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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for 4Some:
Overall Rating 4 stars
4Some overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks 4Some Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks 4Some Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 4Some Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 4Some Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras 4Some DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 4Some A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/18/2010
Good morning porn fans. I have a new Brad Armstrong movie here which came out recently and it features two of Wicked's girls, jessica drake and Kaylani Lei. The story takes us to surburbia where jessica and Brad decide to spice things up a bit with a foursome featuring Kaylani and her man Derrick Pierce. But things don't go so well after the initial pleasure and this movie tells us a tale about what can happen if you give in to those desires which might seem great at first but then there are consequences and it's whether you're willing to pay them or not which determines how well you survive. We have some fine ladies besides the two Wicked girls too, Chanel Preston and Amia Miley help round out the cast and of course we get Randy Spears in on the fun, wouldn't be a Wicked movie without him.

So the movie begins with the credits and we're taken to a house where a party is going on. Folks are wondering around and we catch up with Brad and Kaylani who are doing the get to know you chat. You saw jessica walking by too with Derrick Pierce trailing behind her. The main conversation between Kaylani and Brad is steered towards swinging and Brad says they've talked about it but jessica hasn't committed to doing it yet but something tells me tonights the night. The dirty talk from Kaylani is so good here and so forward too, loved it. Brad gives off the right amount of apprehensiveness. So Derrick and jessica make their way over. We get a drink spilled on Brad's pants and Kaylani being a nice girl, lol, goes to wipe it off and Derrick scolds her for practically giving him a handjob! The talk then gets back to what Brad and Kaylani were talking about and that was swinging. jessica must have had the right amount of wine this night as she agrees and they all adjourn to a room.

jessica drake & Kaylani Lei:

So we get Kaylani and jessica on the bed and it's Kaylani who leads the way leaning in for a kiss but jessica seems to get into the flow pretty quick as the two men watch on. The girls lose a bit more clothing and Kaylani does a nice job working down to jessica's pussy. The ladies then split off to take care of their men so dueling blowjobs ensue. So we need to really get jessica into the lifestyle so Kaylani helps her take on Derrick's cock with Brad leaning in from behind to do a little fingering to the ladies. The girls then fully switch partners and Kaylani gets to do what she talked about moments before and that's get Brad's dick in her mouth. The guys then start out fucking their ladies in mish and doggie then it's switched so the girls take some cock of their new friend. The girls then take the pops to their faces as well as reaching their tits. There is some swapping too by the girls and I'd say this was a successful swinging experience, what can possibly go wrong now!

So we go to the next day and Brad wakes up and sees a used condom on a nearby pillow, ewww!!! jessica wakes up and sees it and asks if it's his, does it matter Brad says, hehe! So jessica mans up and picks it up to throw away. There's a note saying the two had a great time and want to hook up again, jessica's not so sure. Call it women's intuition but jessica wasn't completely sold on the couple. No breakfast for Brad as he's late and so it's off to the office for him. As he's pulling out Brad runs into Derrick and Kaylani who called a cab like an hour ago but it hasn't showed. Something tells me they didn't and were glad to take Brad's offer for a ride downtown. So Kaylani sits up front as they drive off and hello she puts on a show even playing with her pussy and letting Brad get a taste.

Kaylani and Chanel Preston:

So Brad lets them off near where he works so a short while later he's visited by Kaylani who gives a last name to his secretary that doesn't ring Brad's bell but he buzzes her in anyway, guess it was a slow work day. He realizes it's Kaylani when she walks in. Chanel's looking pretty good in her secretary's outfit. Looks like Kaylani was here to stir up trouble but she's willing to keep a secret but can she watch as he fucks Chanel-- he has to be tapping that. Something tells me Brad wasn't but this bad influence from Kaylani is slowly overtaking him. So we start off this dicktation with Brad fingering and licking Chanel's pussy/ ass- great floor shot for this. Kaylani true to her word does join in with a few kisses and licks herself. A funny moment occurs as Chanel's deep throating Brad's dick, the phone rings but Kaylani's there to take a message letting them know he's in a very important meeting! Brad then lays his secretary out on top of his desk for some strong mish fucking with P2OGM for Kaylani. Brad does some pussy nailing to Miss Lei's cookie too from behind with P2M from her. Chanel then leans down to taste the juices off Brad's condom before it's her turn again this time riding in reverse. Brad then pulls out in this position, loses the rubber and splashes his load skyward towards Chanel's pussy lips with Kaylani getting a taste. We fade out quickly from this.

