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dawg69 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 3 stars3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 3 stars3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 3 stars
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3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2

3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2

Studio: Blacks On Blondes
Category:  Interracial , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Sean Renaud's ratings for 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality 3 Black Bros & 1 White Ho 2 A/V Quality rating 0 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  10/27/2010
Expectations: Blacks on Blondes is part of Dog Fart, the company responsible for the Cum Bang series. They specialize in interracial porn and I see no reason to expect this to be bad. Three guys to each girl means we aughta get some anal and DP and the such and of course nothing but interracial. Iím not expecting average porn here. Nothing wrong with that.

Scene One: Lorelei Lee Grade: C-

We open on three brothers just sitting around and shooting the breeze when Lorelei crawls into the room. After some silly questions about who her favorite twentieth century author was (does anybody wonder why I loathe pre-scene interviews?) the blonde starts working to properly worship black cock. Itís pretty standard two males one female scene. (Of course the title promised me three black men) there is some light choking but not enough to bother any but the most squeamish of viewers. Large portions of the scene are actually straight one on one sex. Bad as that is for what was supposed to be gang bang porn but several shots include the off screen man just jerkiní it to keep his erection up instead of getting someplace we canít see him. Itís bad enough when the women do that in group scenes but itís inexcusable when a guy does it. She takes both loads down and plays with them for a bit before she swallows like the good girl she is.

Scene Two: Angelina Korrs Grade: D

This time itís three men fighting over territory when little Angelina comes down to try to break up the fight. After a little skit itís actually not painfully unwatchable. It only takes a few minutes for Angelina to end up on her knees sucking cock after cock. Normally Iím not one to complain about the male talent talking throughout the scene but these three are genuinely annoying after a few minutes of it. Again itís not really a group scene itís a one on one with two guys standing around trying to stay hard for the cum shot. I donít think Iím the only one who doesnít like to watch guys jack off and if I did Iíd be watching gay porn. At least get out of the way.

Scene Three: Nikki Anne Grade: C+

Nikkiís dog ran away and she runs into three men who claim theyíve seen her dog. She follows them back to their place where sheís eventually talked out of clothing in exchange for a little help from the local dog catchers. Clearly they were more interested in catching a pussy cat though and they succeeded in that. There is nothing here that youíre going to be shocked about just switching back and forth from pussy to mouth and several positions until she finally admits she didnít even have a dog!

Scene Four: Sindee Jennings Grade: B

Sindee does her best to bore us into using the fast forward or better yet skip button. Itís something like ďblah blah havenít had black cock in a whileĒ followed by ďlook I gotta toy but itís not as great as black cockĒ and this goes on for almost five minutes before she gets her first taste of black cock. Sindee looks incredible as she works to devour the forest of black wood sheís surrounded with. Once the guys get tired of sharing just her mouth itís on to the pussy and occasionally equally spending time stuffing cock in her mouth. The third guy is rotating in and out and honestly the scene would have fallen apart here if Sindee hadnít gone into stunt mode. She manages to serve all three guys at the same time, two in her cunt and one for her to suck. Damn that girl really goes at it with the double vag and Iím impressed.

Scene Five: Candi Summers Grade: C+

Candi is the poor little lost girl who found herself in the wrong neighborhood. Sheís works at a day care but sheís probably not going to make it into work once she agrees to go home with three black men. It doesnít take long to talk her into sucking every cock available and honestly she looks damn good stuffed with cock, itís too bad they donít keep enough cock in her mouth to keep her from talking. Itís rare that I talk about camera work because in porn itís almost never important. This scene however is pretty bad, a couple of times they actually pan up so far you can see they are in a studio. Candi has great energy though and manages to keep all three men in on the action for almost the entire time even if itís just her stroking them. I love a girl whoís vocal and Candi begging for cum is amazing. Has to be heard to be believed. I wouldnít have minded if theyíd turned the camera off instead of standing around staring at her and the naked guys for a few minutes.

Scene Six: Whitney Fears Grade: C

Whitney wrecked the shit out of her car and her dad is gonna kill her if she brings it back like that. Lucky for her the guys stumble upon her and even though sheís never had sex with a black man or with more than one man at a time she doesnít hesitate to step into the arena. Itís a rather standard scene nothing that really makes you stand up and notice. Normally the attempt at being funny during a scene is great but Whitney talking to her Daddy while fucking and sucking . . . well it was an honest attempt at being funny and I guess sometimes you gotta give credit just for someone trying.

Heading Out: Disappointing and damn near false advertising. I know that nowhere in the title did it actually say anal or double penetration but generally thatís just implied in a three on one scenario. Whatís more is it does say three black bros one white ho and there are scenes that only have two guys and worse there are scenes that have a lot of one on one. Sometimes the ďextraĒ guy has the common sense to get off screen some place where we arenít forced to look at them and other times we have to watch him standing just off to the side stroking himself. It might not have been quite so bad if theyíd just advertised it as white girls in interesting situations.

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