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HeyNow 2 on 1 19 3.5 stars2 on 1 19 3.5 stars2 on 1 19 3.5 stars
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2 on 1 19

2 on 1 19

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for 2 on 1 19:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
2 on 1 19 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks 2 on 1 19 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 2 on 1 19 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex 2 on 1 19 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting 2 on 1 19 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 2 on 1 19 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality 2 on 1 19 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  5/30/2005
My name is Tom. I am from Greece. I am 30 years old. I am a computer programmer and I use internet since 1994, were very few people here in Athens knew about its social role and use.
Although I have an affair for many years now, a relation ship that is built in true love, human communication and understanding, I have never stopped seeking a way to fulfill my fantasies. Unfortunately that implies a lot of risk, a risk that I am not willing to take in order to test my girlfriend’s feelings or to sacrifice the foundation of our future. (I do plan to get married with her and have many children). So, for many years now, my intimate fantasies are projected in my television or computer screen, through the adult media.
Having seen several adult films so far, I was lucky to witness some very attractive women getting wild and hot in front of my eyes. Many adult female stars have paraded on my screen from all the parts of the globe. Sexy women, stunning women, naughty, filthy, dirty, alluring, charming, elegant, active, mincing, wild. Natural gifted men were providing their sexual services to them in every way possible. In singles, couples or groups they were all engaging in many oral, vaginal or anal sexual activities producing vast amount of eroticism and heat. I have often fantasized of taking one male actor’s place and have sex with some of those gorgeous women, that flatter my screen. I have seen many different adult companies from all over the world, many directors, with their individual capturing technique each, many fascinating erotic positions and all the shifts in the flow of the adult film making, through those years.
Well, in the lines that follow, I will try to deliver you the experiences I had, watching some of those movies. I will plan to do that, in my point of view, in a lover’s point of view. Together we will place our selves inside the action altering our roles, from passive demanding adult spectators (commenting and criticizing accordingly) to active sexual participants. I will take you to the corners of the world, bringing you characteristic specimens of the adult filmography industry. In these reviews, you will learn many sexual secrets and other making love advices. We will visit the backstage of the porn theaters and we will expose lots of directing and sex setting techniques. I promise you, I will try to get improved review by review, in order to deliver you the most out of this fascinating adult video world.

Title: 2 on 1 #19
Company: Diabolic
Director: Su
Starring: Melissa Black, Lora Croft, Liz Honey, Allyson More, Katrina Kraven, Takota, Chanel Chavez, Nikki Sun & Claudia Rossi.

I think those who watch porn are aware about this title’s shipping company. However, they aren’t many those who are aware about this movie’s director. Su is a girl. She is an ex porn performer and she had worked before with the company. I believe that Anabolic/Diabolic decided to invest on ex female performers for adult directors. The previous time was Alexis Amore, now is Su. Alexis wasn’t bad. Let’s see if this bet would be proved a right choice for the Anabolic/Diabolic bosses.

Scene first. Melissa Black.

Melissa is a fairly cute tall blonde Euro girl, with natural body. She is known to the adult public for her anal skills. She has great green eyes. She wears a nice green dress. She is sitting on a couch and she is undressing nicely. She is teasing us for a bit, playing with her pussy, before Mr.Marcus and Alberto Ray come in. She goes right to work on Mr.Marcus fat black dick, while the other guy stimulates her clit-pierced pussy with his tongue and fingers. A few moments later she invites Mr. Marcus to fuck her. He obeys. He positions himself infront of her and pushes his big stick straight to her ass opening. Oops! She has a big bruise on her left thigh. She also has her black panties put on. Sometimes this is hot but this time it’s distracting. Thankfully she gets it off and Mr.Marcus continues the anal reaming in doggy style. His large pole slips easily inside her, like a knife to a fresh pack of butter. Check out the crater in her rear hole during the gape. (Damn it is huge. This girl has really worked her bum hole, before). While her asshole was full of black meet, she even manages to vanish Alberto’s fairly size cock inside her throat. Impressive! She then, lowers her ass down on Alberto’s cock as she is facing us. Her asshole accommodates this guy’s thick cock with no trouble. Good reverse cowgirl anal with simultaneous blowjob, that doesn’t last long. Some ATM and cut to her getting assfucked missionary from Alberto. Cut to her receiving the first vaginal penetration from Mr.Marcus in missionary while he is chocking her. Nice behind their crotch close shot of the action, as the black dicks is stuffing her box hard, almost vertically. Mr.Marcus pulls out and shoves his dick a little lower, deep inside her sphincter. ATM. The hole in her ass remains wide as a proof of her anal abuse. The hard anal pounding continues, even more furious now. Cut to a close view of her pussy getting filled from Alberto’s penis from beneath. Her upper tight hole (well, hers is not so tight) is unfilled and tempting. Not for long though because Mr.Marcus fills it with his massive pole. The cowgirl d.p. starts in intensive mode and Melissa enjoys. A closer shot of the action reveals us the hard pounding her bum accepts, while her vagina is still filled. Cut to her getting ass impaled doggy way from Alberto. Cut to her getting the same treatment in spoon. It’s obvious she likes anal. They switch to reverse cowgirl. A few seconds later Mr.Marcus shows up and voila, he fits his own massive dick inside her bum along with his pal. Yeap, both of their dicks are in her arse. That action for me is repelling, but I know many of you will be really excited to watch this girls’s asshole getting stretched like this. Su captures the action in a behind their crotch close view. Melissa really takes it good. I could even claim that she likes it. She takes one facial from Mr.Marcus and another from Alberto, after engaging in a little more anal in the reverse cowgirl position. Well, I told you, about Melissa’s anal abilities. She is maybe not the prettiest girl in the business, but she is quite an anal performer.

