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2 Chicks Same Time 3

2 Chicks Same Time 3

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for 2 Chicks Same Time 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
2 Chicks Same Time 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks 2 Chicks Same Time 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 2 Chicks Same Time 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex 2 Chicks Same Time 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 2 Chicks Same Time 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras 2 Chicks Same Time 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality 2 Chicks Same Time 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  12/22/2010
A Good Video to Stoke Your Fantasy of Having a Two-Girl Threesome

I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen a Naughty America video before. But I’m sure I picked this movie up to see Lexi Belle who is one of my favorites.

Unlike a typical gonzo flick, this release tries to create somewhat believable settings where one may, in fact, experience a real two-girl threesome.

The sex is very straight forward – in pussies only. And the cumshots are sort of sprayed in the general direction of both girls’ mouths. There are some semen sharing kisses at the end. But this isn’t a serve-it-down-my-throat and I’ll-pass-it-on-to-my-girlfriend kind of flick.

True aficionados of cum swapping and cum swallowing might be a little disappointed. There isn’t even a cumshot recap in the extras, so definitely don’t get this video if you’re looking for your weekly protein fix.

This would be a good movie, however, for those couples searching for a way to tickle their own two-girl threesome fantasies, especially if one or both partners aren’t really into truly hard core sex.

The babes also share a bit of girl-girl interaction which is always nice. So, if you’re looking for a couples video – with healthy fucking – a little lesbian kissing and licking – and a general sharing of cum at the end, ‘2 Chick Same Time 3’ wouldn’t be a bad selection.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the sexual situations – and threesome action – you can expect to enjoy.

Diana Doll & Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee and her boyfriend rent a sexual timeshare where another cute babe comes with the room. Cool. Diana Doll is the sexy third wheel. And this is actually one of the best scenes in the entire video.

Shawna is very believable as the dude’s sexually open girlfriend. She’s young, blonde, and willing to try anything. Sounds like a good combination to me.

The girls warm up by kissing, getting topless, and licking each other’s nipples. Shawna invites her boyfriend to join in. They’re on vacation – so everything is ok.

Both babes suck his cock. Shawna is the first to ride him, reverse cowgirl, while Diana strums her clit. When it’s Diana’s turn to mount up, she leans forward and eats the girlfriend’s twat.

There’s a nice daisy chain – where the dude fucks Shawna doggy – while Shawna plays with Diana’s pussy and eats her when Diana finally spreads her legs.

The best part comes when the boyfriend screws Diana missionary – as Shawna sits upon Diana’s pretty face.

The girls kneel cheek-to-cheek to capture his cum. Diana catches the most -- and both girls kiss at the end to share the flavor – as the camera cuts away.

Lexi Belle & Carolyn Reese

I love both Lexi Belle and Carolyn Reese. But the lighting in this scene isn’t quite right, which casts some strange shadows on both babes’ faces and somewhat distracts from what otherwise would be an excellent pairing.

Lexi and Carolyn are two friends invited over to a guy’s house whose offered to cook them dinner. They’re obviously flattered – so they decide to reward him with sex. Hey, it works for me.

They undo his pants and start to suck his dick. Both babes strip down to their skivvies – pink for Lexi and scarlet for Carolyn. Lexi likes to play with Carolyn’s bouncy boobs; and Carolyn likes to slap the cheeks of Lexi’s shapely ass.

Carolyn lays naked across the kitchen counter and Lexi samples a taste of her twat. The guy then fucks Carolyn missionary as Lexi kisses her and strums her clit.

Lexi then eats Carolyn’s pussy from the edge of the counter as the dude humps Lexi doggy from behind. Lexi plays with herself when Carolyn rides him, and Lexi sucks his dick to lubricate it when it pops out of Carolyn’s cunt.

Lexi lies on her side and takes it from behind in the spoons position. The girls then kneel to catch his load and do a pretty good job with both tongues out. They kiss warmly to share while licking the remainder off of each other’s pretty face.

Dylan Ryder & Carmella Bing

Dylan and her husband have always wanted to have a threesome. So she joins the Friday ‘Lipstick Lesbian Club.’ I kid you not. And she brings Carmella home – as a loaner. The hubby is a bit surprised – but his libido quickly overcomes his objections – especially since his favorite fantasy is about to come true.

As an aside, this movie was made only a few years ago, but isn’t it interesting how it uses a ‘lipstick lesbian club’ in order to establish the girl-girl attraction between the two ladies? We’ve come a long way since then, haven’t we?

Both women are beautiful brunettes, and both have very shapely figures. So if you prefer your babes a little more on the curvaceous side, this scene may be the one for you.

The girls take off their bras and suckle on each others tits. They both kneel to suck his dick, and his wife turns out to be pretty good. She’s the first to get fucked missionary on the bed as Carmella sits on her face. And Dylan’s loud moaning seems to indicate that she’s liking things so far.

The girls switch positions so Carmella gets poled while Dylan serves her some pussy.

In my favorite part, Dylan then leans forward – to complete the sixty-nine – where she licks on Carmella’s love button while the hubby screws Carmella’s pussy just a few inches away.

