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A Capella

A Capella

Studio: Ninn Worx
Category:  Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for A Capella:
Overall Rating 4 stars
A Capella overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks A Capella Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks A Capella Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex A Capella Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting A Capella Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras A Capella DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality A Capella A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  12/28/2007
A capella

Dir: Michael Ninn

Photo Gallery: A series of stills of each girl in autorun form.
BTS: Jana Jordan eats hash browns while being followed around by an idiot with a camera. Several other performers are then followed around by the same guy as he endlessly asks them inane questions. This is followed by some MTV-lite footage of the girls getting their pretty-girl shots. Then more footage of the girls eating breakfast.

From the BTS and the credits, it seems like the scenes may have actually been shot for this disc, rather than lifted from other titles as some other solo-girl discs from NinnWorx have been. Full performer credits up front at the start of the film, and also at the start pf each scene. As the action is all pretty much the same in general (pretty girl with perfect make up takes off elegant clothes in exotic locale, strips off, and mastubates for Le Camera) I'll be brief in my thoughts for each of the twenty scenes..

Scene 1:
Jana Jordan.

Jana is a young-looking, blonde with natural breasts. She looks through a telescope in a place we will call Observatory Room (on a hill, lots of large glass windows behind) before stripping off. Soon she's nude, and it seems she's made the interesting life choice of getting a large tattoo on the inside of her right wrist, as well as the top of her right foot and the usual large tailbone tatt. She also has a pierced navel. She stands up and rubs her clit for awhile, then the scene ends rather abruptly. She spends the scene standing up in front of the windows.

Scene 2:
Jenaveve Jolie.

Jen is a Latina lady who I always enjoy watching. Black hair, fake boobs, armband tattoo on her right arm. The setting this time is a smoky, darkened room with a large chair. Jen has a low-cut red dress that would show off her cleavage well if it wasn't about to quickly be pulled aside in all the right places. She sits on the chair and masturbates like someone posing for a Suze Randall stills layout, though there's a lot more fingering than in Jana's scene. She spends most of the scene reclining on the chair.

Scene 3:
Holly Wellin.

Holly is a natural-breasted brunette. She reclines on a white bed-mat-thing in White-Tiled Room before quickly stripping off part of her leopard-print outfit to reveal those breasts as well as her pussy. As she fingers herself, we see that she has a name tattooed like a rin on her left ring finger. She spends the scene on her back.

Scene 4:
Heather Vuur.

Heather has blonde hair tied back in a tight bun. Implants, and a tight body, no visible tattoos. She is in an outside garden, pretending to take photos while wearing short shorts and a sparkly-shouldered top, which is soon moved to show off her breasts as she decides that this garden path would be a good place to sit down and masturbate. She masturbates like a stripper, purely and obviously a show for the camera. (more obviously than usual for porn, even). Despite the stage-show masturbation, it's still very enjoyable to watch.

Scene 5:
Kaiya Lynn.

We're in the smoky, darkly-lit industrial room from many of Ninn's productions. It was probably the same room that had Jen Jolie in it a few scenes ago, for that matter. Kaiya is a fake-breasted brunette of Asian descent, and she strides intop the room and onto the conveniently-located couch. Kaiya wears PVC leg-boots that go up to her mid-thigh with black high heels, as well as a cupless black PVC corset, long fingerless PVC gloves and a PVC gorget. A black PVC g-string and black tape in crosses across her nipples complete her ensemble. Predictably, the tape comes off, the g is pulled aside, and away she goes in close-up for a few minutes.

Scene 6:
Lena Nicole.

Lena is a blonde, wearing her hair down here with a nice smile. Red corset with black polka dots and matching skirt. She's in a nondescript room in the typical Generic Porn Mansion that Ninn and Blake typically use. She teases unzipping the corset a little, then the panties before unzipping it to reveal her small natural breasts. She peels off the panties and then assumes the doggy position and rubs her pussy lips with her hand covering the details the entire time. No fingering. I think this scene is tecnically softcore.

Scene 7:
Rita Faltoyano.

If you don't know who Rita is by now.. well, she's a very popular Hungarian brunette with large natural breasts, great curves and a number of moles on her body which are almost a trademark. (Though they're not especially off-putting to most people). She wears a black and white hat, black corset, garter and stockings, pearl earrings. The setting is another room in Generic Porn Mansion, though opening with Rita behind a screen/frosted glass which has some artsy shelving on it. She stands and rubs herself, then sits on the arm of a leather chair and does the same before fingering and continuing to rub.

Scene 8:
Daisy Marie.

