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40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder

40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder

Studio: Score
Category:  All Sex , MILF
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder:
Overall Rating 2 stars
40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/11/2005
Prologue Women don't last very long in the porn world. They enter as teenagers and usually are gone in less than two years. Sometimes it's disconcerting for me, a middle aged man, to only have veritable children for fantasies. The internet has provided some older, more mature and sexually confident women for our perusal. I would like to see good productions with women I'd find more attainable and less guilt inducing. Hopefully this fills the bill.
Alexis Fire, a pretty hot looking redhead, is sitting on a loveseat wearing a white button down blouse and short black skirt. She's got the buttons half undone already when her man walks into the room. Alexis beckons him to her side and they just get down to business. Her blouse is discarded quickly and we see she's wearing pantyhose (ugh!). The skirt is off and he plays with her clam through the hose. Alexis' bra gets gone next and it's obvious she's had some work done on her chest. It's not extreme and the rest of her body is lean and tight with really nice long legs. Alexis sucks on his cock and really squeezes his balls. The pantyhose has been ripped at the crotch and Alexis has a clit piercing. She titty fucks him and gets the cock in good working order. She does some extreme ball sucking before a cut to a doggy penetration. Her lower 40 is really in good shape. No cellulite or stretch marks. The ass and legs of a twentysomething. They move to mish and Alexis shows her flexibility and enthusiasm for fucking by opening wide and pinning her legs under her arms. She moves into a piledriver position for him to nail her. He pulls out to caress and display her pussy and ass. Cut to an RC insertion shot from very close-up. Alexis gobbles him up balls deep and then spins around without demounting for a CG ride. She rides him slow and deep, grinding at the bottom. Cut to RC again before Alexis gets off the cock to jerk it onto her left tit and cheek. She spreads the cum around her tit and gives us a smile.
Nicole Moore is rummaging around in the mess that's her teen age daughter's room. She see's her tartan skirt and decides to relive her past by trying on her baby's clothes. She even uses her cotton panties. Nicole is still natural and looks to be in fine shape. The catholic schoolgirl look really does nothing for me, so I hope it's not on long. The bra looks a little ornate for a seventeen year old and she finishes the look off with white knee socks and puts her hair in pig tails. Some guy walks in, but he seems to be too young for Nicole and too old for her daughter. He asks her what she's doing and tells her she can't go back in time. He puts Nicole over his lap and spanks her. She fishes the cock out of his pants and sucks him through his fly. Cut to the guy buck naked and Nicole still almost fully dressed. They're making out on her daughter's bed and he finger pops her. He settles between her legs and adds his tongue to her clit as his finger strokes her hole. Nicole's also flexible, pulling one leg back by her ear. She returns the favor by attacking his cock with her mouth. They move into a 69. Nicole mounts him in RC and he pounds her from underneath. She does the driving and leaves her pussy foam on his cock. Cut to CG and Nicole goes slow until he's seated properly and then rejoins the rodeo. Cut to spoon and then to doggy. Her pussy looks really tight and a little raw. Deep mish with legs pulled back. Her clit gets diddled and that elicits some gasps. He picks her up for a flying fuck. This somehow evolves into a piledriver and then a cut to his cock being jerked off onto Nicole's face.
We're on the road and Sunny Shores flags down a passing vehicle. She's got car trouble and he tries to help her. We all know where this one's going. Sunny looks like she passed 40 some time ago, but she's kind of sexy for a grandma. She grabs the guy's ass while he's peeking under the hood. He gets the car working. I guess that should be rewarded. She takes him home and informs him that her husband will be gone for six hours. Sunny exposes her snatch and our hero gets his head right down there. The laundry gets dropped and pretty soon they're naked and Sunny has a cock in her mouth. She has really nice tits. Still firm and high. She also likes to suck cock. I can tell. There's some almost POV of this along with side shots. She lays on the bed in a face fucking position, but he just stands over her and lets Sunny do all the work. It's like she's begging to be used and he doesn't get it. Cut to them fucking in doggy and Sunny begging him to fuck her hard. He does smack her ass up a little and gives her a good solid stroke. They move to mish. He pounds her honey hole and switches to spoon when he tires. Cut to RC for the old girl. She's going to make sure she covers all the bases before limp dick hubby gets home. CG is next and is not the most visually flattering position for her, but as long as she's happy, it's ok. Cut to piledriver. Quick cut to the stud oozing his cum out onto Sunny's mouth. She plays with it and stares vacantly into the camera as we fade out.
