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astroknight 8th Sin, The 4.5 stars8th Sin, The 4.5 stars8th Sin, The 4.5 stars
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8th Sin, The

8th Sin, The

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film
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vodka tonic's ratings for 8th Sin, The:
Overall Rating 5 stars
8th Sin, The overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks 8th Sin, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 8th Sin, The Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex 8th Sin, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 8th Sin, The Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras 8th Sin, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 8th Sin, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by vodka tonic  on  10/5/2004
Director : Paul Thomas
Cast : Rebecca Love, Holly Hollywood, Dasha, Violet Blue, Angel Long, Ashley Long, Jesse V, Jessica Dee, Tony Tedeschi, Eric Masterson, Alec Metro, Anthony Hardwood, Rod Fontana, Frazer Luvitt, Damon D' Marcos, Tony Pounds

DVD Extras : Chapter selection, positions room, bonus clips, photo gallery, behind-the-scenes, trailers, weblink, sex ads, multi-angles on-off (ineffective on my copy)

Trailers : "Cinema Obscura", "Sold" + 2 unnamed trailers (what's the point ?)

5 Bonus Clips :
Dasha & Trevor Zen in "Implode"
Dasha, Wendy Devine & Anthony Hardwood in "That Girl is Crazy"
Dasha, Mercedez & Kira Kener in "Where The Boys Aren't 16"
Briana Banks, Aria & Lezley Zen in "Blonde & Blonder"
Lezley Zen & Randy Spears in "Round She Goes"

Behind-The-Scenes extra : (11 min). Thomas explains he's bound to go over his 9-day shooting schedule, brief interview with Holly & Dasha, Eric Masterson & Rafe fool around on the set (wife Dru Berrymore enjoys the catering), filming of the scenes.

Short Story : Victoria & Rick are a Hollywood couple searching for cheap thrills, Jimmy is a private chauffeur trying to tame his stripper girlfriend Chili, Eva is a mail-order bride scamming poor schmuck Tom with the help of Czech hoodlums Yaguj & Yolan while Tom's sister Sara tries to save her relationship with cop hubby Danny.



After indulging in foot fetish in the backseat of a limousine, as well as public exhibitionism at a gas station, Holly gets arrested and comes back home for a grudge fuck by the pool with her perverted mentor Alec Metro, while a crippled neighbour watches. She keeps her leather jacket when she sucks him, then she bends over to let him tongue her bunghole. After some very brief standing doggy, they go to their bedroom and he further explores her anus in spoon. Holly has a very appealing girl-next-door quality. Alec uses her feet to drop his load. A weak scene, compared to the excellent teasing that precedes it, but Holly is beautiful.


Buxom mini-brunette Rebecca is hosting a private lapdance party by the pool for a bunch of rich kids with the help of tall blondes Angel & Ashley (anybody would look tall next to Rebecca !). Angel & Ashley are both dressed in cheerleader outfits and provide the sex, while Rebecca sticks to the teasing, which is unfortunate but justified by the script. Who is Angel and who is Ashley will remain a mystery to this reviewer, but they're both enthusiastically taken care of by a trio of partygoers, including a much slimmer Chris Cannon. The multi-angles don't really make any sense, but the sex is good. I'm under the impression that besides the 3 male performers, the rest of the partygoers were lucky extras invited in for a cheap voyeur thrill by the director, which adds a layer to the excitement. Both blondes get the anal treatment, and end up swallowing decent loads.


In the front of the limo he's chauffeuring, Holly gives impromptu head to boyfriend Tony. It's always a pleasure to watch a blow-job in a porn movie that doesn't necessarily lead to intercourse. Great chemistry and enthusiasm in this short scene, and no gagging or extreme throat technique to supposedly enhance the oral experience, which is great. Just a nice, quickie blow-job.


Rebecca delivers a flawless monologue while stripping in front of Eric in a deserted office in one of the best teasing sequence I've seen in a long time. She briefly sucks him, then sits on the desk with her garter belt on and lets Eric penetrate her. Her big boobs flop around, looking awesome in reverse cowgirl. She lays on the desk to get her bazoombas soaked with goo, but Masterson drops the weakest load. Whatever. Big boobs lover will appreciate this short but nicely shot scene. Love is just adorable.


