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65 Guy Cream Pie

65 Guy Cream Pie

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Cream Pies , Gangbang
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for 65 Guy Cream Pie:
Overall Rating 5 stars
65 Guy Cream Pie overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks 65 Guy Cream Pie Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks 65 Guy Cream Pie Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 65 Guy Cream Pie Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting 65 Guy Cream Pie Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras 65 Guy Cream Pie DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality 65 Guy Cream Pie A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/16/2005
Welcum fans to a very unique title. It isn't every day that a girl fucks 65 guys on film and to do something of this magnitude takes a certain kind of girl. I would say Ariana qualifies for such a type of scene as you are about to see. This girl eats, sleeps, and drinks sex like it's water and I think my girl is very thirsty here!! I know there was some discussion on this board about this scene when it came out she had done it and everyone is entitled to their opinions as to the pros and cons of undertaking such a big scene. For me it all boils down to Ariana's health and if all the necessary precautions were taken before the scene was shot. As long as all the tests and any other variables that needed to be addressed were addressed then it's a matter of personal preferance I think. There are girls who do 15 guy gangbangs and don't get such attention, all this is is a bigger number doing the same thing. You have the finish of the creampie which is not a favorite of mine at all but again as long as the health issues were taken care of then I say go for it. So if you are a fan of Ariana's and you must be if you are watching this dvd I say press play and watch one of the single hottest girls making movies today do what she does oh so well. As a suggestion I say watch her interview done before the scene as you see Ariana discuss the scene and you see her lovable shyness come out as she sucks her thumb a few times and I saw that smile that lights me up everytime I see it. Well enuff gushing by me, this girl is exceptional now watch and see what I mean.

Ariana Jolee with 65 Guys:

This special scene gets underway with Ariana standing in front of a window and she is wearing a nice tight white top and a very tiny acid washed blue jean skirt with a cool looking belt holding it on. Ariana does some caressing to her body and you catch glimpses of her ass when she lifts the skirt up. Ariana also shows off her incredible pair of breasts and the shot then widens out until we see a sea of guys on either side of Ariana. You also see a giant pool is just in front of Miss Jollee. The tease continues with Ariana feeling her pussy and she even licks at one of her nipples, thanks babe. Ariana then walks down the line of men checking them out and also getting a feel for some of the cocks she is about to play with. Well Ariana soon gets down to it engulfing some of these cocks and it seems she is going to concentrate on two at a time with some hot double sucking done along with some gagging. I like this approach as we don't see a lot of the boatload of guys surrounding unless it's a wide shot. Sometimes she might bring in an extra guy or two but I like the fact you don't see to many shots of guys just jerking themselves off, that kills wood faster than anything just about. The guys might also get in some boob caressing or a finger or two in her pussy while Ariana is taking on their cocks. The sex gets underway with a CGDP so Ariana hits it bigtime right from the get go and again good focus on just her and the two guys with limited shots of the other guys waiting their turn. Ariana does some good Ass and Pussy to mouth sucks throughout. I also love seeing Ariana get dp'd in reverse cowgirl and you actually hear Ariana whistling while being fucked! You also get some hot double anal in cowgirl along with Ariana shouting some good filthy talk to the boys waiting for a crack at her crack! There is a nice standing doggie anal with a good underneath shot of Ariana being fingered to a wet orgasm then it's on to another hot anal in RC and you do get some shots of the guys looking on and at least they are smiling at this ongoing spectacle. Miss Jollee also shouts out some helpful hints to our fuckees who handle direction nicely as the intense fucking moves smoothly. You see more good squirting from Ariana throughout the scene and she keeps a burning energy going always. Another good position shot was mish anal as some powerful fucking was witnessed here with some great breast movement by our girl. It is in mish that we get our first internal pop and Ariana moves around so we get a great shot of the cum oozing out and Ariana puts her fingers right there to get several tastes of the jizz/ pussy combo. Ok the gross out factor might increase for some as a guy fucks her pussy in cowgirl with cum coating his cock and Ariana is soon tasting more jizz proudly showing it off to us before swallowing. The pops then progress to some anal creampies with shots of the jizz rolling down her thighs as they keep fucking her. A glass is then brought in to catch the jizz as it rolls down and out of her ass. The camera shot is good too catching this cum parade from her bunghole and the positions done for this cowgirl and reverse cowgirl were both handled well. I love the shot of Ariana lying on the bed as the guys have paused popping for a few seconds and she is actually basking in the moment which is cool to see. Ariana does a lot of the reaching back for the jizz but she is also assisted by the guys themselves as they scoop up the cum and feed it to her. Check out Ariana furiously masturbating as the cum is seeping out from her pussy, that was a great shot. The scene winds down with Ariana lying on the bed in mish and the remaining guys get in closer to finish off this scene with a bevy of pops to her pussy and Ariana also pours the jizz from the glass over her belly to wrap this hot scene up.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I must say I was very impressed with this title and I am no fan of the creampie but the way these were handled was totally a way I can get off on them. The action was kept usually to a maximum of four guys at any one time around Ariana. You didn't get a lot of shots of the remaining guys and that is tough, the focus was kept right where it needed to be and that was on Ariana. The visuals were good and I detected no real defects to distract from anyone enjoying this scene. Now for fans of gross creampies I don't recall seeing many if any in fact. You saw Ariana scoop some out along with some of the guys helping her get a taste of the jizz. All in all this scene came off beautifully and I highly recommend it to any fan of Ariana's and for gangbangs in general. The HMA shots or hairy man ass shots were very low and I can't thank the director enough for that! As for extras you have the prescene interview with Ariana which I suggest watching before you view the scene, then there is a photo gallery, some trailers and finally some behind the scenes which I highly urge you to check out, hey it's more with the lovely and very talented Ariana so you know I'm watching! Well done and not many girls could have carried this scene off as well as Ariana did and I applaud her for doing it and this is really a big achievement in her career, now how does she top this!!

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