The hubby mates with the friend doggy, while Carmella eats the wife’s pussy spread-eagled in front of her. The wife enjoys Carmella’s rapid tongue actions, and both women exclaim how everything ‘feels so good.’ The wife is very talkative, and she keeps encourage him to “fuck her, baby.” Which he does.

In a too-predictable ending, the dude screws the club-mate’s monstrous tits – and then ejaculates across them. The wife, being well trained, licks it all up. The girls don’t kiss at the end, pshaw. What kind of lipstick lesbians are they? But the wife and friend promise to do it again – next week.

This was a nice scene for showing – how the sexual desire between women – can be used to fulfill a couple’s fantasy for a sensuous threesome.

Jessica Lynn & Madelyn Marie

Jessica Lynn, a really pretty blonde, hooks up with her long lost friend, Madelyn Marie. These are the two cute babes on the box.

In what I thought was the most believable setting, the girls coyly remind themselves of the sexual relationship they had when younger – and they immediately start to kiss and undress each other – to ‘catch up.’

Those who know me – know that I’m a firm believer in girls having their own bisexual experiences when they’re young – even before they discover boys. I think it also primes them to more easily enjoy a two-girl threesome when they grow up, which I’ve also managed to do. This scene is a depiction of that same natural progression.

The photo on the box, incidentally, doesn’t really capture Madelyn’s true beauty. She’s much fairer – and much more shapely – in the actual vignette.

The girls bare each other’s ample breasts and kiss them warmly. Jessica is the first to undress fully, and Madelyn is the first to go down. Jessica has a really pretty twat so it’s no surprise that Madelyn enjoys eating her.

Unbeknownst to Madelyn, Jessica has secretly invited her boyfriend over, and he comes in just as Madelyn starts to munch. Jessica, of course, convinces her friend to stay, so both girls take turns sucking his cock.

The boyfriend fucks Madelyn missionary as Jessica sits on her friend’s eager face. When the boyfriend pops out, Jessica leans forward to hungrily taste her friend’s pussy on his dick.

Jessica then sits on his cock while Madelyn sits on his face. He must lick pussy pretty well for a guy since Madelyn doesn’t seem to complain.

There’s a nice close-up when Madelyn’s lips finally get a reunion with Jessica’s cunt. There’s also a cute daisy chain when Jessica gets mated doggy while licking her girlfriend’s slit.

In the most wasteful climax, the guy comes across both babes’ faces and neither manages to capture a single drop. They’ve fortunately had a good time, and the three of them promise to make this a regular reunion.

I think its outstanding that Jessica allows her boyfriend the pleasure of having a threesome with her best friend Madelyn. On a more practical level, though, she might be better served (pun intended) by learning to swallow his cum more completely instead.

Jaclyn Case & Gianna Lynn

Gianna Lynn, a cute Asian babe, has invited Jaclyn and her boyfriend over to visit. As it turns out, Jaclyn and Gianna are members of an ‘orgy club’ and Jaclyn’s guy has been invited to be the first non-female member.

This is a good scene if you’ve ever fantasized about screwing a cute Asian chick.

The girls start kissing and licking each other’s tits – and Gianna Lynn has an absolutely unbelievable pair. Gianna quickly pulls Jaclyn’s panties aside to lick her clit and to rub a slender vibrator up against it

The girls strip off the boyfriend’s clothes and suck his tool. Jaclyn kneels – as the guy and Gianna stand on either side of her. Jaclyn then goes back-and-forth to suck her boyfriend’s cock – and to lick on Gianna’s slit. Jaclyn finally gets topless – and we soon discover that Jaclyn’s boobs are just as healthy as Gianna’s. What a lucky guy.

Gianna rides his pole, and Jaclyn licks her pussy. Jaclyn turns out to be a really good deep throater – so I wonder if the boyfriend ever got Jaclyn’s mouth and her friend’s snatch confused.

When it’s Jaclyn’s turn to ride, Gianna spreads her legs so that Jaclyn can eat her – while her boyfriend pounds her pussy from below – which bring Jaclyn quickly to orgasm. The camera pans around to show us Jaclyn’s gorgeous ass.

Their game of ‘Twister’ continues as Gianna takes it doggy while sucking on Jaclyn’s delicious pair. She kisses Jaclyn passionately on the lips – as Gianna masturbates Jaclyn’s pussy from the front. The girls are both moaning deliriously as Gianna encourages the boyfriend to ‘fuck that hole.’ He does.

Jaclyn deep throats him and screws him one last time – before he climaxes on her face and Gianna gets a taste. Jaclyn then delivers the corniest line in the whole movie. “Aren’t you glad you came?” And he was.

What’s also nice about these vignettes is that the women take the initiative to make the threesomes happen – since this is exactly what needs to occur in real life – to convert this timeless fantasy into reality. Or so I’ve read.

If having a two-girl threesome is on your sexual wish list, ‘2 Chick Same Time 3’ may be fun encouragement. The visual quality is a little up and down. But the actors, at least, don’t take themselves too seriously. So there’s just enough suspension of reality to make the situations (almost) believable. What more could someone ask for? Enjoy.

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