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3 Days In June

3 Days In June

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for 3 Days In June:
Overall Rating 4 stars
3 Days In June overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks 3 Days In June Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks 3 Days In June Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 3 Days In June Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 3 Days In June Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras 3 Days In June DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality 3 Days In June A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/26/2010
Ok fans time to take a look at a new one from jessica drake who's putting on the hat of director for this one as well as giving us not one, not two but three scenes of her in action so lots to like seemingly in this for jessica fans. The gist of the story seems to be jessica's a bartender at a bar with a constantly changing clientele of college students. This offers her a chance to bang 'em and forget about them. These frat boys are perfect for the three day bang sessions and then it's over and on to the next crew but jessica meets Dane Cross and well this time could be different if she's willing to take a chance which to this point of her life June hasn't been willing to do, so will we see a different result this time, let's find out!

As is the case with a lot of Wicked movies we open with a voice over and jessica is the voice in this case but this time it's not a lot of talking as we head right to the Fuego Bar where the newest batch of frat boys have landed for some fucking'n'drinking! Kris Slater, TJ Cumming and Dane Cross are chatting about the bar and how many dudes are there, not enough girls. But Dane spots jessica and she does come over to take their order. Kris had no ID so no booze for him and he leaves rather than drink soda! jessica has a no nonsense attitude and is instantly taken to Dane so we see where this is going. Later that night we get jessica coming over and actually leaving a matchbook with her number inside!

jessica drake:

So we head away from the bar to Dane's room where he's waiting. A knock at the door and it's jessica so he indeed called her. Dane isn't as confident now as he was with his buddies around him at the bar so it's jessica who takes the lead closing the door, starting the kissing and it's her that pushes Dane down onto the bed. On top she keeps on kissing and feeling down around Dane's bulging jean area that is housing Mr. Happy who's about to get some lucky time! Ok Dane sits up and it starting to get more into his groove lifting up jessica's shirt freeing those tits which get some attention. The next shot gets us to jessica down below and working her magic on Dane's hard dick, pulling those jeans off with some force and diving back down. Sexwise cowgirl was nice we get a good upclose shot on her ass and jessica's willing to do P2M on his condom covered cock, I wondered if it was flavored, lol. They repeat this a few times here so good shots on jessica's ass before we move around for a frontal shot in reverse. A spoon finish gets us to the pop, fired right on target to jessica's open mouth, cleanup instantaneous as she gets those last few drops out. We had some shadows here and there but nothing to serious to drag the scene down.

jessica then gives us another voice over as she's now done with Dane, looking down on him sleeping and she enjoys a cigarette as she's about to leave her latest encounter-- but will this one be different. She takes a look in his wallet and sees a pretty girl's pic-- his girl back home? She sits in the twilight enjoying a brew and then we get the fade out to morning. Dane's now alone and gets roused by TJ's banging at the door. He sniffs the air and says it smells like sex, lol. Dane doesn't deny he got lucky with June aka jessica. The guys continue to enjoy some male bonding time but it is time to eat! We head then to jessica in bed and she's still pondering the latest fling with Dane and still wondering if this might be different unlike all the others. Ahh we get a shot of jessica then outside running with shots coming in of the last nights encounter-- is he the one!

Briana Blair:

Well we just go right away from jessica's running and thinking aloud to Briana in bed and it's Seth Gamble down between her legs-- this was the young lady who's pic we just saw in Dane's wallet so if he's cheating so is she! A few shadows but we have a clear pic and the focus right on Briana's wet pussy as it's taken care of was very good. Not a lot of oral on her but it's enough to keep her interested and willing to reciprocate, enveloping Seth's cock. I've been enjoying Briana in a few scenes over the last several months and I like her look a lot. We get some fine 69 action too before they get to bumping uglies. With this young lady I'd definitely go with reverse as the best shot-- those great tits and she's got a cute face. With the last scene we got more cowgirl while this scene gives us the opposite shot with more reverse cowgirl, also spoon and mish until it's time to blast off. This time it's up her chest with some hitting the chin, drops of jizz everywhere!