Dina is an executive of some sort. She's berating an underling on the phone and looking stressed. She obviously doesn't worry about sexual harrassment because she's messing with the mail room boy, exposing her snatch and making him look closer. She becomes even more bold and starts pulling off her blouse. Her bra is next and he's still standing there stunned. I wonder what she might want of him? Dina fingers her snatch and looks at him mischievously. She has some very prominent meat curtains there, too. She puts on quite a show for mail boy and gets her pussy nice and wet. Dina comes out from behind the desk and makes him eat her snatch. She orders him to undress and proceeds to service his johnson. Dina clears the desk and bends over so he can fuck her doggy style. It's a long slow fuck from this position. They switch to spoon on the desk. That can't be too comfortable. Doesn't matter, Dina sounds like she came in that position. The guy fucks like a metronome. Mish on the desk then RC on the desk chair. CG is the next logical position. Floor shot of Dina giving him no hands head. She throws in some ball sucking and that's all it takes to get him off. The pop is on her face. Some PCH and mail boy gets a raise.
Pamela, who's a bit on the corpulent side, is in a clinch with a younger, scrawny guy. It's his fantasy to be with an older woman. She has big tits for him to feast on. He goes pussy tasting, too. Pamela kneels in front of him and returns the favor. Ball licking and titty fucking. They 69. More titty fucking. First penetration is in mish. Pam's pussy looks pretty snug. Maybe it doesn't get much use. They hold the position for a long time before moving to spoon. Cut to doggy. Good position for Pam, she's got a nice full ass and her tits swing. Some ass slapping livens up the proceedings a bit. Cut to CG. Then RC. Just as it sounds like Pamela's ready to cum, her man decides it's time for him and he wants to titty fuck her to completion. She gets on her back and he sticks it in the valley. A few strokes and he pops off on her face.
Tara Wild needs no set-up. She's in a bedroom with a young black man whose rubbing up on her from behind. She's grooving on his touch and carressing his cock through his pants. The sheer blouse and bra are off in a hurry, exposing Tara's enhanced chest. They sink to the bed and he fingers her cookie. She gets on all fours and he lubes her holes before pulling out a blue vibrator that gets diddled around her cornhole. It gets worked in and she strokes her pussy as he toy fucks her ass. Cut to Tara sucking a very large cock. He's fingering her pussy and ass. She kneels in front of him and gives his shaft a thorough bj. Tara takes advantage of her large tits to fuck his cock with them. He likes that and asks for a reprise. Cut to mish. She takes a nice deep dicking. Another cut to Tara blowing him while on her back and then bringing out the vibe again to fill her ass. With it firmly jammed in there, he goes back to fuck her pussy in mish for the technical DP. Cut to doggy. Tara's moaning on his cock. Another cut to CG and she's on auto pilot. She couldn't even tell when the cock fell out. Cut to Tara jerking his cock off toward her face. He cums, but I'm not sure very much reached her. She does do some PCH after looking at the camera man.
Epilogue These women were certainly older. But bolder? Than whom? The freshest faced 19 year old newbie is more adventurous than the women in this video. There are a couple of women here who may only be pushing forty and a couple pushing fifty. One who may be closer to sixty and delivered her lines like the Stepford grandma. The male talent (and I use that word loosely) doesn't provide much in the way of real enthusiasm, so this was just an exercise. I know it's easy to chalk all this up to amateurism, but the filming is competent. Altogether, I just wasn't satisfied.
The Disk Just a slide show and previews. Not much, but I didn't expect more.
Recommendation Unless you're really into middle aged women, pass this by.

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