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fu_q 8th Day, The 4 stars8th Day, The 4 stars8th Day, The 4 stars
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8th Day, The
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8th Day, The

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for 8th Day, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
8th Day, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks 8th Day, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 8th Day, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 8th Day, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 8th Day, The Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras 8th Day, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 8th Day, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/7/2009
Good day porn fans time for big event title, huge movie. Awesome cast, explosions, tits'n'ass and yeah a little bit of plot to help move things along. Adam & Eve brought in Ren Savant known for his work with such big shows and he'd stayed away from these types of flicks for a time but friends urged him to take a look. The Sci-fi angle was a big selling point I gather and the fact we don't get the neat happy ending was also something that interested the filmmaker. This epic is spread out over four discs, the first two containing the movie proper with the last two devoted to a lot of making of's, wardrobe, interviews, extended scenes. So if you have a day where you're not doing anything, like maybe today on Labor Day, then this flick would be a superb sit down flick, pop the popcorn and get ready to watch a bit of story and get your freak on. Basic story, we have Kayden Kross waking up from a Cryo sleep, she's missed the Big Bang or the Big Burn as they call it here and she tries to reenter the world finding it far from the Utopia her dad promised before putting her under. Lots of big names in this too with Kylie Ireland and Amber Rayne leading the way but the main male role in this is for a non-sex performer, Prince Amir is his name and you'll find out why he's non-sex as the storyline hits a crucial point. Now time for a little sex to keep the ball rollin. The movie is over four hours so be prepared to devote some time.

Kayden Kross:

Ok so time for the movie, is your popcorn done! We enter the show in some kind of room, not sure if it's a ship or what. It looks all Aliens style for your movie fans. We see blinking lights, some sort of vital signs display and then a countdown clock that is show the words Time to Supercritical and it's still moving. You also see a pod and within that we have Kayden-- why is she nude. Did dear old dad want her to wake up and not be in some hideous fashion disaster when she met her first people, lol. But anyway the pod opens and Kayden gets out. On one of the monitors we get a video from her dad saying if she's watching this then something's gone wrong and he's not there to wake her. An important piece of info he gives is she might be a little disoriented from her long sleep but Kayden presses on going into the next room where she finds three men sitting, one of who is Tommy Gunn, I didn't know the other two guys. Well sleeping for nearly 100 years, I think it's closer to 76 from what I got on the long BTS clips, would make anyone horny I bet so she walks over and picks one of them,lol, and starts sucking his cock-- deep sleep has done nothing to slow down her cock sucking skillz! This was basically a 1-1 scene with Kayden largely sticking to one guy at a time, there was some 2 on 1 sucking'n'fucking and we get the guys nutting on her face and ass when it's all said and done. Now during the sex we got a couple flashes where the men looked far different from what Kayden was seeing-- this was the deep sleep sickness still lingering!! So after the welcome back to reality sex is over, she drifts off to sleep, lol. Well as she wakes up from this the nightmare of what her real reality is hits Kayden. The guys are mutated, no talking, only grunting and the guys start fighting each other as Kayden gets the hell out of there. At least she finds a packet with some clothes in it, not much as it's a shirt with white undies under and white t-shirt with shoes. Kayden hits the outside world and it looks a lot like downtown LA,lol! No people anywhere, lots of graffiti and at least one cool CGI shot when she's walking down a long flight of stairs where on the left there's an overgrowth of grass going down the stairs. Well Kayden finds a place to seek refuge for the night and then things stat to get interesting again.

Kylie Ireland with Jandi Lin:

