, as she rides a big, hard dick. Charley says "oh god! that feels good!". Her vocals here are great. At two hours, twelve minutes, and forty four seconds, Charley exhibits an orgasm. She exhibits a second orgasm about a minute later. Both looked very nice. Very nice performance, Charley! She gets off Talon and sucks his dick for about a minute. They move to the bar stools for some doggie style fuckin'. Talon takes a break to spread her ass, revealing her swollen pussy. Nice view. She sucks his dick for about a minute.

Talon lays on his back. Charley rides him in the cowgirl position for about three minutes. At two hours, twenty one minutes, and fifty three seconds into the title, Charley fucks Talon really hard in the cowgirl position. Very nice effort!

Charley swings around into a 69 position, on top of Talon, lasting about a minute. They return to the chair for missionary style sex. Talon pounds her for about 5 minutes, provoking squeels and moans from Charley. He pulls out, sprays a big load on her face, ending a great scene, lasting about 27 minutes.

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