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2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2

2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Anal , Interracial , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality 2 Big, Two Black For Her White Crack 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  3/13/2011

Prologue I don't usually review warmed over web content DVD's, but this one from Dog Fart, presumably from their Blacks on Blondes site, has two things going for it that I find irresistible. Amy Brooke and Clayra Beau (Clara here). Amy's one of the most exciting young women in the industry, and Clayra is a more mature woman having trouble finding some traction in the world of porn, but it can't be because of her looks or lack of willingness to get dirty, as this video will attest. Every female participant gets two dicks, big and black, and I think they all get DP'd. This is the fucking big leagues, and not for the weak of heart. The cover girl is Euro blonde Carla Cox, who has made the rounds of interracial and gang bangs. Missy Woods is another star of note here, but I'm totally unfamiliar with Ryzele and Haley, and I believe one of them is a bonus scene. Not a great deal of information to be culled from the box cover, and I know that website DVD's rarely put much into presentation outside the scenes.
It's a crappy day in LA, and Amy Brooke, hanging out with Shane Diesel, is bemoaning the fact that she can't go to the beach. He suggests an amusement park but Amy shoots that down, deciding taking a ride on his cock would be better. And inviting a friend to fill her would be better still. He takes her to his place and whips out his fat hog, telling Amy to shut up about the other guy and just suck him. She likes taking orders and does a nice job of sucking nuts. If only his cock was as hard as his attitude. Rico Strong shows up while Amy is rubbing cock all over her face. She orders him to fuck her face as things get heated. Rico gives her the long one to play with and Amy tries to deep throat it. Double bj from this hot slut, then a striptease to enflame her lovers. She lets them know that her asshole is a party and they're both invited, as well as expecting a DP. She sets up to be spit roasted and tells Rico to stick it in her butt and fuck her into Shane's dick. No lube. No ceremony. Right up the shit chute. No problem. Jaw breaker in her mouth. A2M after not too much fucking. Amy gives a foot job and the guys trade ends, Shane filling her tight pussy. She soaks his cock as he stretches her, then the log goes up her ass. Amy is so fucking hot, and her conversation with the two invaders shows her holding her own in every respect. Shane gapes her and Rico makes a booty call as they change ends again. Another gape, and Shane drops into the vacated hole over the top. Rico sticks her pussy in doggy for a most unconventional DP, albeit a short one. A2M, P2M, piledriver vag from Rico. He tastes her pussy and Shane nibbles on her feet. Piledriver anal, then DP. Shane fingers her pussy while Rico plumbs her colon, then they get her squirting, then A2M, and a submissive, no hands bj. Rico lays himself out for Amy to ride, her pussy making the pink sock as it stretches on the out stroke. Quite a sight as her little cunt is dropping all the way down the rod, gobbling up the man meat as though it was bottomless. Amy loves being called a dirty whore, owning up to her sluthood. Shane goes over the top to fill her ass, and hard. He doesn't last long. At least not as long as Amy wants. Rico takes her solo from underneath and gives Amy a ball whipping. Shane has her crawl to suck his dick, Rico joining them for an up and over anal. Doggy vag, Amy asking Rico to fuck her into Shane's cock. He doesn't listen. CG anal on Shane, her ass never looking more full or finer. Mr. Softee has trouble staying in, so he attacks Amy's g-spot and she rewards him with a torrent of squirt. Right in his mouth. He mashes her lips to trade it back like a liquid snowball, then retreats to the couch to beat his meat while Rico continues the heavy lifting in CG vag. Not long before she's on her knees and Shane is dropping a sweet load right into her mouth. She sucks out the remains and moves on to Rico for more creamy delights. Amy cleans the cocks and validates her credentials as a black cock slut.
Despite the obvious flaws here, there aren't many women in the world that could not only take what Amy got dished out to her, but would actually go for more. Most women would have been reduced to pulp. All Amy could say was "Don't stop fucking me!" Totally amazing. Incredibly nasty when Amy gushes into Shane's mouth and gets it shotgunned back into hers. A great scene, as well as a primer on what Amy Brooke is all about.
Covergirl Carla Cox introduces herself and lets us know she's taking two big black cocks in both her holes. Rico Strong and Byron Long want a Czech lesson before the festivities begin, and Carla sweet talks them into getting grabby. The meat comes out and Carla's eyes bug, her mouth opens, and a double bj ensues. While the guys are shedding clothing, they have Carla put on a little show. She's got a sweet little body and a horny disposition, getting back to sucking dick as soon as they reappear. Byron splits the wickets from behind while Rico feeds her face. Nice long strokes get Carla dreamy and his dick wet. He hits it hard and she sucks it harder. They turn her to exchange holes, the pace picking up, Carla continuing the dirty talk in Czech. RC on Long, Carla's intensity stoked as she pogos on the big hog. Cut to a modified mish with Long and her mouth over Strong. The deep dicking might have pushed her over to a little orgasm, and then he switches gears to a side entry anal penetration. Cut to an RCA penetration shot with Rico, Carla making it disappear nicely, her gaping pussy looking like an open invitation. Byron knows, and he's ready to serve, starting as the CG anchor, Rico providing the butthole boogie to complete the DP. Carla's lit up and swinging her ass into harm's way, showing them she's really into this. So hot when it all works out like this. Carla squirts on Byron's dick and keeps going back for more. Mish anal with Rico, who can't resist gaping her. Vaginal mish with Byron, who hits it good and hard before sinking into her ass. She's digging it as he probes deeply, then stirs it up. Cut to a hard standing doggy, Carla begging for a facial. She drops to the floor and gets painted with cum, thick and sticky. Post pop head for Long and Strong to the fade.
