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2 Hot To Handle

2 Hot To Handle

Studio: Rockman Enterprises
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for 2 Hot To Handle:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
2 Hot To Handle overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks 2 Hot To Handle Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks 2 Hot To Handle Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex 2 Hot To Handle Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 2 Hot To Handle Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 2 Hot To Handle DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality 2 Hot To Handle A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  3/13/2005
2 Hot to Handle

Initial Thoughts: With the cast in this one, and the two girls on a guy theme, I came in with pretty high expectations, and frankly, I'm satisfied with it, but I think more could have been done with this title. It's got some high points, like seeing Venus and Tyla Wynn together, and Missy Monroe just going ballistic in her scene for a couple, but it's also got a few low points, like occasionally poor technical quality (I'll explain later), and it comes up fairly short on the bang for the buck category, with total runtime with all the extra's combined barely breaking the 2 hour mark. I give them credit for putting in a really impressive cast of girls, and the pairings are reasonably good, but there just seems to be something missing in several of the scenes, the girls occasionaly get on with one another well, but then they cut to something else. Not nearly enough opening tease, despite making an effort with outfts. A solid effort that just could have been a little better.

Technical Considerations: Well now for that explanation I promised. It's a comination of things really, the camera work is proficient enough, but at times it makes you feel distant from the scene, it's really the angle and distance of the shots that does it I guess, but that's my feeling. Lighting is the other main area of problem, it's all over the place, it really never helps the mood, and it's flat out pretty bad in the last scene with Missy, just way too bright and booming, other times it's just kind of lackluster looking. Picture quality and sound are without too much issue. The menu's are pretty nicely done, simple, but easy, and clean looking.

Condom Usage: No

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Venus, Tyla Wynn and Brett Rockman

Well we get off to a good start with these two ultra vixens working one another over, they passionately kiss and play with each others breasts a little before Brett comes over and blindfolds both of them before he sticks his cock in thier faces and the sucking begins, both girls put thier pretty lips to good work, and once the blindfolds come back off, the girls get a little more into it and into one another, some good spit and handjob action, before Tyla mounts Brett in cowgirl while Venus helps out and does some PTOGM, she gets her turn too and both girls take a ride with both doing both PTM and PTOGM, they do some double stack next with Tyla getting it in doggy and Venus in missionary, there are a few moments of awkwardness, but they have some good energy, the girls take a chance to suck his cock some more and Venus gets her fantastic rack fucked fairly vigorously before Tyla hops on for some reverse cowgirl, and both girls once again wonderfully energetically hump Bretts cock in RC with again PTM and PTOGM present in the display. The girls get stacked again with Venus in for missionary on the bottom and Tyla on top for doggy, some PTOGM from Tyla and they move to some side by side doggy vag for each girl with Tyla again doing PTM blindfolded again. Brett pulls out of Venus' pussy and blows his load on Tyla's face, Venus comes back in and they each suck him a bit. Pretty good scene, the chemistry could have been better for most of it though. Two of the best anal performers around, but no anal sex this time. Duration: 26:07 mins

Scene 2: Tory Lane, Trina Michaels and Guy

No tease at all this time, the girls crawl into the picture in denim shirts, and 3 seconds later thier sucking cock, the girls look good though and put on a nice dick pleasing display with thier mouths, they share well, and each gets a shot to shine on thier own, Trina gets fingered and Tory gets some finger PTOGM (Pussy To Other Girls Mouth). Sexy Tory rides the meat wand first, in reverse cowgirl vag, Trina gets some PTOGM and licks his balls. The roles reverse with Tory doing the ball sucking and Trina riding in cowgirl, Tory sprawls herself out on the couch and gets her ass up in the air to get her pussy fucked in doggy while she eats out Trina. Our first anal action of the movie is up next as Trina gets her tight butt fucked in doggy while Tory frigs herself. Trina gets to taste her own ass next with some ATM while Tory sucks on Trina's tits and licks her pussy briefly, Tory lays her fine body down on the couch again and gets fucked in missionary vag, before long thier stud is ready to bust, and he pulls out of Tory's tight love box and blasts a big load of love juice all over both girl's great tits. The camera angle is horrible though and the cum flys out of the camera's field of vision. At times the chemistry is good at times it is not good at all, but the scene mostly works. Duration: 20:01 mins

