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Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland

Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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MD James's ratings for Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Adam & Eve Signature Series 11: Kylie Ireland A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  4/28/2005

Title: Adam & Eve Signature Series Volume 11: Kylie Ireland
Released by: Adam & Eve
Reviewed by
MD James

"Adam & Eve Signature Series" is yet another compellation video, this time focusing on the career of the sultry and bodacious Kylie Ireland, one of this reviewer’s favorite actresses. As with all of the other "signature" videos we have Kylie introducing herself along with her co-star Van Damage. She’s anxious to get started with him, but first of course she has to go through all of the other scenes before she can fuck him.

Now the one thing that this reviewer noticed is that Kylie’s normally red hair has REALLY gone red… as in deep red… almost purple. Definitely not her usual color.

Oh, one more thing to note: between each scene, Kylie and Van get more naked and more ready for their finale. By Scene 9, she’s sucking his cock, so by Scene 10, they’re pretty much ready to just fuck.

Scene 1: Ian Daniels & Kylie – "Once A Year"

We start off with Kylie naked on the kitchen counter and Ian eating her pussy. After a while of eating pussy and finger-fucking, she straddles him and rides him in reverse-cowgirl. Then she’s on her back on the counter and he’s fucking her in the ass. They spin around and he fucks her in anal-doggie before shooting his load up her back. Not a bad way to start things off, if you can get past the annoying music that went with it.

Scene 2: Jason McCain & Kylie – "Beauty and the Bitch"

Kylie starts things off by sucking Jason’s cock while two other people are watching… and look either perplexed of somewhat disgusted with what they see. (Huh?) Kylie and Jason trade places, so she’s on the sofa and he’s licking her pussy. He spins her around and fucks her hard doggie-style until he wears himself out. Then they flip over and she rides him hard in anal-reverse-cowgirl. Then she gets off him and sucks him until he cums all over her mouth. Pretty good scene, although what was up with the two onlookers?

Scene 3: Adriana Sage, Zana & Kylie – "To Steal A Kiss"

Ah, an all-girl threesome! Okay, it’s not really this reviewer’s favorite, but we start out with all three beauties (a blond, a brunette, and a redhead) finding a suitcase full of money. They decide to celebrate their newfound wealth by getting naked and rolling around in the money. Of course having naked women leads to lesbian licking and the use of toys. Sadly, this rough play with dildos is done with that damned artistic slow motion, and there really isn’t an end to the scene. It just fades to black. Probably would be best to skip this one.

Scene 4: Joel Lawrence & Kylie – "A Devil’s Tail"

Either it’s in a library or in someone’s study, but either way, we have Joel already putting his hands up Kylie’s skirt as he’s kissing her. As they start grabbing and groping and kissing, he’s talking dirty to her and she’s going along with it. She undresses for him, and then goes down on him. He returns the favor by licking and finger-fucking her until she cums. Then he fucks her in missionary. They swap and she rides him in reverse-cowgirl. Then he fucks her hard in doggie position before blowing his load all over her right ass-cheek. Definitely a good scene, and better than the previous one!

Scene 5: Mickey G & Kylie – "Circle of Lust"

Unlike some of the other boy-girl scenes, this one actually has a lead-in. The two of them are sitting in a living room, idly chatting away. Finally Mickey makes his move and it goes from there. She lays back and he pulls her dress up and licks between her legs. They undress each other, and then Kylie returns the favor on Mickey before laying back down and letting him enter her in missionary position. Once he gets her off, she turns around and takes it doggie-style for a while before she spins around and takes his pop shot around her mouth. Pretty good if you like your sex scenes traditional.

Scene 6: Dee & Kylie – "Naked Hollywood 13"

Yes it’s time for a little girl-girl scene from the adult world’s version of "Sex In The City" as "lesbian" Dee makes a play for Kylie. It’s all soft and fun with some pussy-licking, some finger-fucking, and some pussy-grinding from both ladies. Then the toys come out, and Kylie gets it doggie-style from a big black dildo… but it fades to black before she gets off. WTF guys? This reviewer may not be big on the girl-girl action, but even I have to wonder what the logic is of ending the scene before our feature girl gets off.

