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Absolute Private

Absolute Private

Studio: Private
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Comet Man's ratings for Absolute Private:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Absolute Private overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Absolute Private Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Absolute Private Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Absolute Private Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Absolute Private Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Absolute Private DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Absolute Private A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  11/2/2001
This is an old collection of Private's "best scenes", though I wonder who gets to pick them since some of the girls in a few scene aren't attractive and some of the scenes are VHS quality. The DVD is actually from both the tape videos of Absolute 1 and Absolute 2. Unfortunately, as Private seems to do with other "2 in 1" DVDs (like Tower 2&3), scenes are cut. Two out of 6 scenes pictured on the back don't show up on the DVD. Some of the other scenes are excellent though.

Scene 1 (Dinner Play)
Dinner w/ Draghixa, her rich lover, and the butler. The DVD contains two excellent scenes w/ Draghixa. Draghixa is a dirty blond w/ an awesome body. This is probably the sexiest scenes on the DVD and is a must see for Draghixa fans. She starts w/ sensual eating of fruits, the progresses to licking clean the butler's penis covered with what looks like veggie dip while her lover watches. Her lover joins in and they have sex while wine is poured on Draghixa. No DP, so this might be a good scene for couples. Video is a little washed out but good.

Scene 2 (Mont Blanc)
2 girls and 4 guys having sex on top of a snow covered mountain. It's amazing what makeup can do; the girls don't look very pretty w/o makeup. English narration of story about two girls who want to have sex on top of Mt. Blank. It's intended to look like a documentary. The crew if flown up by helicopter. It's pretty funny how the girls are not cold but the guys are wrapped up in clothing. The "photo snapshot" stills were a bit annoying. Color is a bit washed out because of the white backgrounds.

Scene 3 (President Palace Riga)
The daughter of a president (looks a little Costa Rican) plays the piano in the opening. She welcomes 5 men who drive up in an old Cadillac; I guess they're her lovers. Lots of wild sex and she screams a lot and looks like she is really enjoying it. She even takes two penises in the same hole. The guys speak French. One of the best scenes on the DVD in terms of sexual energy.

Scene 4 (Koln Gangbang)
4 guys in an apartment are bored. One guy calls up two girls and invites them over. The girls look good. It's too bad most of the scene uses closeups. Odd that most of them speak englishs with a french accent. Video quality is a big dark and washed out.

Scene 5 (Secret Garden)
One for the pedophiles. 4 American guys pick up an ugly young girl at a playground. They seduce her into going to a "Secret Garden". Video quality is VHS quality, but I found the story line a bit distasteful.

Scene 6 (Central Bath)
2 girls and 2 guys get it on in a community pool. The girls in bikinis are made up to look like the girls in that Robert Palmer video w/ the white faces and tied up hair. Video quality was ok. Not that impressed w/ the sexual energy and the music was tacky.

Scene 7 (Crazy Horse Gang Bang)
Short haired blond gives a 6 guys (including her husband) oral sex in public. They then go back to their apartment and go at it. Blond has a nice tight body, but has too many freckles. She does look like she enjoys everything though, with as much energy as the brunette in Scene 2. Video quality ok, but a bit washed out. Audio is in french.

Scene 8 (Lost in LA)
Slutty looking not-that-attractive blond (with lots of freckles) in a really short miniskirt and high heels gets lost in LA. 3 guys pick her up and bring her back to their apartment to show her a Private magazine. Sex isn't bad...too bad the blond isn't better looking.

Scene 9 (Barcelona and Park)
Brunette in miniskirt (with no underwear) goes sightseeing in a park. She gets bored of her husband and picks up a couple of guys and has sex with them on a park bench. The husband comes back and finds them. They go into the bushes and have sex until sunset. It looks like it was filmed in an open park because you see lots of people walking by. Girl has really nice legs and body, though her face isn't that pretty. Looks like she even takes two penises in the same hole for a little while, but they can't keep them in. Video quality is ok, but a little washed out. Sound was dubbed in and sounds really fake.

Scene 10 (By The Pool)
Another scene w/ Draghixa. Probably the best video quality on the DVD, but it's still a little washed out. Gives you a reason to get a private pool. Everyone swims around naked. Draghixa and her boyfriend have sex in and out of the pool. Interesting underwater scenes. Some poolboy pops in on them and he gets to share Draghixa as well. Must have been filmed when Draghixa was younger because she was a little chubbier, but still good looking. Dubbed sound again and very fake sounding. Draghixa gets a good cum shower before floating off on the a raft in the pool.

Scene 11 (Lolita in the Library)
This is the same scene as found on Private Zodiac (no clue why Private duplicates scenes across multiple collections...doesn't seem to make sense). See my review of it there. It's a good scene and Lolita seems to enjoy it and she's the prettiest girl on the DVD. No audio dubbing. Video quality is ok.

The only quibbles I had with the DVD were video quality and the choice of a few scenes which they should have deleted instead of the ones they did drop. It's a good collection of Private's older stuff, but the video quality is relatively poor. I didn't buy a DVD to get VHS quality...

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