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40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder

40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder

Studio: Score
Category:  All Sex , MILF
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Spew's ratings for 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality 40 Something Xtra: Older & Bolder A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Spew  on  9/5/2004

Quick overview: A wonderful movie that demands a buy from anyone loving older women. Audio and visual are at perfection in this DVD. The extras are lacking. There are 6 wonderful scenes. This is a movie to be kept next to the finest of DVDs. This DVD has high replay value.

Likes:perfect camera, perfect audio, WONDERFUL hot sex with sexy older ladies, the women spewing nasty talk.

Dislikes: moderate spanking, two guys being rather hairy, one not so attractive girl (scene 2), lacking anything special in the extras catagory.

In depth review: With a movie like this, Score is quickly becoming my favorite studio. I've drained my balls to the max with this wonderful DVD. Everything about this movie spews perfection: the video quality, the audio, the sex, and the girls. The only flaw with this movie is that extras almost don't exist. The viewer has three options outside the normal movie: slideshow, previews, and a website. If Score would have included perhaps another scene, behind the scenes, something other than what is given, this movie would have received a 5/5 without a doubt! I love this movie and can't imagine my collection without it.

Who should buy this movie:Fans of older women in their 40's. The major appeal is watching a younger guy slam his meat into these older mommy's. There is also a scene (scene 3, Pamela) which features an older woman who is slightly chunky. If this is your sort of thing, you will love this scene.

How I rate a movie: I use what I call a "Spew Factor". The higher the number, the better the scene:

1-4: This scene offers no reason to watch/rewatch. The action on the screen is horrible. The only possible reason to rewatch is to show all your friends for a laugh, or at worst *shudder* if your other DVDs suddenly fail and only this is left. Avoid this scene at all costs!

5-7: This scene might hold interest to you if you happen to like the girl. Although the action maybe awkward or sometimes slow, this is a good scene you'll remember for future viewings.

8-10: This scene rocks! You'll find yourself coming back to this scene to cum over-and-over-again. The action is perfect, the audio and visual perfect, and you can't imagine your life without this scene. This scene should win an award for being so hot! This scene is so hot & sexy, it inspires you to buy more DVDs from the studio to find more hot scenes! A real keeper! A serious ball drainer (or pussy oozer).

Scene 1 "Alexis Fire", Spew Factor: 9.5

The scene starts with sexy Alexis sitting down reading a porno magazine (is this a motif with Score?). A bald guy comes into the room and starts to take off her clothes. I especially like this scene because Alexis is always smiling, she is very happy, she is enjoying the sex. Although she is 40, she has a super tight body. You can tell she keeps herself in shape. After the stripping, the guy starts some tit play. Her tits are nice and perky, something I wouldn't mind sucking! She goes down on his dick ASAP. The only problem I have with this scene is that the guy is rather hairy. For me this is a major turnoff. Why didn't he shave all that leg and chest hair off? Anyway, Alexis does a nice job on his dick. She grips his balls in a large manner of styles, sometimes pulling them up towards the head of his cock while she sucks! The camera does a nice job here, too. Not 100% of the action is just on the mouth and dick. No sir, we get to see her nice ass and pussy through her panty-hose! After a zesty blowjob she shoves his man-meat between her tits and fuck's them. I love the position she's in: she is standing over his cock fucking his dick, not the standard tit-fuck scene (girl laying down on her back). The dude then turns her over and fucks her doggie. I love how he struggles to shove his dick in her, it flops out a few times. Alexis is a wonderful moaner, too. It's not annoying. It's just 100% pure sexyness. Doggiestyle has a several camera angles thankfully. I hate just looking at it from the side. It has an under the stomach view, front tit view, side view, and an overhead view. When he is fucking her pussy you can see the juices actually flowing out of her hole. I blew my load when I saw this! I've actually had to watch this scene three times before I finished it because it was so hot. Next comes some missionary fuckin. Her tits are VERY hot as they wiggle-and-jiggle as his man meat is shoved in her shaved hole! I especially love her clit ring she has on, it's sexy! Next somes some "upside down fucking" as I will coin the term. She is on the floor but her pussy is staight up in the air and the dude is ramming her from above. He takes his dick out and opens her pussy so we can see inside! Fucking hot! The next fuck position for our on-screen-lovers is RC. Her tits are a wonderful focus here again. What I didn't liks is sometimes her hand got too happy rubbing her clit, and thus blocking the viewer from seeing the dick fucking her. What was really cool is she switches from RC to regular cowgirl without pulling the dick out, she kinda twirls around! The camera gets real close her, and you can almost reach out and lick that ass of hers. The scene ends with her jumping off his dick and giving him a handjob all over his tits. Nice cum-finish, as the guy never touches his dick! A wonderful scene.