Scene 3: Genesis Skye, Harmony Rose and Brett Rockman

Again they go pretty much right to the sexual activity, and the girls come over to Brett on the bed, and thier in varsity athletic uniforms, and go right to work getting out his cock and tag teaming it with thier mouths, they do a little kissing with his dick in the middle, and share reasonble sexily. The take turns riding his cock in cowgirl with some PTM, and riding his face with some good energy and chemistry between the three. The girls lay down next to one another, and they get thier tight little pussies fucked in missionary in turns. They get into some double stack action with doggy vag and missionary being the positions of choice, with some pretty good energy before they move on to some side by side doggy style pussy hammering before Brett pulls out and pops a good sized load over both thier pretty faces. The girls suck his cock clean and share a cum covered kiss before a dildo comes out and the girls spend a little time getting to know one another, and what gets the other one off with that dildo. They play together for only a few minutes, but there is some PTM and as they share sucking the plastic penis, another guy pull up and pops a meager load on thier faces, they kiss a little more and play some more with the dildo and as they go to kiss again, yet another hard dick comes up to them and spurts it's baby making goodness onto thier faces, the dildo finds it's way back out, and the girls get each other revved up nicely one last time before they kiss that dildo one more time, no pop this time. Good scene. Duration: 27:54 mins

Scene 4: Missy Monroe, Tiffany Holiday and Lee Stone

Well even the fact that it looks like they brought the sun itself into the room and held it just 5 inches from the performer's for this scene, Missy and Tiffany still look outstanding in thier blue and pink respectively, fishnet tops with black bras. They are already sucking on Lee's cock when we get to see them for the first time, and these two really put on a good show, with Missy kind of coming off as the old pro and Tiffany as the ever learning student, although I doubt Missy is any older, what is she now, all of 19 or 20? Tiffany moves up top to let Lee suck on her clit, while Missy more than handles the cock sucking duties and shows off her fantastic skills well, with lots of spit and energy. They get back together for some double oral, before Missy hops on Lee's rod for some cowgirl vagand I think a little bit of a squirt before passing off to Tiffany who get's stretched out herself in cowgirl. Missy comes in for some pussy licking and assistance of Tiffany's ride with some PTOGM. Lee picks up Tiffany and fucks her tight little lovebox standing with Missy underneath for some more PTOGM. Missy gets off on Lee's cock with a high pressure squirt in reverse cowgirl, Tiffany does a little PTOGM before she gets on for some RC riding of her own. Missy works on herself for a while before getting some more PTOGM of her own and then getting Tiffany on top of her as the girls stack up with Missy on the bottom in doggy and Tiffany up top for missionary. She later moves to doggy herself but still on top of Missy. They keep up in these positions before Missy takes it one more time in doggy before Tiffany gets Lee's cum shot in her mouth, they swap and Missy spits the cum out onto Tiffany's tits before the girls play with each other cans. Duration: 19:44 mins

Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: 19:26 mins, Some good candid interview and some tease from most of the cast, there is a little extra sex and some masturbation if you look for it.

Photo Gallery: 60 pics or so of the sex action and some posing pics too.

Bonus Scene: A pretty decent POV blowjob scene with 2 fine young babes. 7:58 mins.

Other Extras: none

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

This ended up being pretty solid, but just needed a little more, the 2 girls on a guy theme was the real driving force in this one, and that worked, but there are a few things that just fell short. Tease is a powerful thing when done right, and putting the girls in some sexy outfits was nice, but it's pretty pointless if those outfits are gone seconds later, and you don't use them to tease at all. One of the other oddities, is that this is an all sex, or more popularly called a gonzo disc, I'm all for something a little different, or in this case softer if you will, but but if your not going to tease, or play to that softer side, it muddies things when you also don't provide much of a harder edge, this feature had some of the best anal performers in the business, but only Trina Michaels took it up the butt. I don't personally care whether a movie goes with soft sex, hard sex, anal, oral only, stripping, whatever, but whatever is chosen, go with it, and this one just kind of toyed with a few ideas but never committed. I don't mean to pick at fairly trivial ideas here, but call it constructive criticism. If your looking for something you haven't seen with some of the excellent babes in this one, check it out, but otherwise it's really a rental at best scenario. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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