The scene starts in Black and White, with only Daisy's red shoes, lips and hair band in colour. Cutting back and forth between B&W and full colour, she wears a white dress with black polka-dots on it while prancing around in a featureless white room (White-Tiled Room, where Holly was earlier). Daisy looks to be latina, slightly reminiscent of L-Lo in her fine facial features, and has styled brown hair and large hoop earrings. She strips out of the dress slowly, revealing a black bra and panties as well as a faint (covered with make-up?) tattoo over her navel. She has a totally shaved pussy, and I think Daisy was the girl in the BTS with a large full-back tattoo, which would explain why she isn't taking the dress off, and instead has it unzipped down the front, with her bra pulled down to expose her breasts. She rubs and fingers herself, as is usual, until the scene ends..

Scene 9:
Nikki Benz.

Nikki is a Ukranian blonde via Canada. She is a Barbie Doll - large implants, long blonde hair, long legs.. and a tailbone tattoo that isn't shown at all since she spends the entire scene sitting.. She wears a brown fur coat, which barely covers her burgundy-red bra and white panties. She sits on a burgundy-red chair, which for some reason is located in a prison cell. Must be something arty about the juxtaposition of the two. Or something. Anywho, the jacket soon comes off, as does the bra come down and the panties go to the side while Nikki makes porn-masturbation on the chair for our entertainment while being filmed through the bars for the director's aesthetic statement.

Scene 10:
Alana Langford.

Alana has long straight brown hair, and is dressed in a teeny-tiny black crop-top and a purple skirt that has a kind of ballerina look to it. She has large bee-stung lips, a gap between her front teeth, pierced navel and a ring in her right nostril and small natural breasts. She walks partway down some stairs in the Porn Mansion before exposing her breasts and beginning to run them as well as her pussy. After a bit of this, she sits on the steps, pulls her panties aside and continues to rub away until the scene ends.

Scene 11:
Andie Valentino.

Andie is another girl with long, straight brown hair. She's posing against the windows of Observatory Room, though it is night time outside, the telescope has been moved, and the shot is flanked by two white lounge chairs. She wears a kind of corset-y thing with a skirt attatched in red with black leopard print on it. It looks very nice, actually. Andie unzips the front to reveal her large natural breasts and pierced navel. Stripping it off, she stands in front of the city lights behind her in only her black panties and gyrates for a little while before leaning back against the window and pulling her panties aside for some rub action.

Scene 12:
Ginger Lea.

Ginger is a reddish-haired veteran stripper type with large implants and a toned body. She starts the scene kneeling away from the camera in White-Tiled Room. She wears a leather miniskirt and a sparkly dressy jacket with embossed roses. She kneels on the white padded counch-thing and makes snarly-stripper faces and stripper poses at the camera. The jacket comes off, stripper-style and revelas her golden bra and the skirt comes up revealing her pussy. Seconds later the bra is also discarded, stripper-style and we soon see her stripper boobs with some puckering in the doggy position, though the focus remains on her pussy. Soon though, she's sitting up and going for broke fingering herself, which unfortunately shows some more unflattering shots of her poor boobjob until she (pretends to) come.

Scene 13:
Alexis Love.

We're back to Observatory Room! One of the white lounge chairs remains, and it's a bright and sunny daytime, but all else is the same. Oh yes, the girl. Alexis has long straight black hair and has a kind of exotic look to her, though I can't guess her background. She has medium sized breasts, and they're just that size and shape where they could either be implants or natural, with puffy nipples. She wears white cowgirl boots and a short pink trenchcoat. She has a white band on her hair. She gyrates about on front of the windows, as is usual for this location before showing off her truly fantastic looking ass with a white g-string. Finally she undoes the trenchcoat to reveal those breasts I was talking about and quickly peels off the panties to show her totally bare pussy. Next of course, she rubs and fingers herself whil standing in front of the windows until the scene ends.

Scene 14:
Marie Luv.

Marie is a pretty black woman with mid-blonde hair, curled and cascading down her shoulders. She has smallish natural breasts and several tattoos, one on her upper left arm, one on the small of her back. She also has a stud in her tongue. She wears thigh-high leather boots with a sheer black bra and panties set. The setting for this scene is the kitchen of Porn Mansion, and I can only assume the choice for this room is because the rich red-brown teak of the woodem kitchen drawers and such are a close match tonally for Marie's skin. Marie gyrates around before exposing her breasts and having the usual play with them. Marie sits up on the kitchen mounter and goes to work fingering herself in glorious close-up-o-vision untiul the scene ends. I'd have enjoyed this one a whole lot more if I wasn't worried that Marie looked like she was about to fall off the narrow bit of bench she was perched on!

Scene 15:
Marlie Moore.