So it's getting dark and Kayden needs a place to crash for the night, you know what happens at night, the crazies come out, haven't you see I Am Legend or 28 Days Later!! So she hits a wherehouse and then the sounds of a long lost song start drifting up. We move down to where we see Jandi cranking the turntable which is giving us these tunes, a garbage can with a blaze working right next to her-- electricty is a very rare thing in the future. Kylie is there too listening and then she beckons Derrick Pierce over to have a little fun with Jandi. The young lady is put in a doggie pose and Derrick then gets to spank that ass several times with Jandi doing the whole thank you mistress, can I have another, hehe. Kylie is great leading this bit of action with dirty talk/ instruction. But we want to see Miss Ireland do a little more so Derrick leaves Jandi to her cranking duties and he heads over to fuck Kylie. Some solid gonzo here as Kylie takes on Derrick. The lighting was tricky with them going for the no electricity angle but we see well enough to witness Kylie sucking dick and then taking said cock in both holes before we get Jandi brought back in for the pop, a facial. A noise then brings this trio back to reality and Derrick's sent to investigate-- it's a roving tribe but we don't see who as Kayden gets out and as she's shutting the door alerts them to her presence but it's shut tight so all they can do is shout through it as a frightened Miss Kross gets the hell out. From what I gathered from the noise on the other side, Kylie, Derrick and Jandi weren't so lucky-- at least they went out with a bang!

Tyler Knight:

So we have Kayden hauling ass out of there in the dead of night, strangely no one's outside so that roving tribe must be small, but we get someone snatching Kayden and it's light out time with the cloth over her mouth. She wakes up and it's a new room and she's restrained. It was Tyler who grabbed her and he's planning on taking Kayden to Elysium Fields which is basically an oasis in the desert but we aren't quite there yet! Tyler needs a little r&r for the road if you get my drift so he's sent into the shop keepers back room where he's keeping a woman for his own special use. Before the fucking, though, we get the introduction of another main character, Mel, played by Amber Rayne. She's a scav, aka scavenger, and she also notices Kayden sitting there. She gets some water and as the shopkeeper watches Tyler doing his thing steals a few things, also known as scavenging! So we get some sex here as Tyler has a go with Krissy Leigh, your basic grunt fuck scene with some sucking and then pipe laying, with some pussy eating too, nice job there Tyler. As this winding down we have Mel signaling to Kayden aka Samantha or Sam to shush and she's cut loose.

Bree Olson, Tori Black and Poppy Morgan:

So we hit the hot desert with two hot babes and Amber starts filling Kayden in on the lay of the land, basically the way they're heading shouldn't be filled with a lot of contact with people, far to easy to get lost. But you do have to watch out for a couple tribes, the Pumas and Gilas to name a couple. So cut to that night with the girls around a fire with Amber trying to figure out why Kayden knows nothing about anything, lol. Kayden tells it straight, she's not from this time and Amber doesn't dispute this. Amber fills her in on the Big Burn, basic story, on the 8th day God played etch a sketch with us. One day the electricity stopped and no one could fix it, lots of people also died at the same time, animals too. No mention of a nuclear blast but evidently something was released which caused the catastrophe. We also get a dream sequence where Kayden is talking to her dad just before being put under. She tells him that something's gone horribly wrong and he doesn't seem to bothered about it. In fact he puts a few dots just above her breast and Kayden inquires why. Well he's not sure where to make the first cut, she's so juicy-- ok so it's a nightmare as daddy's going to eat his little girl but also telling her only 5 more days. Kayden glances over and now the cock's down to five days and change-- but what's coming, stay tuned! So the ladies are brought back to reality with this dream and a new noise besides the crackling of the fire. Going to investigate we see the three ladies, known as Gilas and well we get some g/g/g loving but we take a little time getting there. The girls circle each other for a few minutes going all pissed off kittie on us-- the noise did get rather annoying after the first minute or two and we get this for the entire scene so I couldn't fully appreciate the pussy licking we eventually do get due to this constant hissing stuff. We learn in the BTS or director interview with Ren why Bree was in this scene and not with a more prominent role in the show, this was the only day she could shoot. At least I know Bree was into the pussy eating as were Tori and Poppy as you'll see. The scene is also at night but again they work the lighting so that you don't really miss much. I so wanted to like this scene but the constant noise just got to be to much, it went on for over 25 minutes.

Next day and the two ladies are walking. Kayden asks about Tyler, the cocksucker who grabbed her. Amber says he's a Butcher-- you know the guys who gather the meat aka fresh hotties for trading. Amber then lets Kayden know she's a scav and then we see their destination on the near horizon, Elysium Fields, an oasis within this desolate land. Ok Intermission time where's the dancing hot dog and coke, lol, Disc two time!