Scene two. Lora Croft and Liz Honey.

Two girls are greeting us. I don’t know who is who, but both of them are drop dead gorgeous. They are both honey blonds. One of them has short hair. I assume is Lora. (I am not sure). The other has neck length lightly curly hair. I assume is Liz. Lora has really great tits. They caressing each other beautiful young bodies, while they are undressing. Great initial girl to girl interaction. Shit men, these girls turned me on! Butt slapping, kisses, body petting, mutual chemistry. Lora eats Liz pussy.
Then Alberto Ray shows up naked and gives a kiss to each of them. Lucky fellow. Liz is laid on the couch and gives Alberto a blowjob, while Lora is taking care of her pussy. Lora then licks her nipples and cups her breasts. Then she joins her friend in the dual blowjob action. Damn, there are times like these, I would really want to be a porn actor. Alberto sits on the couch and holds his big dick steady. Liz turns around facing us and places herself above him. She slowly lowers her ass down aiming for his stick. Oh! His cock goes in the tight hole! Yeap, it slips inside! Great anal reverse cowgirl view! Lora never stops touching her blonde friends body. Then she goes down in Liz pubic area and works tenderly with her fingers Liz’s sensitive clit region. Liz is in heaven. While she does that she also manages to lick her nipples. Liz thanks her with a kiss. Lora commits ATOGM. The actions are repeated before Liz goes ATM and Lora takes her place, as she is nailed vaginally in the same position. Liz returns the previous favor by licking and mouth groping Lora’s plentiful breasts, while her right hand is rubbing Alberto’s balls. Lora loves the full treatment. A few seconds later, without them changing position, Alberto alters holes and invades Lora’s anus! ATOGM. Liz takes it anally in spoon while her clit and nipples are licked. ATOGM. Now is Lora’s arse turn in doggy. Both girls are sitting in the couch, next to each other as Alberto sits in front and testes each one’s ass in succession. Dual blowjob (Actually is ATM + ATOGM). The girls are kissing. Lora’s ass fucked in spoon. ATOGM. Liz gets the same treatment in cowgirl. ATOGMs. Great view of Liz’s back side. Dual ATM. Lora tries this position too. Dual blowjob. The scene ends as Alberto cums on Lora’s pretty face. Excellent ffm scene! High mark! Two striking females, a great interaction between them, tons of hard anal pounding mixed with equal shares of tender and erotic activities. Well done, Su!!!

Third scene. Allyson More.