Carla was great. She loved the vag work, and surprisingly, was almost as into the anal as much. The DP portion was relatively short, but the flow of the scene was pretty good, if not totally continuous.
Ryzele is buck naked, a teacher reading out loud from a book, with a new guy and Jason Brown the audience. They don't seem to be paying attention to her recital, and she wants to know what she can do to change that. Dicks are unsheathed and Ryzele kneels on the floor. Skinny, with glasses that make her look like Tina Fey, she moves her head back and forth on the two huge cocks. One on one POV bj's, then doggy on the couch with a spit roast. Ryzele shows off her flexibility by putting her legs back by her ears and takes a deep dicking to her unprotected hole. Nice visual of a fat cock stuffing her cunt and pulling out the pink sock on the backstroke. She gets spooned, an RC on Jason, cock in her face at every station and dicks getting amazingly deep in this skinny girl. When she lets her hair down, Ryzele gets more active on the sticks. They challenge her to open the other hole and she agrees to try, even though she's all but certain they won't fit. In the meantime she's burying a whopper in her stomach as the negotiate. Ryzele starts with the bigger of the two cocks in RC. taking half up her shit chute. The other one isn't much easier, but she's game. Doggy anal, then up and over as they try to loosen up the tight hole. Ryzele shows a big gape, then a cut to her on the floor begging for a facial. A couple of big loads cover her face and glasses, Ryzele doing some cleanup with her tongue.
This would be the scene that cleaves closest to the title of the video. They were clearly too big for her crack. Also blew my whole theory of all DP scenes out of the water, but I don't think Ryzele could have managed it. Once they went anal, she was just stuck. A below average scene.
Rico Strong turns down Missy Woods for an apartment due to bad credit. She wants it bad enough to trade favors to get it. Not long before her tits are out and Rico's lapping at her pussy, but she wants to keep up her end of the bargain, pulling out his giant dick and showing some enthusiasm for licking stick. Janitor Wesley Pipes walks in on them, and Missy figures to help the help. Wesley puts a lip lock on her twat and Rico continues to feed her. Double bj on her knees, then gets spit roasted as Rico takes her in doggy. Cut to CG on Wesley, who's living out a rape fantasy as he instructs Missy to resist his stroke. He has her stick his dick in her ass for a nice initial reaming. RC on Rico while Missy sucks the ass off Wesley's pipe. The pussy pumping gets her animated, then doggy vag with Wes, putting Missy back on the rotisserie. He picks her leg up and goes back into her butt, cock foaming from whipped up lube. They move to RCA on the couch for a long anal sequence that leaves Rico as an audience. She moves over to Rico and CG on an easy chair. Her rosebud is red and swollen, but it's not shut down enough to turn down her first month's rent for free. Wesley moves in for the kill, and they're soon trashing her holes with energy. RCA on Wes, Rico completing the DP from the top. She takes this onslaught until they're ready to spill, taking a double facial on her knees. The apartment is hers.
I'm pretty sure that Missy is no stranger to this type of action, but she seemed challenged by the size here. She did well.
Rico Strong and Sean Michaels are apartment hunting, and blonde Clayra Beau is a rental agent hoping to help them out. She's curious about their need for so much room, and they tell her it's to fuck white women. Clayra's curious about the pervasive stereotype of black men being hung, and they spring right into action. Her lovely tits are pulled out and Clayra's ordered to the floor, getting eye to eye with monster meat. She tells them she's only going to suck dick, going from cock to cock with some gusto. The guys help Clayra out of her dress, getting a bit rough, then Rico fucks her in doggy, smacking up some ass. P2M, and spoon with Sean. The guys look like they've found a real comfortable place in her vaginal canal, and Clayra's taking all they've got, leaving her wetness on their respective shafts. P2M on Sean, Rico plugging back in. RC on Rico, Clayra declaring herself a black cock whore. RC with Sean, Clayra into it enough for him to power fuck her. Sean wants some ass and Clayra starts to freak, so he puts on the charm while they keep her pussy and mouth busy. She agrees "As long as your gentle". Clayra lowers herself onto Sean's stiffy in RCA, letting it sink in a little at a time. Rico acts as her pacifier while Sean continues to insinuate himself deeper. She rubs up that nice phat pussy while getting into the anal sex more and more. Clayra moves over to Rico for a vaginal RC, sucking the dick out of her ass. She might even have orgasmed here, Sean's cock muffling her throat. It's decided that she'll try a DP, having seen it in a video once, and Sean gets her ass again in RCA. Rico fills the gap and Clayra moves her body into the cock onslaught. She's totally with them on this, and it would be even better if Rico would stop pulling out. She sucks the pussy juice, then takes an anal spit roasting. There's a hint that things got a little messy, then a cut to Clayra begging for seed as the dicks are flogged over her face. Sean must have really been turned on because he drops a thick load on Clayra's glasses, then watches as Rico matches his swimmers from the other side. Clayra licks them clean, gives the guys the apartment with three months free so long as she and her friends can come over.