Scene 2 "Nicole Moore", Spew Factor: 7

Bam! We see Nicole in her daughters room trying on her panties and bras. I didn't like this scene as much as the one before for the following reasons:

1) the spanking. Although it wasn't forceful, this is a major turnoff for me.

2) she's the least attractive on the DVD. I think this is partly due to the fact she wants to appear young. Hence the pigtails and trying on her daughters (hip) panties and bras.

The sexual parts start when some dude walks in while she's trying all this stuff on. Not being bashful, she jumps all over him for some spankings because she's been a naughty girl. Her fingers her twat and she moans and groans for a minute. I do like her pussy, however. The man completes my wish of eating her pussy. The camera has a nice closeup of all this. Nicole then gobbles on his goblin for several minutes. Thankfully this guy has 0 hair on his body. While sucking dick you get a nice view of her apple tits (about the size they really are too). The scene swithes to 69. This is hot! Next comes some average RC. I say average because the camera doesn't move around much. It's always a real low pussy shot, or a far-away whole body shot of the two lovers. We just see her going up and down over-and-over again. Thankfully we have her moans to entertain us. Next comes some cowgirl. YEEEE-HAWWWW! this is hot! We see her cute little ass "wink" at us as the cock slides home deep into her snatch. Sadly we see more of her back than we do from the front. Next comes some some side fucking. It looks really hot because the guys nuts are nice and loose and they just kinda wobble all over. Woof woof, doggiestyle comes next. She moans like a monster as he slams his prick in her hole. Missionary follows up. Just when we thought the dude was going to blow his seed and make some babies, he pulls her off the bed and impales her pussy while standing up. Next comes some "upside down fucking" again. Sadly the scene ends with him jacking off all over her face. It's a decent load at least, it doesn't dribble out like a lot of movies. Overall not a horrible scene in the least bit, but NOT the greatest scene either.

Scene 3 "Sunny Shores",Spew Factor: 9

This scene is VERY funny in a good way. It starts with the oldest looking girl on the DVD, Sunny, out with her car. Apparently it had some serious trouble and she needed to call a repair man to fix it. As he is leaning over the hood to fix a problem that doesn't exist, she takes a piece of his ass and tugs it! He gets very excited and follows Sunny to her house. She gets on the bed and spreads her older cunt and goes: "Thank you for fixing my spark plug in my car, would you like to plug this?". And of course the man goes "oh yeah" and so the action begins! He licks her pussy and she has a nice clit! Her pussy lips are nice & big, too. She tells the repair man she needs to "fix something" and she pulls out his cock. She does a real sloppy (in a good way) blowjob. Spit and pre-cum are dripping everywhere. The sounds of blowjob-love fill the 6.1 speakers. She bangs her pussy and she blows on his rod. The good thing about this scene is that Sunny is a major-talker! She constantly yells, "oh you're a good repair man! Fuck that pussy" and all sorts of trash. He fucks her like a dog and she groans with pleasure. The camera is 100% here! All sorts of views for us to enjoy, not just the typical side-view for doggie action. The guy also does two or three slaps on her ass (which I don't like). I love Sunny's tits: they are in constant lovely motion! Being the good Christian Sunny is, she gets on her back for some missionary love. He rams her pussy hard. The action swithes from doggie, to side-ways-sex, to some RC, cowgirl, upside-down-fucking, and finally a jerkoff onto her face. A good scene!

Scene 4 "Dina", Spew Factor: 10!

