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About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree)

About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality About Face P.O.V. 5 (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/16/2007
Ok fans time for some POV action and Chris Streams has always been dependable for me in this area and this time out he's got some fine looking hotties for us to gaze down upon led by the ultra hot Amy Reid and the sexy Jayna Oso also graces the screen so let's check those two out along with four other girls.

Amy Reid:

Alright we open with the lovely Miss Reid who enters the room with no top on so those gorgeous tits are already out for display but Chris gets us going first with some good ass tease and Amy's been around now for awhile so she knows the tricks, the slow bend over shot letting her ass arch out towards us, very good shots here. She's also standing in front of a long mirror so she gets to fondle her tits while eyeing herself. Chris then works it back to her ass going ground level as Amy uses a hand to caress that booty and there are no panties either so good shots of her ass/ pussy too. Oh boy I think Chris ducks in and eats her pussy out and we see this from that ground shot so yeah it's good work if you can get it and I guess he could!! Amy then does the slow turn around back to letting her tits shine plus she squats down and spreads those pussy lips nice'n'wide with Chris dipping back in to lick that juicy pussy. I hadn't seen a shot like this before in a POV with the guy being seen eating pussy or ass like this but I liked it. The action then moves to the bedroom where we get Amy sucking on his cock and the pov shots are good. Sexwise how about a shot of Amy in cowgirl crashing back towards you as your cocks drilling her pussy, well you get that here plus P2M. The finale has the pop spread over those tits and she rubs it in, not bad pov time with Amy who is pure sex appeal from head to toe, sometimes the energy isn't as great as others but here she was fine.

Sandra Parker:

On we go and up next we have a hottie playing some pool and of course she's wearing a skimpy outfit as she strokes the cue ball so we see she's good with a stick in her hands, now we need to see how she is with a smaller one!! Sandra has a confident stroke too whenever she strikes and she also does some creative things with the pool stick sliding it between her thighs or licking up the shaft and we get the tits pulled out too so she's doing well!! The pussy is also thrust in our face as well as her good looking ass, Chris so far has used the ground shots very effectively. Sandra then gets on the pool table and though the lighting is a bit darker than I'd like we get the same shot of Chris leaning in and licking pussy so perhaps this will be a theme in each scene. Chris even turns the camera over to Sandra it seems as we watch him furiously lick that pussy, I mean all you see is the top of his head moving all over as his tongue is getting its fill. Chris also uses his fingers to register quite a nice wet orgasm from Sandra. I must say I was very impressed with the pussy eating especially how long he did it, very good stuff Mr. Streams and before they turn the pov over to Sandra we get one last shot of Chris from below licking her ass area. Miss Parker then does the sexy crawl over the floor arriving at Chris's erect cock and it slides right into her mouth and with the amount of oral he did I can imagine he's very turned on and Sandra does a fine job bobbing up and down. Oh yeah the sex is highlighted by a fine shot of her riding the cock while facing towards us so good bouncing titties and we close with a nice open mouth pop. The energy here was notably better from both parties.

Jayna Oso:

This next girl is well known to most porn fans and she's looking very sexy as we find her in this scene. A skimpy outfit adorns her modest frame and Jayna does some nice walking around with Chris zooming in on her ass when she pauses, leaning against a glass sliding door. The tits are pulled out too by Jayna who playfully slaps and pinches her nipples. Oh yeah, she then peels the shorts off and Chris is perfectly placed at her knees looking up and damn that is the sexiest ass we've seen so far and Jayna knows just how to work that booty too so if you weren't hard you'll be there shortly. Chris then ducks in for a few good licks and though the shadows pretty bad you know what he's doing and I for one applaud the shot and am extremely jealous right now ,hehe. Jayna then does a bit more tease leaning against the mirror and it's very sexy seeing a mirror image right across of Jayna of her double doing the same, ok the butt shots too were really good and Jayna dipping the fingers in was a great touch also. Jayna always has this great sexual energy about her so it's no surprise she's quickly turning around and fishing out Chris's cock for some extended knob polishing and the close pov shots were great. We have some good anal shot too with Jayna sitting facing towards us and we get still another good pop to close it out to Jayna's face with some cleanup too.

