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2 Chicks On A Dick

2 Chicks On A Dick

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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SpookCentral's ratings for 2 Chicks On A Dick:
Overall Rating 2 stars
2 Chicks On A Dick overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks 2 Chicks On A Dick Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks 2 Chicks On A Dick Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 2 Chicks On A Dick Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 2 Chicks On A Dick Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 2 Chicks On A Dick DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 2 Chicks On A Dick A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by SpookCentral  on  10/4/2012
 SpookCentral @ Adult DVD Talk
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2 Chicks On A Dick is a Digital Sin 7-hour compilation DVD centering on the theme of threesomes with two gals and one guy. Usually with compilations, the main program is significantly less than the runtime stated on the case. I am happy to report that this is not only not true with this compilation, but that the actual runtime is TWO HOURS LONGER than the 5 hours stated on the case! My happiness ends there, however, as the disc opens up with one of the most repulsive things I have ever seen! After 20 seconds of unskippable legal text, I am FORCED to watch an unskippable 1 MINUTE AND 40 SECOND-LONG video of people who make more money in a day than I do in a month whining and complaining to me about how they're losing money from the people who pirate their movies. Mind you, as someone who paid for the DVD this video is being shown on, I'm not one of the people they're complaining about, yet I'm the one forced to view their propaganda. The people watching the pirated movies don't have to sit through this crap, yet I do! Does that make any damn sense? Shouldn't this propaganda be distributed via the torrents and "tube sites" where the alleged piracy is taking place? Adding in the 20 seconds of legal screens that preceded it, I'm forced to sit through TWO WHOLE MINUTES of crap that I can't bypass in any way, shape, or form... AND IT'S ON BOTH DISCS!!! The only thing Digital Sin/New Sensations is accomplishing with this anti-piracy propaganda is to get more people to pirate their products because they're not giving any reason for people to legitimately buy them. I'm actually going to stay clear of Digital Sin/New Sensations products because of this unskippable anti-piracy propaganda. When the porn studios start copying the sleezy tactics of the Hollywood studios, you know things are bad. They all could learn a lesson from Universal Studios UK, who positively rewards their customers for buying their products with a very short video on disc boot-up THANKING them for supporting their local film and television industry.

On top of that crap, there's a Digital Sin logo embedded into the video in the lower right corner of the screen. Again, did I legitimately pay for this disc, or am I pirating it? Apparently, according to Digital Sin/New Sensations, there's no difference between the two. Anyone who buys their products is treated like a pirate and is forced to have a watermark encoded into the video they paid for. Yes, I know that other studios are doing it too (I read that Vivid is another culprit), but that doesn't make it right. To use the old adage, if Vivid jumps off a bridge, is Digital Sin/New Sensations going to jump off too? On the plus side, if you can count this as a positive, the Digital Sin logo is very faint and hardly noticable at times. It's not as visible as the New Sensations logo used on the company's New Sensations-branded products.

As for the main program itself, It's a HUGE POSITIVE that you're getting seven hours of footage! Unfortunately, that comes with what I consider to be a negative: too few scenes. In seven hours, there should be more than just 11 scenes. I'd expect about 30-35 scenes, running about 10-15 minutes each. Every scene on this compilation runs about 30 minutes or longer, with one running an hour long! I feel that's way too long. Some might disagree with me, of course. I'm not saying that every scene needs to be a 5-minute quickie, but you could fit two nicely-paced scenes in the amount of time you get only one scene here.

• Date Of Compilation: 2012
• Runtime (h:m:s): 7:05:53 [Disc 1 is 3:47:47, Disc 2 is 3:18:06]
• Number Of Scenes: 11 [Scene 1 is brand new & never-before-seen]
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen

Scenes 1-6 are on Disc 1, Scenes 7-11 are on Disc 2.

Movie: [brand new & never-before-seen]
Stars: Bea Stiel, Yoha, Zenza Raggi
Length: 36:32
Movie: Double Play 7 (2008)
Stars: Rachel Roxxx, Gianna Lynn, Mark Ashley
Length: 35:37
Movie: All About Sadie (2009)
Stars: Sadie West, Jenny Hendrix, Domenic Kane
Length: 44:33
[After a little g/g time, the ladies put lingerie on!]
Movie: 3 Way Fantasy (2011)
Stars: Zorah White, Ivana Sugar, David Perry
Length: 41:45
Movie: No Holes Barred (2011)
Stars: Bianca Arden, Bianca Lovely, James Brossman
Length: 32:05
Movie: Double Play 6 (2008)
Stars: Viki La Vie, Leah Livingston, Mark Ashley
Length: 35:33
Movie: Slim & Busty (2011)
Stars: Nikki Benz, Monique Alexander, Erik Everhard
Length: 38:38
[over 7 minutes until the first bit of nudity; much less sex]
Movie: Ashlynn's Reality Check (2007)
Stars: Ashlynn Brooke, Ashley Jensen, James Deen
Length: 35:11
[over 11 minutes until the first bit of nudity; much less sex]
Movie: She Only Takes Diesel 5 (2008)
Stars: Stunning Summer, Cameron Love, Shane Diesel
Length: 28:16
Movie: Momma's Fun Bags (2011)
Stars: Raylene, Carolyn Reese, Erik Everhard
Length: 35:36
[over 6 minutes until the first bit of nudity; much less sex]
Movie: Baby Loves A Big Dick (2011)
Stars: Bettina DiCapri, Sunny Diamond, Frank Major
Length: 59:05
[Actually two scenes in one. For the first 26:35, Bettina fucks Frank to completion. For the last 32:30, she walks across the room to Sunny; Frank eventually joins in; another cumshot at the end.]


Pick Your Pleasure
All of the footage from all of the scenes broken up into several distinct categories:
   • Tease - 43:03 on Disc 1, 36:52 on Disc 2
   • Blowjob - 25:31 on Disc 1, 24:24 on Disc 2
   • Doggystyle - 38:51 on Disc 1, 39:54 on Disc 2
   • Missionary - 33:19 on Disc 1, 23:44 on Disc 2
   • Cowgirl - 1:04:15 on Disc 1, 29:30 on Disc 2
   • Popshot - 10:25 on Disc 1, 8:30 on Disc 2

Photo Gallery (6:05) (same on both discs)
The slideshow consists of 73 still photos, which are all shown in full 16:9 widescreen (some are pillarboxed or letterboxed to fit the screen). A chapter mark is placed at the start of every photo, easily allowing you to skip to the next photo, or go back to the previous ones. There is no text or watermarks over the photos, so you can view them all unobstructed. The photos are grouped by scenes, but are not in the same order as the scenes in the main program.

Trailers (same on both discs)
Trailers for the following compilations: 2 Holes 1 Pole, Vol. 2 (2009), 2 Heads R Better Than 1, Vol. 2 (2007), and 3 Way-Stravaganza! (2008).

Fantasy Lingerie (same on both discs)
Two short commercials (1:05 and 1:02) for the website.

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