Marlie is a blonde in yet another polka-dotted dress. Black dots on white again this time. back to Observatory Room again. This time it's in the late afternoon and it's been raining and the set is dressed with a glass table with flowers on it and some low black stools, as well as some kind of metal sculpture. She walks around, smells the flowers, then peels down the top of her dress so she can fondle her implanted breasts. Marlie poses a bit before fingering herself while standing uncomfortably, then bent over the table. Then she finishes.

Scene 16:
Mika Tan.

Mika is a dark-haired performer with implants and an Asian/Samoan background. Her hair is up in a bun and she wears a simple black bra and panties, with garter belt and stockings. The scene is set in a study, with lots of dark woodl furniture and bookshelves. She shakes her bootay and goes through various stripper stage moves on the rug, before peeling off her bra and a bit later, her panties. She then goes to work on herself in several positions using a knobbed glass dildo, the only dildo in the DVD, in fact. After she "orgasms", she sucks on the dildo a little and the scene ends.

Scene 17:
Renee Perez.

Renee has long brown hair and medium natural breasts. She is dressed in a pink and black corset-skirt combo, similar to the one worn by Andie earlier. She starts at the top of the stairs, the same stairs as seen in Alana's scene earlier, though this time they are lit very differently. She carefully struts down to about halfway before posing and preening for the camera. This scene is shot in an overexposed manner, so the colours are a bit off and Renee's skin appears as almost alabaster-white. She unzips her corset-thing and sits on the stairs, pulls her panties to one side, and.. well, you can figure that out by now...

Scene 18:
Carli Banks.

Carli is a blonde with nicely-styled hair, nice breasts and a stud in her left nostril. She wears a white corset with black flowers embroidered on it and a pair of sheer black panties. Carli is in the Outdoor Garden, with hedges and fountains and statues gtgftand even a swimming pool featuring waterfalls in the background. As usual, she poses and gyrates for the camera, pushing her breasts up out of their white bra that is hidden under the corset. While still wearing the corset, she sits down on the corner of the pool and pulls her panties aside.. her pussy is completely hairless, and she rubs and fingers herself sitting, standing, sitting differently, and bent over..

Scene 19:
Tiffany Sweet.

Wait! Didn't I already watch this scene? Let's see. We're back in Observatory Room and the girl who has long black hair is dressed in a (the same?) pink short trenchcoat and has a white band in her hair. With white panties. Oh, the boots are hot pink PVC this time. I guess it must be different. /sarcasm.
Tiffany is actually very pretty, has a great pair of medium natural-looking breasts and looks great. It's just that we've already seen the same outfit in the same location, and damned if Tiffany does the usual performance for Observatory Room, which is slowly strip down and rub and finger her pussy while standing up in front of the windows. The camera angle is a little more low-shot this time, but I can't imagine who thought that the same outfit in the same location with girls who share a similar first-glance look would be a good idea...

Scene 20:
Jana Jordan.

Hey, Jana gets a second-go-round. I guess this is why she's on the cover as her scenes bookend the DVD. She's still blonde, though this time the location is a (gasp) bedroom with what appears to be a bed, all in white. Jana wears only a pair of black panties and a pair of black heels, and she site on the bed while curtains draped from the ceiling frame her and the shots. Cametra flashes go off constantly, though it could be either a strobe of sorts or lots of pretty-girl/action/back cover shots. She poses, then lays back for the usual finger-banging fun. Then the DVD ends..

The disc has a bit of an unusual file setup, in that the chapters seem to be bunched into groups of about 4 or 5, and while skipping forward works, you can only skip back to other chapters within that little group.

It's really quite hard to quantify porn like this. It's really about as soft as hardcore gets (with Mika Tan's scene the only excepetion) but it's extraordinarily well shot, and features girls who almost always are made to look their best both in being beautiful to begin with, then made-up and dressed beautifully. (I'm not sure what went wrong with poor Ginger Lea, she certainly could have been shot in a way that her breasts would have looked amazing, rather than like a warning against bad surgery). Likewise, I can't understand why Tiffany Sweet's scene and costume setup was identical to Alexis Love's

The bad points, aside from those listed above and it's lack of being superhardcore is simply that it's very, very, very repetitive. Even allowing for the continual use of the smae locations within the Porn Mansion where it was all shot, the scenes in Observatory Room could have featured something besides Porn Girl Standing While Rubbing Herself. Put a couch in there and let one of them recline, for fuck's sake! The scenes were also very short. I'd have rather seen 15 scenes or even 10, where the girls have a bit more of a chance to both tease the camera and also enjoy their own company, giving the viewer a bit more of a payoff.

So, effectively, this is coffee table porn, and I'll judge it on that basis. If you like Ninn's or Andrew Blake's styles, this is a much better solo-girl outing than Soloerotica 8, which I would actually mark down from my published score to make it fit better with the score I'm giving this.

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