And we fade into Brad sneaking into his house and jessica kisses him asking if anything exciting happened, lol. Brad heads up for a shower to wash off Chanel and Kaylani but he doesn't tell jessica about the tryst-- bad news dude! The dinner conversation is a bit awkward, Brad is hiding this big secret and it only gets worse when the doorbell rings. Guess who, it's Derrick and he knows about Kaylani banging Brad in his office. But the way Kaylani tells it she walked in on Brad and his secretary and he practically forced her to join in, little trouble maker!! Brad stands up for himself so much as he can knowing he fucked up anyway and tells Derrick to ask his secretary and Derrick plays it cool and lets it go for the time being and leaves. Brad knows this isn't good and knows then he definitely should tell jessica but he does the soap opera deal and tells her a lie to perpetuate the trouble even more. jessica gets the worried look as she knows something's up but doesn't press Brad to hard on this bad vibe in the air.

Kaylani & jessica:

On to the next day and as we see Brad pulling out to head off to work looking noticeably to see if Kaylani and Derrick are there but not seeing them he drives off. Immediately from the bushes Kaylani pops out wearing what appears to be the same dark dress from the night before but I think different panties. What is she here for, up to no good no doubt. She rings the doorbell and jessica answers. Kaylani lets herself in and mentions there's something they need to talk about. Kaylani tells her version of what happened the day before at his office and it's not how it occurred as we all know. But Kaylani offers up some comfort and jessica being pissed off gives in to another round of pussy play. The ladies certainly look good getting naked and do some fine caressing/ touching and fingering as the shot moves over them. Loved the shot of Kaylani going down behind to lick up at jessica's ass/ pussy. miss drake is kind enough to return the favor when Kaylani gets in a mish position, great open leg shot here. Another awesome shot has Kaylani standing up over jessica's face for more licking and they switch it up for a doggie shot and it's jessica's pussy over Miss Lei's face. For a revenge fuck this was pretty good, culminated with a 69, Kaylani on top. One last tidbit from Kaylani fresh off riding jessica's face, not sure if this is a good time but he's also banging his secretary, ouch!! A quick shot to later that night with Brad suddenly shooting up in the bed and he's definitely feeling buyers remorse over what happened but there was no confrontation between him and jessica yet over what happened.

The story then shifts to a new day and back to Brad's office where he shows up and there's a Mr. Dylan waiting for him in his office, we know it's Derrick. This time Brad has an idea of who it is and he tells Chanel to have security standing by. Derrick still thinks it was Brad's idea on what went down. Derrick being a bad ass and all giving attitude. Brad tries to tell his side and that he thought Derrick was fully into the lifestyle and all. Derrick starts to get real hostile telling Brad he owes him, quid pro quo, what was mine is yours so now what's yours is mine. Brad then calls someone named Roger and he has a problem he needs help with- a fixer upper type of person! We go then to later that night and Derrick's back in Brad's office going through his files and he finds something I guess. Next day Brad's back and knows Derrick was in there but he doesn't know what if anything is missing. He's on the phone, I guess with this Roger person.

Chanel Preston:

Chanel then comes in and fesses up to hooking up with Derrick the previous night. We see glimpses of it as she tries to tell Brad what happened. Chanel doesn't put up much of a fight either in giving up the coochie to Derrick who licks and fingers it. Chanel then drops down to take care of his cock and there isn't much light as they're doing an office closed office style of fuck scene- still there's enough light to see the good blowjob from Chanel. Miss Preston then rides for a bit in reverse before we get Derrick going behind for a semi-standing doggie, some mish and finally a pop to her face with cleanup. Derrick must have swiped her keys and let himself in after Chanel left-- but she didn't miss them when driving home, lol. Brad's not upset and warns her to run the other way if she sees him again.