Ok so Dane's girl's a slut, lol. The two lie in bed then as the phone rings and it's Dane calling-- he checking on how Briana's feeling-- she's tight and wet according to Seth! We go then to the restaurant where Dane made the call from, it's breakfast time. More male bonding time, lol. TJ is still hung up on jessica and Dane hooking up with her. Dane then lets it out that he knows about Briana and Seth back home. jessica's voice then comes back in telling us again about being a one and done girl, love'em and leave 'em!


As jessica's talking about still wanting to see Dane we go to a shower where this lovely woman's inside naked and cleaning off that sizzling hot bod. I do like watching the water cascading down and jessica's hands are doing it right caressing those areas plus the clear picture's giving us the best possible view. jessica has a seat then letting her fingers get personally involved in getting her pussy to cum, even licking them! As she licks the last few drops of girl cum off we get the shots of the two together. jessica called in and took a sick day allowing her and Dane some alone time! Ahh they even do the picture booth deal- you know the one where you both make the funny faces but alas we don't see those pics. jessica's voice comes in and this time it sounded cautiously hopeful. Next shot takes us to the bar with Dane coming in looking for June. Herschel Savage is there, he's the owner and he gives Dane a few words of wisdom about jessica aka June. He tells Dane to basically forget about her, this type of girl isn't for you, a real head strong woman. He wants to save Dane from the heartbreak that Herschel's suffered at her hands. As Herschel further goes into detail giving a few personal details on June's earlier life when she first came to work for Mr. Savage. Seems she fell hard for someone back then and it turned out bad-- it was a frat boy, just like Dane but is he that same type of guy. Well turns out that jessica was there listening in to the last part and she comes in and gives them both a talking to. Dane leaves and it's just Herschel and jessica.


We move then to jessica and Herschel in a much different setting-- hooking up in a room so was this a previous encounter. It would seem so when you take into account how jessica was just acting towards him. But back to the sex! Herschel gets her tits out and kisses his way down until he's licking those sweet pussy lips- jessica is soon purring rather nicely. Mr. Savage is down there for some extended time working on jessica's pussy, you don't see that a lot nowadays, nicely played Miss drake. But we do want to see jessica sucking cock and she does soon get her lips around one. Nice shot right on her as she sucks and strokes, Herschel is a very lucky man here. We once again get some great cowgirl shot with jessica who's also fingering her ass so I'm hopeful for some anal in this scene. The doggie was good but she wasn't quite as opened to camera as you might like, The lighting too was a little darker but also more natural for what would be lighting in a real actual room. jessica then gets on top for reverse and this shot was much better as we get so much of her to admire. It was in reverse too that we got the move to anal so yeah a little backdoor action. So we end with a great close pop shot to jessica's mouth, no A2M pop as the edit was obvious but a fine facial/ cleanup for jessica. Ok it was a previous encounter and we see then that jessica was getting Herschel up as quickly afterward to dress him and get him out the door. jessica keeps on with this setting not being the type of place to meet a great guy. Herschel keeps trying though and telling jessica to let someone in, is Dane the guy, keep watching. There is a final shot as jessica sits on the bed that perhaps, just perhaps her thick wall has started to crack here. Has Dane done enough?

Dana DeArmond & Mallory Rae Murphy:

Ok we move back to the boys hotel and it's night time. Kris Slater and TJ Cummings have a couple girls in their room and are already engaged when Dane drops by-- hmm that's awkward as he sits and watches the foursome. Dana and Mallory try to include Dane but he's not into it so he leaves. So we get back to it with tits being kissed and the girls get into giving some head. The two couples are close by on the bed so the camera doesn't have to move to far in order to give us a different shot. The guys also get a little oral work done themselves. Dana sitting back and riding TJ's face was a good shot. There is some g/g interplay too which is always nice in this type scene, Kris and Dana licking Mallory's pussy at the same time was hot. Both guys get a chance to tap the girls. Liked it when Kris was drilling Mallory in mish while Dana was riding her face up top. Did get in some anal work for Dana towards the end of the scene which sees the pops fly to their respective faces, the girls get in close for a cum kiss and we're done.