Scene 7: Lee Stone & Kylie – "Naked Hollywood 14"

Making a return trip to the world of "Naked Hollywod", we find Kylie revealing her personal life to her boss (Lee), who turns that into a hard come-on. (Yeah like THAT would ever happen in the real world!) He sits her on the kitchen counter, starts pulling off her clothes, and then gets her off between her legs. They change places and she returns the favor orally on him. He bends her over the counter and they fuck doggie-style. A chair appears, and she stretches herself over it so he could fuck her in missionary position. (You know, the floor would work just as well… oh, wait a minute… that would be bad for the camera, wouldn’t it?) He gets off by blowing his load all over her pierced belly, which really isn’t a bad place to blow a load and wrap up this scene.

Scene 8: Joel Lawrence & Kylie – "Whispering Hearts"

Joel has a return encounter with the lovely Kylie (some guys have all the luck!) as we first see his head between her thighs and she’s fumbling to get her top open. She’s really talkative here, so he must be doing a good job getting her off. He gets her off, and then she goes down on him. She bends over a kitchen counter and he does her doggie-style. Somehow her top magically disappears, and now they’re both bare-ass naked. He gets on a chair and she rides him in reverse-cowgirl. It’s a nice scene, but unfortunately it’s marred by that damned "artistic" use of slow motion. Finally he blows his load on and around her mouth to wrap up the scene. It would actually be a hot scene if not for that damned "artistic" slow motion!

Scene 9: Elle Devyne, Kyle Stone & Kylie – "69th Parallel"

Our last compellation scene is a threesome. Well it actually doesn’t start out that way. It starts with the two ladies getting hot and heavy on the couch while Kyle watches from afar. But soon they coax him to come closer to get a better view of Kylie licking Elle’s pussy. Soon they’re both on Kyle, getting him out of his pants and taking turns sucking his cock. Kylie pulls her panties aside and rides him in reverse-cowgirl, then Elle gets to ride Kyle in missionary position. Kylie gets on top of Elle’s face so she could get off as well as Kyle continues to pump away. Elle even gets some in the ass before he blows his load all over her natural breasts. As scenes go, this was one of the better ones.

Scene 10: Van Damage & Kylie

Well as this reviewer commented earlier, the two of them pretty much went through the foreplay all during the other nine scenes, so there’s really nothing more to do except fuck. We start out with Van already in Kylie’s pussy and slowly fucking her in missionary position. He gradually picks up the pace until he gets her off… and then he goes at it again, eventually rotating her into doggie-position. She gives her pussy a break and starts sucking his cock for a while. He spins her around again, and then it’s back to doggie-style with a vengeance. She turns over and lets him enter her in her ass. Again it’s slow at first, but soon he’s back up to speed and she’s getting off again. Finally he pulls out and blows his load over her belly and her boobs. And that wraps up the video as she says thank you and goodnight. (Hey, a quick aftermath!)

After the credits and a brief fade-out, we go to a quick plug for Adam & Eve’s website as Kylie lays there naked. Not a bad way to end things!

In terms of extras we have scene selection, an active photo gallery, two promos for other Adam & Eve videos, a static bio of some of the participants in the video, a plug for two Adam & Eve websites, and two bonus scenes.

Bonus Scene 1: Alexandra Silk & Lori Rivers – "Sex Across America #5"

We start with Alexandra bare-ass naked and bent into a standing jackknife position as Lori starts licking her pussy. They get a little more comfortable laying in a garden by the pool as Alexandra talks to the cameraman about the "poor people" up north who are in the cold and the snow while she’s getting off in Miami. Then Lori puts on a strap-on and fucks Alexandra with it. Of course Alexandra is laughing and giggling away for the camera so it’s hard to tell if she’s really getting off on this or just playing it up. She leads Lori to the other side of the pool area to return the favor, using both her fingers and a big vibrator until she literally GUSHES away like a water hose. I suppose if you like mega-squirting and girl-girl action that this would be for you.

Bonus Scene 2: Jack Bravo & Aria – "Sex Across America #5"

We start with a naked Aria coaxing Jack over to the couch to do a little making out. Then they "notice" the presence of the cameraman. Jack starts with a little finger fucking and licking of her pussy. She returns the favor on him for a while before getting in some missionary fucking. He actually fucks her off the stool she was laying on and continues to pump away until he pulls out and pops over her pussy. Hey, a more-realistic sex scene! Who would’ve thought it possible?

All-in-all this is a really good compellation video. The animated gallery is a nice touch, but they still should have done something more with the bio section besides a static photo and simple text information. The various sex scenes varied from okay to really good with the occasional "artistic" scene thrown in. This is definitely a video to get if you’re a fan of Kylie… or just a fan of busty redheads.

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