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65 Guy Cream Pie
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65 Guy Cream Pie

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Cream Pies , Gangbang
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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fu_q's ratings for 65 Guy Cream Pie:
Overall Rating 5 stars
65 Guy Cream Pie overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks 65 Guy Cream Pie Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks 65 Guy Cream Pie Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex 65 Guy Cream Pie Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting 65 Guy Cream Pie Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras 65 Guy Cream Pie DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 65 Guy Cream Pie A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  1/21/2009
Ariana Jollee and a bunch of nameless Euro dudes

“50 (65) Guy Cream Pie 2” serves up a lone actress, the insatiable Ariana Jollee, being taken in just about every conceivable manner by a huge gang of nameless Euro studs. Pretty much all of the possible combinations are represented here, including oral, vaginal, anal, double penetration, and even a bit of double-anal penetration. The vast majority of the cum-shots are internal, with both anal and vaginal cream pies abounding. Ariana is in top physical form and maintains an enthusiastic and eager attitude throughout; she is a true champion. If you are a fan of cream pies, gang bangs, Ariana Jollee, or just full-on, hard, hardcore sex, this DVD is for you. It is definitely deserving of the highest rating.

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, we get the typical warnings / information and a couple of animated logos for the production company, Devil’s Film. At the Main Menu, we have five options. The first few are obvious: “Play Movie”, “Chapters”—a standard scene selection mechanism, and “Photos”—which plays a slideshow of pics / stills from the film. We then have “Trailers”—which gives a selection of four movie trailers to pick from, and we finally have a “Behind the Scenes” option, which will be covered at the end of this review. For now, let’s get things rolling with “Play Movie”.

Opening Credits
After an animated logo for the production company and then the DVD title, the credits play over scenes of the star, Ariana Jollee, in action from the film—it looks like we’re in for a messy and raunchy time. There are really only a couple of credits here—Ms. Jollee’s, which is at the beginning of the sequence, and a “shot by” credit that is interspersed in between the cuts from the movie via silver lettering on a black screen. After these preview segments, the title of the DVD comes up again and fades into the first and only scene.

Scene One (The Only Scene)
This scene begins with a fade into a back-view shot of Ariana Jollee standing in front of a set of glass doors in a very large room with marble floors and a swimming pool as its primary feature. The camera pans up from her feet, which are in heels, and shows that she is wearing a very short, demin miniskirt and a white bustier top. Ariana is a brunette with a cute, compact body and a sweet, yet far-from-innocent face. She turns around and puts on a bit of a show, hiking up her skirt to reveal the fact that she isn’t wearing any panties. She gives a nice shot of her delectable bottom and pulls her top aside to allow for a good look at her nice-sized, natural breasts. As this is going on, and Ariana touches herself, the camera pans out to a wider view of the room, and it turns out that there are a LOT of guys there with her. This is not a big surprise, but knowing that she is going to take them all is quite hot nonetheless.

Ariana continues her tease / masturbation routine for a bit longer before she begins to survey her male specimens that are lined up around the pool. She teases a number of them with hand-work (primarily)—some through their clothes, others after taking their cocks out of their pants. During this time, her skirt comes off, and we see that she is fully-shaven “down there” other than a very tightly-trimmed patch above her lips.

This action leads seamlessly into oral work on the guys by Ariana. She starts off by servicing a couple of them, complete with spitting, deep-throating, gagging, and skull-fucking, but it isn’t long before the others start to get in on the action. She sucks one dick after another, generally taking the men two at a time, and she never breaks stride nor allows the intensity to diminish. The heat here is incredible.

After a good, long period of these oral activities, there is a cut to Ariana on a bed with a gold-colored, metal headboard. She is being penetrated (no condom) by one of the multitude of studs in a woman-astride position. Quickly, another gentleman comes in from behind and punctures her willing rosebud (no condom) to complete the double penetration. From here, the gangbang proceeds through a number of crazy combinations and with plenty of off-the-wall goings-on, all sans protection; it IS a cream pie video, after all.

The sex that ensues features a lot of dirty-talk and direction-giving from Ariana. There is a good amount of double penetration, and even a bit of double-anal penetration, as well as at least one ass-to-mouth. Numerous positions are employed, and cream pies abound (both vaginal and anal, but most seem to be vaginal). There is a lot of insertion with little-to-no apparent clean-up in between men, particularly in some of the vaginal segments. Ariana squirts a good deal, and she even pees when trying to push out some of the cream pies. One portion of the action actually sees her masturbate herself to orgasm as semen drains out of her cooch. Some of the cum-shots are external, but most are internal. Ariana does some oral cock clean-up and licks semen off of her own fingers, as well as at least one of the guy’s fingers. There are instances where she pushes the cream pies out of her body via her muscles (anal and vaginal), as well as instances where she uses her fingers to get them out. By the end of the scene, the bed sheets are not only spattered, but in many spots soaked, with semen and Ariana’s fluids, and the scene and movie essentially end with Ariana pouring a glass of cum all over herself. The glass had been filled earlier with the spunk of men who were ejaculating on and in Ariana’s battered butt-hole. Simply as something to note—somewhere along the line, her bustier top does get removed, and she is fully nude for a good deal of the proceedings.

Overall, this scene is the only one in the movie, but it lasts about an hour-and-a-half, and it serves as a testament to Ariana Jollee’s ability to be extraordinarily nasty, as well as take a tremendous sexual pounding. Most actresses in adult films would never try anything like this, and the fact that Ariana not only tries it but is wildly successful at it is most impressive; she is a true sexual champion. In terms of the action, everything here is scorching, and Ariana is in top form erotically and physically. For the followers of truly-hard, hardcore entertainment, it’s hard to see how any scene could top this one.

Bonus Materials
The only bonus material that hasn’t been covered thus far is the “Behind the Scenes” option that is accessible from the Main Menu. Under this option, there is the standard BTS segment and an interview with Ariana Jollee to choose from. The interview shows how cool and into her job Ariana is, while the BTS does the same, along with giving a glimpse into the trials and rewards of shooting a film like this. Both are worth the watch.

Closing Statement
Overall, this DVD is amongst the best out there. While any type of storyline is nonexistent, this really doesn’t matter because it’s not what the viewer is expecting. Ariana shows just how into her work she is and does an amazing job of taking on all comers. She utilizes all of her holes in this escapade, and she takes one internal load after another with enthusiasm. She is also extremely attractive, which adds to the taboo effect. The bonus materials are intriguing, as well. This DVD is definitely one for the collection of any fan of gang-bangs, DP, DAP, cream pies, or Ariana Jollee in general.

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