Our two ladies make their way up to the gates where they meet a couple guards and I do recognize one of them, why it's Monstar, one of ADT's own, well Amber is too!! Amber has to do a little fast talking to get Kayden in but they are allowed entrance and all it took was a couple mentions of the Princes name and two red vines which she took from the place she rescued Kayden from. The girls make their way through the small crowds. The oasis isn't a paradise really but it's a fortified encampment which is a good thing in the harsh desert. There is some trading going on and it's all old junk salvaged from the past from the looks of it. There is a banging of the gong and Amber's all excited as they're in time for the lesson. We are on time too, getting our first glimpse of the Prince Amir character. Seems he's a guru type leader and offers up some words of wisdom about technology being our downfall, etc, etc. You also see he's surrounded by a couple hotties on either side, Darryl Hanah and I think the other lady was Violet Marcell- but don't quote me on it,lol. After the lesson hath ended we get Amber going to see the Prince and telling Kayden to enjoy the show, what show?

Darryl Hanah and body painted female:

So we have Darryl coming into a tent, finding Evan Stone lying immobile and she bends down and begins caressing over the body as her female painted friend joins. The ladies are going to share Evan it seems, nice. Oh ok the painted girl is a devil as she gets an apple from a tree and starts moving it back and forth in front of Darryl's face, can she make our blond friend take a bite out of the forbidden fruit, well she at least licks it before we're back to Evan. Some cock sucking and even the devil needs a little dick as she goes for a ride and also does a little riding over Darryl's face as Evan lays pipe. Most of the pop hits our painted friend's forehead but the girls get some to taste during the joint cleanup.

Amber Rayne:

So Amber makes it in to see the Prince and after the formalities are done they can chat and she can show off the bounty she was able to gather on this recent long trip. You also see a couple girls were writhing about on a big trash bag on the floor-- the Prince can't get it up, you'll find out why soon enough, so he has to get his jollies off just watching. But Mel's here so he wants to check out what she's brought but also 'punish' her for being so close to technology. Amber's sent to be cleansed and we have Cheyne Collins and Slegehammer as her cleaners!! The Prince reminds me a little of Randall Flagg the character in Stephen King's The Stand-- a not so different story of an apocolyptic future but the the jeans, long hair were definite trademarks of the guru style leader. But back to Amber and her cleansing!! The guys do a great of cleanig her pussy, first with a tongue and then with both cocks, her mouth gets plenty of work and most definitely her ass is cleansed! Amber works in a bit of dirty talk too and we end with both loads blasted to her face.

Group orgy:

Back outside we have Kayden being confronted by Tyler's character who had also made his way to the Elysium Fields site but no big confrontation just yet. David Lord another ADT poster, lol, comes on the two as their dispute was just about to heat up. Tyler tries to make the case this woman is his but David looks for but finds no mark to indicate this so for the time being Tyler will have to let the matter go. Amber then comes bounding up all giddy, they have a suite so the girls head to it and a well earned bath. Thought we were going to get some g/g loving in the tub as they both are in it but alas not this time. They do have fun splashing each other and then it's a nice candlelit meal, time for a little unwinding the first real break for Kayden since she's woken up. Next day dawns and the girls are invited to dine with the Prince that night. The ladies score some clothes to wear and Sam doesn't know the protocol about kissing his hand and only shakes it, lol. You see others are on hand too including Tyler Knight and he along with Amber nearly come to blows but the Prince puts a halt to that right off. Of the assembled masses I recognized Darryl Hanah, Jerry and I think the dark haired female was Violet whom we saw earlier when first seeing the Prince. Well speaking of the Prince he takes Sam back to his private quarters and this depresses both Amber and Tyler who might be rivals but can drown their sorrows in some booze together!

