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Tongue in Groove 3 Pete 3.5 stars3 Pete 3.5 stars3 Pete 3.5 stars
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3 Pete

3 Pete

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for 3 Pete:
Overall Rating 3 stars
3 Pete overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks 3 Pete Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks 3 Pete Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 3 Pete Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting 3 Pete Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 3 Pete DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality 3 Pete A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/15/2004

3 Pete

Prologue Mr. Pete is another male talent being given a chance to display his own perverted vision. He has amassed some formidable women in this volume with a promise of all anal. Three of the women in this DVD were not doing anal scenes at the time of this production, so I'm thinking some false advertising is going on here. Let's see how this unfolds.
Melanie Jagger Mr. Pete is smacking the hell out of Melanie's more than ample ass. She's wearing a buckskin two piece outfit that barely contains her charms. He informs her that she has two suitors, Dick Nasty and Benjamin Brat. We cut right to some enthusiastic cocksucking. Melanie attacks dick like she hasn't eaten in days. After getting Nasty good and hard, she takes a cowgirl ride. She pounds herself into him and you know that she can take whatever these guys can dish out. Some P2M and cut to Brat entering in mish while she tries to pay attention to Nasty's cock. There's some anal probing and ass slapping before Ben penetrates Melanie's butt. Cut to an up and over for a deeper anal probe and some enthusiastic A2M. Cut to RCA on Nasty and sucking Ben's cock, with her titties flopping around nicely. Melanie looks really into this and cleans Nasty up before cutting to a CG anal. After a nice ride on Nasty we cut to RCA on Brat. Another quick cut and it's CG on Nasty with Ben coming up the rear to make it a DP. Ben pulls out for an A2M and cut to RCA on Nasty and Brat makes it DP. Quick cut to anal mish with Nasty, showing a gape before Brat takes over. He gets into an up and over scissors and Melanie just wants to be fucked and choked hard. Cut to Nasty in mish anal and Brat fucking her face. Now Nasty goes in scissors anal and Melanie is demanding more sensation, telling Brat to smack her tits. Another A2M and cut to Brat in the up and over scissors and then mish. This is a very deep position, just balls and ass. Time for the payload and Melanie is on her knees with Ben shooting a few streams into her mouth, which go running out onto her tits. Nasty provides the same and Melanie looks like a happy mess. The sex was good, but too many quick cuts and edits hurt the flow.
Corina Taylor and Dana Vespoli are making out on a couch. Corina is wearing some sort of black gauzy outfit that looks like netting. Dana is in a red two piece and her succulent tits are out on display in a hurry. Dana plays with Corina's cooch and gets down there for a nice taste. Cut to Mike Stefano holding Dana's now naked tits up for Corina to feast on. They both get at those mams and kiss in between licks. Dana sucks Mike's cock while he's still clothed and Corina works her over. I think Dana has passed the taste test. Mike rips the bottoms of Corina's outfit for access to her charms. He smacks her cheeks and spoons her pussy. She likes that and Dana lends a hand on her clit. I only just noticed that Dana is wearing black knee high socks with what appears to be red knee pads and red fuck me pumps. It looks pretty hot. Dana has her hand up her ass as Corina gets fucked. She also provides P2M duty. There's a lot of kissing all around throughout the scene. Cut to Corina lying on Dana's back, spitting down the waiting crack of her ass and wetting Stefano's cock for easy insertion. Mike fucks Dana's pussy in doggy as Corina cradles her. Cut to a low angle view of Corina in RC and Stefano smacks her little titties and ass. Corina does some P2M and Dana moves over for a cowgirl ride. The camera loves her splendid ass. She takes a taste of her pussy and Corina replaces her in CG. Mike picks her up for a ride and Dana does P2OGM. Cut to Mike face fucking Dana as Corina licks her right tit. Another quick cut to Stefano preparing Dana's ass for the inevitable, which comes in an up and over doggy on the couch. There's a lot of lube streaming down Dana's legs and into her pussy. Cut to mish anal and a gape is shown. Corina is just stroking her tits and kissing during gape breaks. After this nice anal interlude we cut to Corina getting fucked in mish and Dana's head at the point of attack, ready to do whatever is called for. Stefano pulls out and cums all over the side of Dana's face. The girls share a cummy kiss and the scene is over. Very nice. The camera hung with the action better in this scene and had fewer edits.