The story then shifts to Brad in the car receiving the call from Derrick where the men don't waste anytime in getting down to business. Guess Brad's being doing some double billing at work and for his silence Derrick wants $50 large. Brad agrees but keeps calling him a douchebag, lol. Later on we find out who Roger is, Randy Spears, and the two chat about the situation in Brad's office. A meeting is set up but when it happens we only have Randy and Kaylani in the room, Derrick was a no show, he might be a douche but guess he isn't totally dumb, sending his lady in his stead.

Kaylani Lei:

Randy gets right to it, cuts right through the BS. Randy then puts a recorder down to tape the meeting but Kaylani puts the big squadoosh on that. Kaylani lays it out, you give me the money and we disappear. Kaylani's a big flirt as we all know in this and she decides to put the moves on Randy but I think he was already predisposed to fucking this woman. No firm aggreement was made, the only firm thing was his cock which soon finds a home in Kaylani's mouth. A little riding in cowgirl, banging it hard in doggie and we end with a good facial blast for Kaylani. The post fuck bliss is cut short when Randy only gives half the money to Kaylani, they get the other half when Brad is sure they're leaving town.

Cut then to Brad and jessica pulling up to their house and who's there to surprise them Derrick. He tries to tell jessica what happened with his own special spin on it but she already knows as Brad did fess up. Derrick does leave but not before popping Brad one to the face for the doucebag comments earlier.

Amia Miley:

The story then takes a bit of an odd turn as we go to a little restaurant where we have Amia and an uncredited Ryder Skye enjoying drinks when a fresh one is dropped off for Amia courtesy of Derrick who soon comes over. I wonder if he's already trying to move on to a new mark. Ryder leaves allowing Derrick to slide in. Amia's got glasses on and her hair in pigtails. You'd think she was an innocent girl but then the next shot has Derrick and Amia falling down onto a bed and he's all over her working her tits out to kiss. For those curious this is Amia in her natural state, no breast job. Derrick also does some good pussy eating here before we let Amia take over. She loses the glasses as she begins working on his cock but keeps the pigtails. Some very nice cowgirl riding here for Miss Miley and the fine ass shots continue to doggie. Mr. Pierce finishes up with some hard mish pounding and a pop to Amia's face.

Time to wrap this one up I'd say. Turns out that Amia's the daughter of Brad. So when he shows up to a dinner Amia put together and invited Derrick too the shit hits the fan. Brad loses it and launches himself at Derrick crashing the two down upon a table. jessica holds Amia back as Brad whales away on Derrick who didn't stand a chance. But what happened to Kaylani you ask. Well she high tails it out of dodge telling us that sometimes when you push someone to much they push back with equal force and that's when you know it's time to get lost. She figures $25,000 grand for her is as good as $50 split two ways and that she can always find a new partner so Derrick is history!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So what did we learn today boys and girls!!! Be careful about hooking up with strangers, lol. Seriously it is always good to be careful before indulging in a fantasy such as swinging, you never know when you might become an unwitting mark of some con artists. But you can also experience some pretty good sex as jessica, Brad and Amia experienced here. The extras here were missing some BTS, I'd have liked to hear a bit about the story and why Brad wrote this. But you do get a bonus scene with Kaylani taken from the Wicked movie Fairy Tale where she bones Eric Masterson.

It's another day in the backyard but this time Kaylani was human size she could only do this at special times and she's worked her Puckish magic on Eric telling him they could take their flirting to the next step and that Stormy wouldn't mind him sleeping with a fairy. Eric didn't fight this logic much at all so we move to Kaylani sucking on his cock as the two were in a hammock. Eric then moves down a short distance to the ground but lets Kaylani stay suspended putting her pussy at perfect face level and he dives in, ahh fairy pussy!! The two move to the ground to fuck, standing for a bit then it's Kaylani riding hard in reverse leading to a good facial pop and cleanup. Eric was very happy at that moment but now to tell Stormy about this!

This is a description from my review for this scene, another good Stormy Daniels flick and a good addition to this Kaylani themed movie. jessica drake had two real good scenes too though she sorta disappeared half way through the movie appearing back in the end when things are wrapped up. Well worth a rental for fans of features and we get a good strong cast here too.

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