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Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley

Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Compilation
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astroknight's ratings for Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Adam & Eve Signature Series 6: Nina Hartley A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/11/2003

Running Time: 128 min. (cover states 130 min.)

Production Date: 8 / 31 / 2001

Director: None listed, but the scenes come from a variety of directors

Cast: Nina Hartley, Kyle Stone, Missy, Mickey G., Mark Davis, Steve Hatcher, Mandy Frost, Malitia, Mike Majors, Allison Chaynes, Cheyenne Silver, Tony Tedeschi, and Evan Stone

Initial Expectations: I’ve had good luck out of this series and am looking forward to this one!

Initial Reaction: It's very good, but not quite great.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who’s a fan of Nina Hartley

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a compilation stretching across Nina’s entire career rather than just the last few years

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with compilations, the technical aspects vary a bit from scene to scene. The audio is normally nicely balanced, and I don’t think I heard a single background noise. The video is normally nicely done. There’s a few scenes with a bit of grain and inconsistent lighting, but for the most part it looks quite nice.

Music: Like the technical aspects, the music varies from scene to scene. It’s normally pretty typical porno music, but every now and then there’s a bit that’s a little different. It’s normally nicely balanced with the rest of the audio or slightly on the loud side.

Disc Problems / Complaints: During the extras, the bonus scenes are done in such a way that you have no choice but to watch them at the speed they come. You can’t skip the interview portion in the scenes that have them, or even scan through any of the scene. This is the only place I’ve found this from Adam & Eve, and I sure as Hell hope it’s the last! It annoyed me enough that when I considered the possibility of the overall score being a half point higher, this ended the consideration.

Menus: The menus are nicely done. The main menu nicely works around a great selection from one of Nina’s scenes. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a chapter number, and even lets you choose between the start of the scene and the pop shot.

The Feature: Adam & Eve’s Signature Series puts a little twist on the standard couples feature. It starts out by building the compilation around an interview with the star, and having another porn star interview the featured star. In this case, the star is Nina Hartley, but unlike the other episodes in this series, you don’t see an interviewer. As Nina talks, past scenes are brought out (where the other stars are nicely identified) before she finishes things up with a brand new scene with Evan Stone.

The first scene comes from A Midsummer Night’s Cream and features Nina taking on a Kyle Stone disguised like a donkey. He wants out of the forest, but she convinces him to stay and then gives him some oral loving. He works her through most of the common positions before finally popping on her stomach. It’s a pretty good scene, and does a nice job of showing the creativity of the original movie.

The second scene comes from The Bridal Shower and feature Missy and Mickey G. joining Nina. The girls start out making dinner in the kitchen. They slowly feed each other the food while exploring each other’s body before they’re discovered by Mickey G. Mickey watches them through the kitchen window before coming in to join them. He watches them inside, and gets a taste of Nina from kissing Missy before they trade off eating Nina. Mickey sits back and strokes himself while watching the girls take care of each other before they team up to work on him. Finally, Mickey fucks Missy from behind as Nina licks them both from beneath. Finally, the scene just cuts out. This is an extremely hot scene, and one of the best I’ve seen from Candida Royalle! It’s energetic, overflowing with chemistry, and has some very nice visuals.

Third up is a scene with Mark Davis from Candida Royalle’s One Size Fits All. Mark romances Nina through the same date as Missy, and right into the bedroom. He undresses Nina as he works his tongue around her body, but rather than trading oral favors right away they take a small break to masturbate for each other. Nina takes an active part in putting Mark’s protection on before climbing on to ride him. They also work through a bit of missionary work before Mark pops inside her. It’s another nicely done scene, and has a nice and playful spirit.

Mandi Frost, Steve Hatcher, Tony Tedeschi, Militia, and Mike Majors join Nina for the orgy from the end of Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Oral Sex. It has a kind of Eden-like feel where everybody comes in one by one to find Nina wrapped in a pink blanket on a green bed. They each praise her with their tongue before branching out to each other, and eventually the fucking flows all around. There’s some nice switching back and forth, but not a lot of it. They finally finish things up with a bit of oral and a lot of cum flying all around. It’s a pretty good orgy, but the start was a bit too slow and artistic for me.

Chris Cannon and Allison Chaynes join Nina for a scene from Carnal Witness next. The girls team up on Chris before Allison gets between Nina and Chris so she can get a little gash gobbling in. Nina continues to get treated as Chris bones her from behind and then steps aside so Allison can get a little missionary action in and so she can rim Allison. Finally, Nina rides Chris while Allison spanks her ass and then helps Allison suck Chris to a pop on Allison’s pretty little titties. It’s a nicely done scene with a great balance and nice chemistry.

Things stay with Carnal Witness for a great scene with Cheyenne Silver on the kitchen counter. Nina starts things out with some good twat tonguing for Cheyenne before letting Cheyenne play with her. Cheyenne gives Nina’s nipples a bit of tongue action and then lets her lay back on the kitchen counter so she can tongue and finger Nina’s muff. Although it’s a simple scene, both ladies really look to get into it and make it short but sweet!

Nina and Tony Tedeschi hook up for a scene from Bad Penny for the seventh scene. Nina starts out making herself look right in the mirror while wearing a black wig before Tony gives her a bit of his sandwich. She sucks his cock and then lays back for a little missionary, which ends up being the only position. After a quick poke Tony pulls out and drops his nutty goodness on Nina’s tongue. It’s a fairly disappointing scene, which is about how I remember the original movie.