Allyson walks in. Her hair has a yellow-orange tone. Well let’s be honest guys, there is no way you would spot her face on the cover of Vogue. Anyway, she bends on the couch and exposes her holes. She finger fucks them as well. Mr.Marcus and other guy join. She begins giving blowjobs. She undresses. Cut to her bouncing her ass up and down on Mr.Marcus black shaft as she is offering her oral abilities to the other guy. Her pussy is stuffed well from beneath. The other guy goes behind them and shoves his dick in Allyson tight arse hole, filling the emptiness. This guys dick is long and slips most of it inside. The initial penetration as well as the close view of the action was captured nicely. However the d.p. was more than she could handle because she was screaming in agony. Suddenly she cries out loud and hops up. She turns around and sits back on Mr.Marcus dick. She fucks his dick anally in reverse cowgirl for a few seconds before the other guy, comes in front and inserts his dick in her vagina. Her whole body was visible but the angle and the lighting of the double penetrating action was poor. Even in the rcg d.p. position she keeps yelling from pain. Of course it lasts shortly. It’s obvious she cannot bear the anal treatment. Cut to her getting fucked in doggy by Mr.Marcus. He has to pull her leg up for us to figure out which of her holes he is penetrating. It is her ass. Su is wondering with the camera to pick the appropriate angle. She gives blowjob to other guy. Cut to her getting ass fucked in cowgirl by the white guy while she is licking Mr.Marcus dick. Nice view of her fully stuffed ass is challenging. Still, she is constantly crying and making painful grimaces. Cut to her getting fucked vaginally by the massive black cock. The initial sight here is even better and the girl looks to enjoy it. Then she bends and the other guy fits his dick along with Marcus’s in her vagina. Again, Allyson seems to dislike the double vaginal action. (So am I) The white guy switches holes and now is fucking her bum. Mr.Marcus is still filling her pussy in cowgirl. The double penetration is deep and hard. Allyson’s both holes look stretched wide. Su covers the d.p. evident properly. The white guy goes for a little ATM while Mr.Marcus takes the chance to fill her ass from above. ATM on Marcus cock. Cut as she in the reverse cowgirl pose and sits her asshole down on the white guys dick. She takes it well. Mr.Marcus comes forth and pushes his dick inside her meety pussy. She appears to accommodate it, now. I could claim that she like it. However, the coverage of the action was fairly bad. They try the same exactly pose as they turned sides. Finally, a decent angle, where the rcg d.p. looks a lot better. The guys unload on her mouth. If I told you that I have enjoyed this scene, that would be a great lie. First of all, comparing to the previous scene’s female participants this one looked, let me call it, externally inadequate. This scene was suffered from several directing flows as well as the girl from the pain, that the anal penetration was causing to her. I am sorry guys but I can’t easily watch a sex scene, (no matter how good the sex is), where the girl is constantly crying in agony. It’s sadistic and inhuman. I believe Su got very tedious about this scene, either.

Scene fourth. Katrina Kraven and Takota.

The scene starts. Check out the picture of their asses as their presented to us side by side. Katrina’s butt is big and soft, covered by a large light blue colored panty while Takota’s one is small and tight covered by a tiny black string. Each of them has its own particular sex appeal. Katrina has the all-natural butt, which probably your wife or the woman in the next door has. The one that you will fuck in a few hours or is possible to take, if your lusty neighbor eventually allows it. (My girlfriend’s is just like that). Takota’s butt is a kind of those you watch in the Rio de Janeiro’s carnival, shaken in the rhythm of samba. Both of these girls are rather attractive. Katrina is a brunette with ample size boobs and Takota is a light dark skin slim latina with brown hair. They start nicely, with a lesbian kiss. Katrina’s uncover the black string panty of her latina friend and Takota’s beautiful pink pussy is wide open, provoking us for good. Well, someone else must felt similar sexual impulse, because he suddenly attacks them, naked with his large penis out and fully erected and places himself in the middle for the dual oral treatment. Then Katrina makes all the necessary preparation to Takota’s love hole, moisturizing it and fucking her with her fingers. The guy takes the opportunity and shoves a finger inside her asshole too. Not long after, he penetrates Takota’s vagina as he is taking her doggy style. The latina girl accepts the filling while she is sucking Katrina’s nipples. A few PTOGM ensue. The girls kiss each other. Takota changes position and now she is on top getting nailed from the bottom as she is facing us. Her box gets a good pounding in the reverse cowgirl pose. Meanwhile Katrina inserts a finger in her asshole and makes clear that soon she is gonna take it in the stinky hole. A few seconds later all the guy’s fair length dick is buried inside her tight hole. He fucks her hard and in the doggy way. The dark hair lady enjoys very much and she appears to cum. Mixed feelings of pleasure and pain conquer her body. ATOGM. Lesbian kisses. My day is made, when a few moments later that big thick dick invades Takota’s rather virgin tight butthole. That, was a nice surprise. Telling you the truth I didn’t expect this to happen. Her anus opening looked so damn small, I thought it was impossible to be penetrated, at least in this scene. Still, the guy’s dick was pummeling her arse, balls deep, in an almost vertical doggy manner. (Both girls have their panties on.) When the pace was raised and Katrina’s fingers moved to her pussy, Takota felt very pleased. ATOGMs. Katrina’s bum is stuffed, sideways, while Takota was rubbing her pussy. The guy pulls out and unloads on Katrina’s face. The girls share a passionate kiss and this short but fairly good ffm scene ends.

Fifth scene. Chanel Chavez.

