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3D Virtual Reality Stimulator

3D Virtual Reality Stimulator

Studio: Juicy Entertainment
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator:
Overall Rating 3 stars
3D Virtual Reality Stimulator overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality 3D Virtual Reality Stimulator A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/5/2010

NOTE: I have deliberately left out the screen shots that I normally include in my reviews due to the 3D nature of this release. Without the special glasses included with this release the shots wouldn't do the movie justice, and that isn't fair to anybody involved. Even shots from the 2D portion of the movie doesn't seem right to include here, so I'm leaving them out completely.

The Little Details

Running Time: approx. 103 min.

Production Date: 5 / 21 / 2010

Director: Damon Magnum

Cast: Capri Cavalli, Rachel Roxxx, Sarah Vandella (aka Sara Sloane), Eric John, and Pike Nelson

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Even without Sarah Vandella and Rachel Roxxx I'd be awfully curious about this one...

Initial Reaction: It has some nice things going for it, as well as a few minor problems.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of 3D porn

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a fair amount of gyno-cam shots

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balanced, but there are also areas where it appears to be dubbed in and where it doesn't seem to quite synch with the video. The video is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen. The lighting is well done and there's no noticeable pixelation to the picture.

Music: The music is okay, with a decent style and a nice balance that never comes close to trying to overpower the action in the movie.

Menus: The main menu is very bland, and pretty much just gives the cover still. The chapter menu lets you choose between the VR Stimulator, which just gives the middle Sarah and Capri scenes, and 3D Porn!, which gives the opening and closing Rachel scenes. It then lets you choose where you want to go in each scene based on a series of stills for the VR Stimulator and stills with a description for 3D Porn! giving the menus a fairly inconsistent looks.

The Feature

and barely anything watching TV and barely able to stay awake before calling in to get a little something to fill her up. When she answers the door, instead of a delivery guy she's grabbed, stripped down, and taped to a chair with a ball gag in her mouth. Her captor is soon revealed to be an old flame with a remarkable new toy, the VR Stimultor.

Scene 1 – Rachel Roxxx and Eric John

Rachel starts out on her knees eagerly sucking Eric's cock POV style. The camera moves around to include a few side views as she eagerly gobbles his knob while working in plenty of stroking, great eyes, a little ball sucking, and some good trash talk. Rachel is finally rewarded with a decent pop that dribbles out in front of her face and onto her tits. A little appears to make it onto her face and mouth, and she plays with it and shows it off to the camera before the scene comes to a close.

This is a decent little oral scene. Rachel seems to play to the cameras a little much through the scene, as it seems all too obvious when she turns here or there specifically looking at the camera, which cooled off this scene a bit. Beyond that, she does a great job sucking cock and looks like she's having a great time doing it. I'm not a big fan of oral scenes, but this one didn't work too badly for me.

Scene 2 – Sarah Vandella and Pike Nelson

Sarah starts out the main scene in knee high socks laying back on a bed and pulling out a vibe to play with herself. She mixes in a few gropes for her ass and tits with fucking herself with the toy before laying back on the bed. Soon after she's joined by Pike who eagerly eats her pussy and kisses her before settling back so she can suck his cock while sitting on his face. Sarah also lays back to have Pike fuck her face before they get in a bit more sixty-nining and she fucks him cowgirl style. She gives him a little more sucking before turning around for the reverse cowgirl, and after while the scene cuts to Sarah taking it missionary style. The action cuts to doggie style a bit later, before moving on with a bit more missionary fucking and some spooning. They return through a few of the positions again before Sarah strokes Pike onto her tits and sucks his cock clean.

This is a pretty good scene. It's hard to go wrong with Sarah Vandella, and she continues to do great here. She looks hot as can be, and does a great job both with the solo action starting the scene as well as with Pike. That said, I also had a couple reservations about the scene. The editing was a bit choppy, and combined with some of the camera angles and how limp Pike started I couldn't help but wonder if he had some wood problems in the scene. The scene also got more than a little rough near the end as the action popped between doggie and missionary like whoever was editing it together had a little too much cough syrup and was getting a bit sloppy. That said, this is still a good scene sexually that left me pretty happy.

Scene 3 – Capri Cavalli, Sarah Vandella, and Pike Nelson

After cute brunette Capri dances around a pole for a minute or so, she joins Sarah and Pike on the bed. Sarah moves off to let Pike and his virtual creation Capri “catch up”, and lets Capri kiss Pike before moving down to happily suck his cock. She climbs up to kiss him and let him suck her tits before moving around to suck his cock more and to have her pussy eaten with a little sixty-nining. Pike gives Capri's pussy a quick lick before fucking it doggie style, and continues to fuck it as Capri takes to her side and back. Sarah decides to come back to kiss Capri and suck her tits before they sixty-nine while Pike takes his turn for a breather. Finally Pike comes back to fuck Capri missionary style and then pop in Sarah's mouth and on Capri's stomach. Afterwards Sarah licks a little more cum up and gives Capri a kiss.