I can't tell you how much this scene turns me on. Everything I could ever desire in a scene it's here in total perfection. There is just something highly erotic about Dina that makes me spew my load. And I've never seen her before in my life except in this video! She does such a wonderful job here, a true work of art and genius. This wonderful scene starts off with Dina on the phone telling someone she's pissed off at some company buisness. The mailman comes in and drops his shit off on the table for Dina. "So how long have you been working here?" she asks him. "Only a few months," he responds. "Well I can make things a lot easier for you, or I can make things a lot harder". She is so sexy, I want to fuck her all over! Take a look at her photos. She fingers her pussy for several minutes. The only problem I have with this scene is her fingernails are a little too long for my liking; it scares me when she bangs herself. Won't she cut her clit? She tells the guy if he doesn't eat her pussy she'll fire him from his job. Why don't I have this sexy mama for my boss? He gets down like a good man and eats that fresh cunt. Dina has a NICE shaved snatch and I can almost smell that pussy on the screen. She sucks his boner for a while, super fucking hot this blowjob is. His dick is just the right size for her warm mouth. After this she knocks all her shit off the desk and bends over on it, "I want you from behind!" she tells him. He quickly gets into position and fucks that snatch until she is moaning with joy! I blew my load around this part in the scene, it's just too hot for me to take it. She is a little slow in fucking her pussy back on his cock, but once she starts, this mommy won't stop! Next somes some sideways fucking. Super hot because the dudes balls are slapping her hard. After all this sexy joy they start fucking in some missionary stuff. Her tits are lovely in this view. The camera has a slight overhead shot and you can see all the lovin. Dina is a lovely talker! She tells the guy to fuck her harder, etc. RC follows up nicely after this, cowgirl, and a blowjob & handjob to finish the scene. The only sad part is that the guy jacks off on her face, but it's a quick jack, nothing too horrible. But a nice load! This scene is perfect.

Scene 5 "Pamela", Spew Factor: 10!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCENE IN THE ENTIRE DVD. Pamela is fucking sexy if you like chunky women. She is not overly fat, but has just enough meat on her so when she's fucking her whole body sways. Tit play starts the scene off. And boy-oh-boy does she have nice saggy tits! Next the lucky man gets the chance to sample that rich pussy, and he does so with hunger. Pamela moans with joy! She turns him around and blows on his man-meat. Her lips know how to suck, the viewer can tell this. The dude is just struggling not to blow his load under her tounge. She sucks on his balls as he strokes the head of his cock. Tit fucking follows up nicely here, and her tits are up to the job! One of my favorite positions comes next: 69! There is nothing sexier than watching her suck his cock while he chews on that fat pussy. And such nice lips! The man is so lucky to knock her tits up again with is dick. He moans in agony! This follows up with some good 'ol Chrisitan missionary lovin. I especially love her stomach! It's nice and big and sways when he slams her snatch. She barks like a doggie (woof! woof!) when he turns her over and impales that fat pussy. The camera gets several views: side, overhead, under-the-stomach, and frontal. She gets off the Pole-Of-Love for a few seconds to switch to cowgirl, then RC, and then a tit fuck until he spew his load all over here knockers. What a fucking sexy scene! THIS SCENE MAKES MY POOR LITTLE DICK SCREAM IN AGONY & PLEASURE.

Scene 6 "Tara Wild", Spew Factor: 9

Even though the guy is black ( a MAJOR turnoff for me in a movie), this is really a hot scene. Tara performs perfectly and you couldn't ask for better. The dude fingers her pussy and plays with her perky tits while she gets ready for some SEX. He pulls out some lube and a dildo and FUCKS her tight 40-year-old asshole. She loves this apparently because she moans and groans with joy. She sucks his black dick for awhile while he plays with her pooter. The scene quickly moves to some nice tit fucking. Although her tits are not as big as Pam's, these knockers seem to do the job quite well. Missionary starts the pussy banging & her tits sway like the ocean. Not finished with sucking cock, she pulls his prick out of her snatch and blows him again. He shoves his fingers up her twaty-twat like a good man. The blue dildo comes out again, and RIGHT BACK INTO her asshole. He jumps back into missionary while she fucks her butt with the dildo. HOT HOT HOT! She swithes to doggie after a few minutes with her dildo. The camera is 100% goodie goodie here. Next comes cowgirl, followrd up with a healthy blowjob and handjob onto her face (and the guy never touches himself!). Good cum load, and a wonderful scene!

Extras: What extras? We have a slideshow, previews, and a website. C'mon Score, that is uncalled for! Please include extra scenes, behind the scenes, or something! Although the slideshow is great, it's not nearly enough for me. DVD has the ability to have a lot of information on the disk. PLEASE USE ALL OF IT IN A MANNER THAT PLEASES EVERYONE.

Final thoughts: This movie is fucking wonderful! I would buy this movie again if my copy suddenly died. This is how much I love this movie. It has very minor flaws (the biggest being no extras to speak of) but it still requires all fans of older women to buy this movie.

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