We learn about the Prince too. He knows who Sam is, there's even a picture of her dad which he shows her. Turns out back in the day he knew who her father was, in fact he led the resistance against the shit her brought about. Turns out dear old dad brought this bad state of affairs upon the earth. This mistake was the biggest turning point of the Princes life, the effects left him relatively young but also without the use of his cock, ouch! The Prince also got his powers of persuasion from the after affects of the big burn. We also learn the final detail, he was the leader of the angry mob that found out where dear old dad's group was and they crucified them. Back to the orgy where we now have Tyler and Amber teaming up to take their frustration out on Trinity Post while another nearby group as Jerry and Chris Cannon take on Darryl Hanah. From watching the bts I gather this was the first big scene actually shot for the show, Ren wanted to dive right in to the deep end but essentially this whole project was shot in the deep end! Amber has a mean streak, candle wax dropped onto Trinity's ass. We go back and forth on the two groups, Trinity gets to taste some pussy along with takin Tyler's cock in her cookie. Jerry does some nice pussy eating from behind while Darryl dines on Chris's dick up top. The two groups eventually merge up for the big finale, Amber gets some cock too, anal for both Amber and Trinity here too. The pops hit just above Darryl's pussy while both Trinty and Amber take facials. Amber comes stumbling in soon after to their suite finding a crying Sam who lets her know it was my father who caused all this, the big burn, everything. Amber though drunk takes this in and stares at her until we fade out.

Kayden Kross:

We go back to the room where we first met Kayden, the clocks now down to just over a day. She's back too, dancing with daddy and he tells her once that clock hits zero hour it means times up, another big burn perhaps, stay tuned! Kayden wakes up and is told she's being summoned to the Princes tent. Amber remembers the previous night's big revelation and is very depressed, later that night she's confronted by Tyler and the drinking was already going heavy for Amber as she shares the news. There is a connection between the Prince and Kayden, she even goes so far as to drop down, seemingly to take his cock out. But then we learn finally his package, well it ain't working. So he brings in Evan and a girl- is this Violet again, lol to play with Kayden. Well the trio hit the bed while the Prince watches from a short distance away. The girls have a little fun with Evan soon injecting himself and his cock. Good play with Kayden who gets her cookie snacked on and her mouth fed it's full share of cock. Kayden gets most of the dick riding but Violet gets some too and we have the pop to her face as well as Kayden's lower belly as Evan pulled out while blasting her hard in mish. Well we're almost done and in rushes the Prince's top aide. Kayden was found out and while the Prince already knew who she was he couldn't let his followers know everything so he goes along with their mob mentality so Kayden is set out in display so all can scorn her, the offspring of a scientist. Amber doesn't do much here besides look on, I think she's still despressed about finding out about her friend who she also thinks took the Princes affections from her. Next day Kayden is taken to the desert by Monstar and his fellow guard. She's screaming about the clock winding down but no one listens to her. You see from the distance the Prince watching and then we hit Zero hour. The skies light up and then the big wind comes along with the fire, everyone is laide waste-- THE END!!!

Final Thoughts and Extras:

Wow what a way to end the flick, no Scooby Doo ending here, no happy times for humanity as we are seemingly wiped out all over again. Perhaps there are others on a different continent who won't be affected by this new blast of nuclear love, stay tuned for a sequel the 9th Day, lol. Well this movie was certainly Epic in scope and length clocking in at over 4 hours with sex included. Ren really wanted this movie to be a stand alone piece, if no sex was in it you could still get into the storyline and characters. I can see the effort was put in for sure and think if you could see this without the fucking you could enjoy it, but as a porn fan I'm very glad we have the sex included, thank you! On the first of two extras disc we have a few choices. You can watched extended cuts of Kylie's scene, the one with Darryl and the painted woman and finally the big orgy scene with Amber, Darryl, Trinity, Tyler, Jerry and Chris. You have bloopers-- porn bloopers aren't to be missed and we get over an hours worth of interviews with Kayden, Amber, Tyler, Kylie, the Prince and finally Ren Savant our director. There's a good 25 minute featurette on the makeup, wardrobe and hair -- all three were big elements in this piece and you also get some You Tube clips which promoted this flick. Finally on this disc you get some trailers and there's a music video too, the Prince can also bring it on the mic!

So one more disc to check out and it opens with the big making of featurette and this clocks in at over 2 1/2 hours so it's a mini movie itself, wow. You also get some explanations for all the big effects done for this production as well as a bit on the props and set design for this movie. Kayden Kross did an onset blog with a camera which we get to check out and we get some photo galleries to check out too. So there you have it, the 8th Day. It took a long time to put this together, nearly a year had passed from first meetings, etc. to Ren's director interview. If you're a sci-fi fan and also love to see the nasty shot then this show is well worth a peak, though at four hours you will need to invest some time but what was shot and captured will make it worthwhile. Good jobs all around on this one.

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