This is a fun scene. I'll readily admit that I would have liked Sarah to stick around a little more, but having her disappear and then come back isn't too bad either. Capri is darn cute and has nice chemistry with Pike, and the action moves at a good pace. This is a pretty hot scene.

Scene 4 – Rachel Roxxx and Eric John

Rachel starts out the final scene testing the seam strength of a sexy little dress before stripping down and moving to a bed to play with herself. After fingering her pussy a bit she grabs a purple vibe that she works around and in her pussy laying on her back as well as on her knees. Rachel even teases her asshole with the toy before going back to playing with her pussy and then having Eric join in and finger her twat and eat her holes. She sucks his cock before laying back to take it missionary style, and then rolls over to get it doggie style. Rachel rides him reverse cowgirl style with a little more head mixed in, and even spins around into a traditional cowgirl ride. Rachel also lets Eric spoon her before taking a nice load on her nice big pierced titties and her tongue.

Unfortunately, as I normally really enjoy watching Rachel work, this was easily the weakest scene in the release. Rachel puts out some nice energy and vocals, but she also mugs the camera horribly throughout much of the scene. It's so bad that ever when you get a different angle you know just where the other camera is with how much she's playing to it. Of course it doesn't help that Eric's here once again, and the scene is further hurt by appearing to have some of the audio dubbed back into the scene. To finish off the scene, the editing is horrible, and almost seemed like it was trying to be a typical virtual sex simulator where you control the action at times due to the positions being choppily edited apart with Rachel laying back saying what she wanted done next. If not for having to see Eric throughout the scene it would have completely seemed like a virtual sex simulator gone wrong. I wanted to like this scene, but I just couldn't get into it, and it brought the entire release down for me.

The Virtual Reality Stimulator in 3D is a title I can't help but look at from two different angles, the sexual side and the 3D side. Sexually, it's pretty good. I'll admit to being a fan of Sarah Vandella and Rachel Roxxx, so I had pretty high hopes going into this one that weren't quite met. Sarah and Capri did a great job in their scenes, and Capri did a very good job holding her own against Sarah when they came together. Rachel, however, was a bit more hit or miss. Her POV blowjob worked well, but more standard scene with Eric to close out the movie completely bombed for me and went wrong in multiple ways. Sexually the movie makes it past the average mark, but it also showed the potential to be much better.

As for the 3D aspect of the release, I can't help but say that I was impressed. This was my first experience with 3D porn, and although I went in being afraid that it was just going to be a cheap gimmick I was pretty impressed with it shortly into the movie. Needless to say this isn't the same quality 3D as going to the movie theater with some of the animated or heavily CG special effects movies currently being released, but there's definitely a good feeling of depth. I might not be the best to comment on some of this as my eyes are fairly screwed up, but I also didn't have to repeatedly take the glasses off due to them giving me a headache or hurting my eyes. I definitely noticed that there was a good distance or angle to view the movie from, and at times it didn't take much to throw the picture off. The only real complaint I can have about the 3D aspect of the movie is that there's a few warnings talking about having clean glasses and a properly adjusted monitor or TV, but never anything on the DVD to help you calibrate your monitor or TV (such as the test patterns that appeared on some older releases). That, however, is a pretty minor complaint which speaks well of the 3D aspect of this release.

All in all, The Virtual Reality Stimulator in 3D is an impressive release. Yes, it has faults here and there, but for being a new style release it shows some very good promise. With a little more consistent sex and a little more polish here and there, I fully expect a sequel to be a release that's very much worth paying attention to.

The Extra Stuff

3D Porn! (2D) lets you view Rachel's scenes in “standard” 2D rather than breaking out the glasses to watch in in 3D. You can also listen to the 12 song soundtrack vie DVD-ROM and watch pole dances from Rachel and Capri.

Rachel and Capri Pole Dance (3D) lasts about two minutes with the time being split pretty evenly between the girls. Rachel works the pole quite well, along with a pane of glass, while Capri's dance appears to be basically the same as her opening in the movie. This is a nice little extra, but at barely a minute each it doesn't add too much to the overall package.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, oral, POV, tease, masturbation, toys, group, lesbian, and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, the Virtual Reality Stimulator can be found online for between about $33 and $40. At that kind of price structure I don't know that I can really recommend this title for buying, but it's definitely worth picking up if you can get a bargain on it or as a rental. The sex varies, but has some very nice things going for it and the 3D aspect is handled nicely. The technical aspects show some nice care beyond just the 3D aspect of the release, but sadly there isn't much effort put into the extras. Even with its faults, this is a DVD worth checking out and one that shows some great potential for the future.

Note to Juicy / Ultra-Magnum: Although I had a few minor problems with this release, you made a very nice first impression for 3D porn with me and turned out a very nice debut release. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you have up your sleeve in the future.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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