She introduces herself to us and declares us that she is going to be fucked by two guys. Chanel is a cute dark brown hair latina who possess a great body. Her star is rising fast in the adult world. She wears a nice sexy black panties and a red top. Two guys immediately appear from nowhere and stand in each of her sides. She begins to give them blowjob, while her small but beautiful breast are revealed to us. Soon she finds herself humping her body up and down on a guys stiff dick in reverse cowgirl mode, while she offers her oral talents to the other. There she appears to cum with the help of a little clit-rub. Then she turns around and get drilled in cowgirl pose. A few moments later the other guy goes behind her and pushes his dick in her already occupied vagina. It’s a tight fit but the men manage to rub their cocks inside her. (Actually, only the man from above moves). I think she cums but I can tell for sure. They pull out. Double PTM. She gets up and turns around. She sits again face up and gets laid from beneath in reverse cowgirl way. (I have the feeling she feels a little dizzy). Soon the other guy positions himself in front of them, he passes his left leg over her and pushes his shaft in her vaginal cavity, while the last one is still filled by a stiff cock. Double vaginal is really not my favorite sexual action to watch, however is impressive to spot how her latino pussy is stretched wide. Nice close shot of the dv act. She cums again as she is massaging her clit. Pascal’s dick slips out and he goes for an oral PTM rejuvenation. They go buck to the reverse cowgirl dv, only this time it’s captured differently. This time we have a great view of her beautiful body from above, but the dv penetration is partially clear. The only black point to the action is the jerk from beneath who is chocking her. Fortunately lightly. She appears to have another tremendous orgasm. Guys I don’t know about you but I really love to watch pretty girls cumming like that. Cut to her fucking cowgirl style while two fingers are inside her asshole. You know what happens in porn in situations like theses. Guy number two goes behind her and pushes his dick in her bum hole. Oh no! I am afraid this is too much for our pretty latina. The penetrations are shallow, yet she cries in pain. ATM. They go for another try. Is still doesn’t work. Finally, the boys cum in her mouth ending this short scene. Lots of cum. Despite the starlets behavior and the committing dvs, I wasn’t thrilled about this scene. I have certainly seen better ones.

Scene sixth. Nikki Sun & Claudia Rossi.

Mama mia! Two Euro goddesses in whites are walking in. The striking blonde Nikki Sun and the always attractive brunette Claudia Rossi. They kiss and caress each other wonderful bodies. Their nicely shaped tits are exposed and a naked guy with an already erect penis walks forward. He enjoys a hot dual blowjob as he lies on the bed. The lucky bastard!! Soon, Nikki takes off her panties and lowers her firm buttocks down on this guy’s stiff pole. Her vagina gets a serious pounding in the cowgirl position. PTOGM. Claudia gets her share in the same pose. Again a few PTOGM ensue and also some asshole licking by Nikki. The blonde girl substitutes Claudia on his dick as she is taking in deep in reverse cowgirl mode. PTOGM. Body pets and clit rubbing by Claudia. The guy decides its time to take a chance on Nikki’s tight anus. He pulls out from her vagina and inserts his long dick a little lower in her tight ass opening. A hot anal reverse cowgirl is committed. The clit rubbing continues. ATOGMs. The girls now are placed themselves in the famous sixty-nine position, when the guy’s dick invades Claudia’a asshole fucking her doggy way from above. Nikki’s goes on with a few ATOGMs and a simultaneous clit rubbing. The guy changes sides and goes the otherway to fuck Nikki’s bum missionary and spoon style. Once more some ATOGMs are applied. Next there is a nice view of Claudia as her legs are spread wide and guy is fucking her pussy. Nikki gets jealous and enjoys the same treatment. Nikki’s missionary vaginal assault continues as he is fucking her hard. A few strokes later the guy pulls out and comes inside Claudia’s mouth. She in turn goes above her blonde friend and spits the semen in Nikki’s own mouth. Very good FFM scene.

Final verdict. This title is divided in two parts. The FFM scenes shown on this video were wonderfully set and captured. Stunning, sexy female performers who actually enjoy every minute of their feature. In these scenes Su made a great job exposing us her directing talents. The MMF scenes were fairly mediocre in many ways. I believe Su is a good director but she definitely needs some advises from her colleagues on how to shoot better MMF or d.p. scenes. Image quality, lighting and audio are very good. The DVD’s extras are adequate.

PS1. Melissa’s mother is a dominating mistress.

PS2. Melissa got the bruises after slipping in the shower. (Poor girl)

PS3. Chanel nearly passed out after her intense double vaginal treatment.

PS4. It is interesting to check out how a photo suite is usually committed. The positions are applied again, before or after the movie scene, in still mode, while the photographer takes photos. The photo shoot is a very different procedure than the motion capturing one. Therefore it is very possible, some sex positions to be applied only in photo stillness, while they are omitted or fail to be accomplished in moving action. This has a negative impact though in the final made of the product. On the covers of the DVD medium it’s possible to witness sexual positions that are never actually taken place inside. Some collectors don’t bother about this miss, however there are others who get really mad when they discover the visual fraud. They feel that the company is trying to fool them. So, I would recommend to whoever is responsible to try to find a channel of communication between the photographer, the director, the editor and the producer.

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