Clayra is very sexy and gets totally uninhibited. She looks like a hot librarian, and they do a nice job of breaking her down and turning her out. Very nice scene.
A very weird beginning for Haley's scene as she stumbles into Darren James and Byron Long, claiming she can't see and wants cock. Undressed in the blink of an eye and writhing on a convenient cot in an outdoor patio, Haley gets down to sucking cock. She's manic and hungry, seeing the light as Long's cock shades her face from above. James fucks her in seated mish, then raises up and pushes Haley into Byron's cock like she was a see-saw. Cut to Long taking her in doggy as she continues to keep her mouth occupied. Haley likes it hard and implores Long to hit it harder. She's an ok looking woman, but she has a nasty scar on her right ass cheek. I'd like to hear the story on how that happened. Byron takes her ass, going up and over. Cut to RC with Darren, Haley looking like she's really enjoying herself. She does a grind in the anal version, then another cut to Haley fucking Byron in CG, Darren joining for the DP. Her mantra is "Hard and deep. Pound it." RCDP, Long remaining in the pussy. Cut to rotisserie action, Long taking her ass after some hardening strokes. He scissors in the up and over, trying to drive his balls through to the other side. Mish anal with James, hardly sparing the rod as he digs her out. Piledriver anal with Long, then James, for an ass plunging train. Cut to Haley on her knees, lapping at balls and playing with her pussy, waiting for cum. Darren gives her a nice pop to the mouth, dripping onto her neck and tits. Long stays on the mouth with a nice load. Black cock was her miracle cure for blindness.
Fast moving scene with lots of edits. Kind of a silly premise, even for porn. Haley gave it her all and never looked in distress. Still, it wasn't much of a scene.
Bonus Scene: Aurora Snow is in a sexy black dress. So short it doesn't even cover her snatch. She hasn't had black cock in her ass recently, and she stirs up her pussy in anticipation. She'd like more than one, but in the meantime, she has toys to play with. A pink vibrator for her sweet slit, her potty mouth in high gear, telling us all the things she's going to do with her black cocks. Anal beads are next, running from tiny to fat, for a couple of passes in her rectum. A nice size butt plug is next, Aurora forcing that bad boy all the way in, her cocks arriving as she finishes planting it. Prince and Sledge Hammer provide the hole fillers, and they are prodigious. Aurora gets right to gagging and two handing them, just the way we like her. CG on Prince, Sledge feeding the mouth meat. P2M. RC on Hammer. Tongue tricks for Prince. He gets extra points from me for playing with Aurora's sweet tits as the bounce around. P2M. Prince bends her over for doggy and Hammer puts Aurora on the spit. Double suck bj. Seated mish with Hammer, Prince skull fucking her. She goes anal with Prince, in mish. Her pussy is raw and ass gapes abound. A2M. Hammer gets some butt love in RCA, making Aurora work and stretch to accommodate. A2M between plantings as they work to keep his whopper on her tight ass. CG anal with Prince. The object is to produce more gapes before the cum feeding. A2M, then Aurora's ready for her cum bath. Hammer lays his load in her mouth. Prince likewise. Aurora's happy.
It's an Aurora Snow scene, so there isn't much to complain about. She's spewing filth from that seemingly innocent mouth, and slinging her ass like a two bit whore.
Epilogue In any compilation of scenes, including "Best Of" series, there tend to be standout scenes along with pure filler. No different here. The disc starts out smoking with Amy Brooke putting on a great display. Carla Cox surprised me with her enthusiasm, and put in a very good scene. Then we hit filler territory. Ryzele just didn't cut it in any way, shape, or form. Missy Woods did ok, but I'm not rushing to catch up on her output. Clayra spiked the momentum for one last time, offering a lush natural body and great attitude, and making it all work out. Five or six years ago, she would have been busier than a bumble bee in porn valley. Shame. The Haley scene was just a throw in, and pretty old too, considering it contained Darren James, who has been HIV+ since 2004. The bonus of Aurora Snow was close enough to the title to be considered an integral part of this video, even if it was thrown in as an extra, and it was very good. I suspect that these scenes have been subjected to additional editing from their original presentation, but can't be sure of that. Some of the scenes just seemed to be cut a little more than they should have been. All in all, I'd say this was an above average DVD.
The Disk The aforementioned bonus scene, photo gallery, trailers, and cumshot recap.
Recommendation Amy Brooke collectors will want to own this, and it definitely rates a rental. If you love this content, then the website is probably a good deal.

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