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2 Young 4 U

2 Young 4 U

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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BIGmike's ratings for 2 Young 4 U:
Overall Rating 0 stars
2 Young 4 U overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks 2 Young 4 U Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks 2 Young 4 U Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex 2 Young 4 U Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting 2 Young 4 U Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras 2 Young 4 U DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality 2 Young 4 U A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  7/14/2003
Smash Pictures presents
A Danny Quinn Production

A Jimmy D. Wet Dream

Starring Mallory, Lainey, Elizabeth, Lexi, and Katrina with Brian Surewood, Herschel Savage, Hamilton Steele, Jeremy Steele, and Easton

Shot & Edited, and Directed by Jimmy D.

Tight Security opens up with Mallory Marx, and Brian Surewood, walking through a dark lot with both wearing security labeled shirts, while inspecting the area. Mallory notices an open door, so the two of them go and check it out. They walk inside and Brian goes and turns on the lights. It’s a movie set, Brian tells her, but not any movie she’s seen before, he adds, and she says, like a porn, going on to act like an adolescent, running around and posing in various parts of the set. This good looking brunette has looked better, but the attitude of the scene, really brings down the appeal of her, and the dumbassedness of Brian’s facial expressions as he watches her. She does look good once she gets completely naked, revealing a nice natural bod, and shaved, but stubbly pussy, as she poses some more before sitting on a chair for Brian to give both her holes some oral attention. She returns the oral onto him with the fucking not far off, all vaginal, moving through quite a few positions, and he sprays her face with cum, ending this below average scene.

Plumbing the Girl Next Door opens with Easton fixing a sink before Lainey, looking as hot as previous times, wearing a tight blue top, and jean cutoffs, comes in to thank him. This small natural breasted blonde is looking a bit different though with longer hair, and offers him a cold drink for fixing the sink before her parents got home. She doesn’t give him a drink, but she does offer something equally refreshing, as they start kissing after a few thoughts run through both their heads. It isn’t much longer until Lainey lies back on a couch, and Easton starts kissing her nipples, working his way down to her pussy, once she speeds up the process by stripping totally down. She returns the favor onto him with the fucking following, which is fairly routine, with him pulling out of her and blasting her face, catching her by surprise, to end another scene of much the same as that first.

Leaky Hose opens up with a guy explaining to another guy, “Earl,” that it’s getting late and he has to leave, trusting him to close up the auto shop for the night. “Earl” acts a little slow while listening to the guy explain, and repeat a couple of times, to not do any more repairs, just close up shop. But just as the guy is nodding off in a chair, a car pulls up and the horn honks, causing the guy to fall off his chair. Elizabeth, a pretty hot blonde, stacked and wearing a tight pink top, and tight jeans, steps out of the car and walks over to him to see if he’s all right and to see if he can fix her truck, persuading him to take a look. The guy has a look of a dumbass as he stares at her and thinks of what the boss will do, but somehow she convinces him to help her. He lifts her up on the hood and starts kissing her chest, and goes on to remove her jeans, giving him a clear shot at her shaved, but stubbly, pussy. She returns the favor, the fucking follows, all vaginal, and to end yet another below average scene, he jerks off in front of her face.

Door-to-Door Whore opens with a guy sleeping, sitting up on a couch, with his hand in his pants when a knock on the door wakes him, causing him to find Lexi. Lexi is a good looking brunette, wearing a pink top, and short denim miniskirt, who is trying to sell magazines, so the guy invites her in to show him what she’s got. This girl walks in and over to the couch where he explains to her how to sell things right. The guy feels her up and starts kissing pointy nipples, which top her smallish natural tits, and soon reaches under the skirt, pulling her white panties aside and fingers her shaved, but stubbly, pussy. He gives her oral, and she returns some onto him, with the fucking not too far off, all vaginal and basic, ending the fourth below average scene with a cumshot to her chest.

The Jerk… …off begins with Herschel Savage sitting on a bed looking like a jerk… off sitting on a bed slumped over, when a pretty hot blonde, Katrina, walks in to see what’s the matter. He got fired for jerking off on the job, and Katrina, wearing a pair of tight jeans, and a tight rose print tank top, tries to cheer him up as he goes on to say that his wife left him as well. Thoughts run through his head before she leans in to kiss him, and he slides the strap off her shoulder, soon exposing a set of pierced nipples, which he kisses while moving down to her pussy, giving her bald pussy a bit of oral. She returns the oral onto him, and the fucking, which is all vaginal, goes on and then to end a fairly decent scene, he cums on her face.

EXTRAS : A 2-minute autoplay photo gallery, 6 previews, and website info.

OVERALL : The girls were better looking than the sex was, and while the camera work was fairly decent, the sex was rather routine looking, plus the vignettes were decent enough for porn. The extras were virtually nonexistent, and the audio/visual quality was about average to good.

FINAL THOUGHTS : The dumbassedness of the facial expressions the guys had while voice-over thoughts played, and the absentminded thoughts and actions of the girls, are the two main drawbacks, plus the fact that the scenes, for the most part, were pretty boring, make this a tough sale. Not much more can be said, below decent at best, and horrible at worse, makes this title just another so-called “teen” title that can be easily skipped and avoided.

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--- BIGmike, over and out! ---

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