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50 Guy Cream Pie

50 Guy Cream Pie

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Gangbang
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RLD Fiend's ratings for 50 Guy Cream Pie:
Overall Rating 2 stars
50 Guy Cream Pie overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks 50 Guy Cream Pie Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks 50 Guy Cream Pie Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex 50 Guy Cream Pie Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting 50 Guy Cream Pie Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 50 Guy Cream Pie DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality 50 Guy Cream Pie A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by RLD Fiend  on  3/23/2005
50 Guy Cream Pie

Studio: Devil's Film
Director: Tristan Seagal
Year: 2004

Feature Time: 1:59:40

Extras: Trailers (0:05:13)


Themes: Internal, Gang Bang, European

I am a fan of both gang bang and internal cumshot movies, so when this one was released, I was pretty interested. The idea of a woman submitting herself to so many guys, whose main goal was to fill her two lower holes with enough sperm to repopulate a small city, was pretty erotic. I had pretty high expectations for this release and even more for the sequel "65 Guy Cream Pie" featuring the always-exciting Ariana Jollee.

The picture quality of this DVD was very good. Devil's, unfortunately, is a company that is not known for great video quality. A number of their early DVD's suffered from pale and washed out colors, especially in the "Gangland" series. This DVD, however, looks great, especially in the opening scene outside, which is quite vibrant. I'm glad to see Devil's Film is improving the visual quality of their DVD's.

Scene 1: Jenifer and 23 guys

Jenifer is the same girl from the movie "Tits & Ass 5," also from Devil's Film, that I reviewed the other day. She did not exactly light up the screen in that release. I am expecting a lot more from her in this movie, where she is given the whole film to shine as a solo star.

Jenifer is a pretty attractive girl in an Eastern European way. She is tan, thick, and sultry, with a great set of breasts. She has shoulder length, reddish-brown hair. In this film, she wears a black dress which soon comes off the reveal a black lingerie ensemble, with thigh-high stockings. She looks good in all black with huge stripper platform heels. Her body is the kind that is simply "built to fuck," with a large, round ass, and fuck she does, for the entire two hours of this film.

We begin the film outside, where Jenifer strolls through a park. What do you know, there just happen to be a number of horny guys sitting on every park bench with their dicks out, waiting to get blown. Jenifer goes down the line, walking from bench to bench, blowing the 23 guys. The lengthy oral introduction was nothing to write home about, but the scenery of the park provided some atmosphere for the unenthusiastic blowjobs.

Jenifer moves inside to a large bed surrounded by the guys. They soon come at her from many angles, pounding her vaginally, anally, and double penetrating her. Some guys may actually come, I can't tell. They fuck her for a while, new guys come in, I guess they come inside her. There is really little visual evidence.

Really, with a title like "Fifty Guy Cream Pie," I expect lots and lots of cum leaking out of Jenifer's gaping orifices. Either these guys don't really cum, or they cum very small loads, or these cumshots are missing somewhere inside Jenifer, because they ain't coming out. Quite simply, I was disappointed by the quality of the cumshots in this movie. Where are Brandon Iron's crew when you need them!

Scene 2: Jenifer and too many guys to count

She is on the same bed from the first scene, it looks like, to take on the remainder of horny European guys ready to (I guess) internally baste her with baby batter. This scene is basically a re-tread of the first, except all of the oral takes place inside, as Jenifer pleasures a long line of guys beside the bed. I found this scene to be repetitious and not nearly as interesting as the first oral scene outside. The blowjobs are again unenthusiastic, with no gagging or deep throating.

We get another exact repeat of the first gang-bang scene on the same bed, where the same looking guys may shoot loads inside Jenifer, whose holes must be burning from all the constant friction. She gets banged before the guys blow very subpar loads of which we get little evidence. A few guys blast her vulva with hot man-juice and deliver good loads, but if fifty guys came in her pussy and ass, I ain't seeing it. When the guys switch to anal, the shots improve a little, but not much.

It's very possible that they were cleaning her up in-between shots, which would account for the lack of messy sperm build-up. If that's the case, I don't blame the guys at all for not wanting to plunge into a pool of twenty other guy's spunk. But, isn't that the whole point of this movie? And isn't that what guys buy this DVD for?

The major problem with this release is its sense of repetition. Jenifer does guy after guy on the same bed, takes shot after shot with not much variety in position. The entire movie, except for the first part of the first scene, has a sense of "sameness" about it. It's the same girl the whole time, the guys are all dressed in white t-shirts and jeans, it's the same decor in every room, she's always on the same bed, and every guy runs together.

It's like you're watching the same scene for the whole movie. If Jenifer really turns your crank, this is a good thing, but for me, I began to lose interest in this film both during the very lengthy outdoor oral scene and in the equally long scenes inside on the bed. This is a pretty tough one to get all the way through without using the fast-forward button.

The other very serious problem with the movie, of course, is that the cumshots were simply not up to par. It's hard to tell if the guy(s) had even come. With a "Fifty Guy Cream Pie," one expects huge loads to be dripping out of all of her holes, GGG-style, but that's not really the case. The film is simply not messy enough to satisfy true creampie lovers. It is much more of a gang-bang film than a true internal cumshot feature. Buy this only if you are a fan of Jenifer, or if you really like European-style gang bangs.

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