We head back to the diner, not the bar where Dane's sitting and is joined by jessica. The two share some pie and a little conversation. Dane starts slowly and jessica's still got the wall there and it seems firm but looking at her face the signs that there are cracks developing show, let's hope they crumble down! jessica fires off questions but they are more defensive but when Dane answers one right about her eye color and with some great detail jessica turns towards him.


Well Dane knew her eye color and with some emotion he seems to have convinced jessica for another shot. As for the next shot it's back to Dane's room and now it's more a partnership as the two fall in kissing rather passionately. Dane seems much more assured here and jessica is not resisting. Her breasts come out, are kissed and then the next shot has Dane buried face deep in jessica's pussy. A little dirty talk but it's more romantic, Don't Stop and the breathless sounds of passion are being heard. jessica then gets on her knees and attacks Dane's cock, leaning up the two kiss a little more before it's back down for Miss Drake- kissing down his belly until his cock is back in her mouth-- much different encounter this time it would seem. At one point during the sex we get Dane going down and licking between her ass cheeks, I fucking love this shot. A strong mish finish yields the load to jessica's belly-- this is more of a couples pop shot, you know a real life couple! But jessica gives us some porn action here letting a couple fingers dip in for a taste. Next shot and we have the two in bed and she's not getting up to leave instead lying there and letting Dane put the covers over and two slide into slumber.

However the next morning comes and he wakes with June not there. Dane frantically calls and jessica sees that it's him calling but doesn't pick up. You see she's sitting there with a bag packed on her bed. Dane's phone then rings and it's jessica. Split screen shot then as the two talk, she just needed some air but we know she's still struggling with this. jessica asks when he's leaving to go back home. Dane then gets back to wanting a relationship, wanting to know jessica more but she's still reluctant. Dane then asks one last question and that's for her to meet him that night after she's done with work. Dane says after this night he will know her better than she's ever let anyone know her. We cut then to the final shot, Dane outside but jessica hadn't shown so he throws his bottle against the bar's facade in disgust. But it was a bit premature as jessica then slowly comes around the corner in her hot ride and tells Dane to get in. Her voice over says she just couldn't do it and you might think it was that she was going to leave him but no we get a happy ending as the two kiss and jessica slowly drives off. Will the two survive who knows but June was finally giving love another chance and isn't that one of the eternal questions when to give your heart over to someone. Dane's character had come off as pretty sincere and jessica's started as a heart of stone but in the end the two decided to give it a try, good luck!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was my second real good feature flick from a Wicked girl directing. jessica hasn't done as many but if she keeps up with efforts like this I would see many more titles in the future with her at the helm. The story was closely focused to just a few character with Dane and jessica leading the way-- both handling their dialogue lines well. Herschel as the grizzled old bar owner was perfectly cast. TJ and Kris had lesser roles with TJ's being more as comic fodder. Briana Blair is total eye candy and I hope to much more with her. Dana and Mallory were good in their scene but it wasn't as important to the advancement of the story as jessica's scene was and to a lesser degree Briana's. Now for extras you get a very nice BTS segment plus there is a bonus scene with jessica from the movie The Alibi where she takes on Randy Spears. There was also an extra that you can click for exclusive scenes but you have to call a # which is a pay line but I don't think you're on it long and you get a code # to punch in with your mouse. Ok not sure about that but it's more sex if you want it. All in all this was real good and shows promise for jessica drake as a growing director. She's been learning from some of the best at Wicked Pictures the last few years so keep a look out for more from this talented and award winning performer/ director.

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