Jada Fire Mr. Pete decides to celebrate the holidays by joining the fray with Jada and Mark Ashley. Mark whips his dick out and Jada goes right to work on it, getting it nice and shiny. This gives Pete time to undress. Cut to a spirited double bj that goes on for awhile. Cut to Jada on the rotisserie in doggy, squirming on Ashley's big dick and spit polishing Pete's. Cut to CG on Pete with Mark getting head. Another cut to Jada getting rammed in mish, soon to be joined with Pete's cock in her mouth. Cut to Pete fucking her in mish and things are getting very moist down below. Another cut and Jada's ass is getting prepared by Ashley and quick cut to doggy anal. Jada has a really fine ass and it looks great taking hard strokes from both guys. After a lengthy ass reaming by Pete we cut to Jada in RCA, where Ashley hammers her for a bit. Cut to a quick anal mish and then a pop on her tongue another cut and a facial. Too many quick cuts and edits again.
Jassie and Serena South We open right up with Mr. Pete pushing aside Serena's panties and licking her nether regions as she's licking Jassie's pussy. Pete comes over to help with Jassie and then back to Serena's ass. Cut to the girls teaming up on Pete's cock, getting a nice shine as he pulls his clothes off. While there isn't much tit flesh between the two ladies, they both have really fine looking bodies and Serena has a major league ass. She also gets first dick, in doggy of course, as she eats Jassie's pussy. Pete really gets into a groove there, too. Serena looks like she popped her cookies here. Pete keeps on fucking her and helping Serena manipulate Jassie's pussy. Cut to Jassie in mish as Serena sits over her face. After a nice duration, Serena moves in for P2OGM. Cut to Serena riding CG, that big firm ass looking stupendous with Jassie kneading her cheeks and sucking Pete's dick out of her pussy. Nice long segment there before cutting to Jassie riding in RC, Serena joining her in a 69 as she's being fucked. This shot isn't held nearly long enough before cutting to the girls laying back and getting cum sprayed on their faces. Not much of a load, either.
Lauren Phoenix is dressed like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Maybe we're filming Lauren Does Dallas today. The cocks are sent in and Lauren knows just what to do with them, sucking, spitting and deep throating. There's plenty of wood in this scene, Brian Surewood and Mark Wood. Brian gets to her pussy first, in doggy as she slobbers on Mark's wood. Nice action here and cut to CG on Mark as she leans over to suck Brian. Another good ride and she switches ponies, but a quick cut to RC on Brian while Lauren mouths Mark. Another cut to mish for Mark, who almost loses his load, and Brian steps in to fill her mouth. Lauren is working up a nice sheen to her body, which as usual is magnificent. They hold this position for a nice duration and move to mish anal. Wood pulls out for A2M and cut to Brian filling her ass in doggy as she works Wood with her mouth. A quick A2M deep throat and then an RCA on Wood, and Lauren is really showing some hip action on this ride. Ultimately, Brian fills her hot pussy and you can see the intensity ramp up on her face. Brian has to cool off, so another break and come back to Lauren riding him in CG with Wood coming up the rear to make it a DP. They hold this until it's time for Lauren's baby bird act. The guys really come through on this one, plastering her face in succession and making her pretty.
Epilogue All in all, a decent effort. I wasn't crazy about the editing, as there were too many quick cuts instead of flowing from one position to another. Even when a position was being held, there were some blinding transition effects that really annoyed me. Also, as I suspected from the beginning, one of the scenes did not include anal. Neither Serena South nor Jassie took the plunge for this edition. There's no reason to lie on the boxcover. That's just bad business. It was a good scene just the same. I'd like to say something about Melanie Jagger. There have been some threads on ADT's forums recently concerning her growth, so to speak. It has been speculated that she's approaching BBW status. She's not approaching it, she's there, but with the emphasis on the second "B". Melanie is a beautiful and lusty lady. A woman of big appetites and a pleasure to watch. I only hope she holds the line and doesn't slip into obesity. My favorite scene on this disk was the Corina Taylor, Dana Vespoli matchup. There was a lot of mutual pleasuring going on, and it showed.
The Disk There are biographies, behind the scenes, photo gallery, pop shots, phone sex commercials, trailers and interviews. I know a lot of people don't want to hear the girls talk and just want the fucking, but I like the interviews and some insight into the players. Some of these conversations were a lot of fun. The visual quality of this disk was serviceable, definitely not spectacular. The color was a bit muddy.
Recommendation I think that this is worth a rental if the women here float your boat, and they should.

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