Nina finishes things up with Evan Stone after a quick interview. He finishes up the interview asking Nina if she’ll give him head, and they quickly move into a sixty-nine. Evan gives it to her from behind before fucking her missionary style. Finally he decorates Nina’s nicely implanted tits as she smiles and laughs at it. This is an excellent scene, and one of the best I think I’ve ever seen from Nina! She’s absolutely into the entire scene, and had a smile on my face almost the entire time watching it. Scenes like this show just why Nina Hartley is such a huge star and has been for so long!

Although I’ve been really impressed with this series, I was a bit disappointed with this episode. There’s some good scenes here, but it just seems too limited for a performer as great as Nina Hartley. First, just having Nina talk to the camera while questions were flashed on the screen beforehand didn’t do much for me. The banter between the star and the interviewer always worked for me, and I think made the final scene that much better. You built up the anticipation to it and it made the interviews a tease as well as informative. My other disappointment was the scene selection. Yes, it’s a drop in the bucket for the scenes Nina’s done, but that’s a given! With the years she’s been in the industry taking 8 scenes is pretty much a crap shoot (and no, I don’t mean that it’s a German video). I was just a bit disappointed that all the scenes were from fairly recent movies rather than reaching back a bit, but most of them were good scenes. Adam & Eve Signature Series: Nina Hartley is an okay compilation, but never quite makes its full potential.

Extras: A cast list including a little personal information and a photo is included for Nina Hartley, Kyle Stone, Missy, Mickey G., Mark Davis, Steve Hatcher, Mandy Frost, Allysin Chains, Cheyenne Silver, Tony Tedeschi, and Evan Stone. The photo gallery contains about twenty very nice looking snapshots. Trailers are included for Carnal Witness, Naked Hollywood 1: Faking It, Pure Bliss, The Secret of Harlot Hill, and X-Girls. There’s also five bonus scenes and web links.

The first bonus scene comes from Adam & Eve Signature Series 1: Asia Carrera with a little interview with Steve Hatcher and Appassionata for the sex. Marc sweeps Asia away from outside Alex’s van to his 18th century bedroom, where she’s dressed for the time. Asia shows some of her amazing oral skills before Marc starts pounding away on her pussy. He finally blows his load onto her stomach. It’s a romantic scene with a little heat and plenty of art direction.

The second bonus scene comes from Adam & Eve Signature Series 2: Johnni Black for the interview with Ian Daniels and sex from A Winter’s Passion with Rebecca Lord, Michael J. Cox, Billy Glide, and Mia Ciccero. Michael starts out warming up Rebecca, while Mia and Johnni warm up Billy. Billy, Johnny, and Mia keep things going between them, mixing fucking and sucking while Rebecca and Michael follow the usual progression. The two groups never do combine, but the girls do lay next to each other as they get sprayed down with guy goo. It’s an okay orgy scene that jumps around a bit much.

The third bonus scene comes from Adam & Eve Signature Series 3: Alexandra Silk for an interview with Joel Lawrence before sex from Gettin’ Wet: Last Howl with Kyle Stone. They talk about Kyle’s upcoming marriage before Alexandra swallows Kyle’s cock. As usual, Alexandra puts a ton of energy into her work while obviously enjoying every second of it. Kyle doesn’t bother to eat her pussy, instead letting her go straight to riding his cock. He plays with her ass a little as she fucks him and then moves to fuck each of her holes from behind. They finish things off with a decent pop on Alexandra’s ass. It’s a pretty good scene, and doesn’t do too bad continuing with the feel of the talk leading into the scene. Kyle and Alexandra seem to play pretty well off each other, and it makes the scene pretty good, although not great.

The third bonus scene features another Ian Daniels interview, this time from Adam & Eve Signature Series 4: Cheyenne Silver, and sex from The Quick & The Hard with Anita Cannibal, Johnni Black, Shanna McCullough, and of course, Cheyenne Silver. They start out on the porch of a western cabin, but start to feel the chill of the night air. Cheyenne uses her wise Indian knowledge to suggest they conserve energy inside. Since they decide not to wear any clothes inside, they keep their bodies moving in a large lesbian love- fest. This scene was a little disappointing, especially when one looks a the cast. With the exception of Anita Cannibal, I’m normally impressed with everybody in this scene. The girls do a good job of working over each other and changing things up, but some of the technical matters weren’t too much to my liking. The music was overpowering and felt very seventies-ish. There were also very few close-ups, which I also enjoy to some extent. Keeping with the western time period, there were no toys, and as much as I enjoy toys in all girl scenes, I’m really happy that Adam & Eve paid attention to the little details like this.

The fourth bonus scene comes from Adam & Eve Signature Series 5: Chloe and skips the interview to get to a scene from Tattoo between Chloe and John Decker. He initially turns her down, but finally gives in and lets Chloe suck his cock. John lets his tongue run over Chloe’s entire body and gives her nipples a few good hard bites before picking her up and flipping her over so he can eat her pussy while she continues to suck his cock. Chloe gives him a few more sucks before laying back on the tattoo chair with her legs in the air to make it nice and easy for John to fuck her twat. Chloe moves on to ride John’s cock, but does lay back for him to fuck her ass and play with her pussy. John finishes things up by blasting Chloe’s stomach with his ball butter. It’s a pretty good scene and has good chemistry, but the music doesn’t seem to fit it right. The music is slow and sensual, and with performers as intense as Chloe and John, the slow and sensual music didn’t seem to fit right.

Themes: Straight, group, lesbian, and rimming (male > female and female > female)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: 100%

Overall: Currently, Adam & Eve’s DVDs can be found online for between $8 and $25, with several stores offering this line of DVDs for around $15. This is a very fair price for what you get here. There’s some decent scenes, a decent framework, a nice transfer, and great extras. If you’re a fan of Nina Hartley, this is a worthwhile DVD to check out.

Note to Adam & Eve: You had a great formula for this compilation series before this. Please go back to it!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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