Morgan Simpson:

Our next scene gets underway with us out for a drive with Chris, a typical day in porn valley it seems, good blue skies with some clouds. Well he stops to pick up Morgan who is wearing frayed jean shorts and a white top which leaves very little to the imagination as regards to her tit size. Well Chris is doing the gentlemanly thing here by giving her a ride and it appears she's wearing no panties either under that skirt! Chris tries to zoom in nonchalantly and well Morgan gets the idea as her hands come to rest over his crotch, then she goes further pulling his cock out so we get some in car head!! We get some really nice shots too here of Morgan sucking cock and the cramped space didn't make it easy but Chris pulls it off nicely with some great assistance from Morgan of course. Chris then pulls the skirt up exposing her ass and from the shot we get it's a good one but they need more room to really get this party rolling so the cock's holstered for a short time until they get to a bigger space which turns out to be a bedroom. Morgan lets us check that body out some before we resume the action and we do see she's got great big boobs which are fondled and then it's on to shots of both her bald pussy and a much better view of her ass which again Chris dips in to have a taste of while we watch from below. Morgan then drops down to resume the oral and they progress through the sex which features cowgirl and a good hard doggie too leading to Chris pulling out and popping to her mouth and he's bringing it too leaving quite a load for Morgan to taste.

Sabrina Rose:

The next scene gets going with a shot of Sabrina coming into the room wearing a nice outfit, good bra top which lets you get a fine idea of the boob size and she does the slow sexy walk towards us with Chris panning out to make it seem longer as she makes her way over, ahh he's lying down too as she circles in close, first there's the pause/ turnaround and bend over shot letting us oogle her ass plus she does a little slow grinding thing which was pretty sexy. The top then comes off and she caresses those tits a bit while also lettin those hands wander down to her pussy which she strokes for Chris/ I mean us!! This woman's good, working in good tease moments of both her ass and tits plus she's got that whole Euro appeal about her going. She finally makes it hovering over Chris's jeans, one last fondlization of her tits and out comes the cock with Sabrina wasting little time engulfing it. Generous POV shots here as she works the cock with that mouth, then it's her pussy in a mish and then doggie leading to the pop which is good but not as big as a couple of the other loads Chris launched here, still good though.

Ju Pantera:

Our final scene gets underway with Ju outside at night enjoying a few puffs on her cigarette while wearing a small fur-- where is Mr. DVD at, lol. She's got a sinful body it appears with a nice tan, piercing eyes and the dark hair is a great asset also for Ju. The licking of the lips is always nice and she does that plus Chris works in some shots of that ass before Ju beckons him closer and guess what out comes the cock and dropping down, in between puffs she sucks his cock, even doing the hold the smoke it until she's about to suck him shot so nasty and sensual at the same time I think. This was some really nice POV cock sucking even with the limited lighting we had the whole vibe was very sensual due mostly to Ju who exuded this quality in abundance. This was easily the best head shot of the entire dvd, great length and great energy from the woman in the scene. Chris does get to dip his meatstick in her pussy some and after that fabulous blowjob he received he was hard'n'ready. They do a standing doggie while still outside before moving in to the bedroom for a good position of Ju facing towards us, some P2M and where's Ramsey, we get a pop to her foot and with the jizz still dripping off it she lifts it up and licks the cum off it, for once I loved this finish, it totally fit the scene's ebb and flow.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty strong POV from Chris Streams, I loved the fact he got involved and we saw some interesting shots of him eating pussy/ ass in a few scenes. The best overall scene was probably Morgan with Jayna and then Ju also turning in great efforts. The bonus features for this one included a photo gallery, a cumshot repeat and some BTS also. Well worth checking out if you like POV, a good solid effort by everyone involved.

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