Working in his garage, Tedeschi takes some time off from his daytime job to splurge on his needy girlfriend's pussy. Another very quick b/j leads to another weak load on Rebecca's breasts. She jacks him off, which is a plus.


In a hotel bedroom, mack daddy Mario worships Rebecca's huge bazoombas. She lowers her red dress while sucking his dong, then removes it for the doggy, keeping her black garter belt & stockings. She screams "Don't stop, don't stop" as he pounds into her reverse-cowgirl style, then Italian lover Mario comes on her boobs. A darkly-lit, erotic scene.


Dasha has never been more beautiful than in this movie. Long, curly blonde hair, impeccable make-up, heavy, perfect implants that suit her frame, she's a scorcher. And her character only says "Yes" for the first part of this thriller, which really is any man's dream. She seduces Eric over a romantic dinner, then guides him to the bedroom for a lesson in "How to please your mail-order bride". She sits on his mouth, titillating her clit over his tongue laps. Look, no squirting ! It had become some kind of a gimmick anyway. She walks to the other side of the room and inserts a blue toy into her anus for Eric's masturbatory pleasure. Intense eye contact and endless legs make Dasha a great tease. They move to a lush sofa for reverse cowgirl riding, then she takes him in her mouth before he comes on her breast. Another dark, sensual scene.


After scamming Eric out of a thousand dollars, Dasha & lover Anthony reunite in a hotel bedroom. They undress each other slowly, strongly desiring each other. Hardwood sports a huge erection under his white boxer shorts. The sound of the skin slapping during the subsequent reverse cowgirl is very erotic, and Dasha is a great moaner. They briefly switch to doggy, which enhances both performers' flawless bodies, before Hardwood enters Dasha's backdoor in missionary. He comes on her boobs, which seems to be a common thread. She leaves with the money. Go, Dasha !


Rod could be Violet's father, which plays well in the dynamics of their couple. Big daddy puts his fat pecker in her mouth, then slams it to her cowgirl-style. Rod's got a thick, compact shaft that suits his frame. Violet's teenage body is overwhelmed as they engage in an enthusiastic but too short scissor missionary, before he splooges on her belly. Violet wants more but Rod just wants to go to sleep.


Violet, beautiful in a burgundy velvet mini-dress, is the center of attention in this orgy finale happening in a luxury hotel suite. She keeps a black satin mask over her eyes as she sucks Joey Ray, while secret lover Alec Metro teases her nether regions. Then he leads her to splendid redhead Jesse V and hot, urban blonde Holly Hollywood, both impeccable in sophisticated, 5th Avenue attire. Next to them, Britney look-a-like Jessica Dee gives a mean blow-job to Joey. Back to Violet being spooned, then doggied by Alec, then Jesse riding Joey while Jessica gets hard-fucked by Damon. The lush colors & textures add a layer of eroticism to the scene. Holly disappears. The three remaining beauties lay down to receive Joey & Alec's libations (Joey drops a massive load).

THE LOWDOWN : Sticking to my usual template may not have been the most efficient way to translate how impressed I was with « The 8th Sin ». As polished and professional as any DTV indie thriller, this new masterpiece is way beyond Thomas’ latest multi-awarded features. Benefiting from an intricate storyline and excellent performances by Rebecca Love, Tony Tedeschi and contract girl Dasha, the sex scenes, though not groundbreaking, are numerous and varied enough that anyone will find something to shake his stick at. The absence of the requisite lesbian scene is inconspicuous and in synch with Thomas’ evident refusal to submit to formats in this very personal effort. Possibly its director’s most finite movie to date, ”The 8th Sin” is an indispensable addition to all features lovers, and the proof that porn can sometimes be something more than a gape and a close-up.

Technical side-note : Though it may be noteworthy to the serious Paul Thomas collector that Vivid has finally decided to release its DVDs unedited (a recurring pet peeve with earlier releases), a new technical problem seems to be the impossibility to switch the multi-angles indicator off. The icon simply stays on, which can be a hindrance to thorough enjoyment of the sex scenes, especially during the close-ups and face shots. All of Vivid's recent releases have featured this problem to a degree. As for the untitled trailers, that's the most ludicrous oversight.

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