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18 and Nasty 26

18 and Nasty 26

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Amateur , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Speelie's ratings for 18 and Nasty 26:
Overall Rating 4 stars
18 and Nasty 26 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks 18 and Nasty 26 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 18 and Nasty 26 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex 18 and Nasty 26 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 18 and Nasty 26 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 18 and Nasty 26 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality 18 and Nasty 26 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  4/6/2002
18 and Nasty 26
Directed by TT Boy
Devils Films
Released 11/2001
DVD 2/2002

Cast : Jana, Katerina, Edita (aka Carol), Janavi, Zuzana, Silvia (aka Queen Afghanistan), Michelle (aka Victoria), Nacho Vidal, Teo (aka Franco Roccaforte), TT Boy

I’ve already explained the concept of the “Nachoribas” production house in my reviews of Nacho’s Killer Pussy and Tony Ribas’ Harcore Innocence lines of movies. These guys share female talent and make very similar movies. I recently learned that this goes farther than I realized, with Nacho sharing his actresses with TT Boy for the latest editions of the 18 and Nasty and Little White Chicks and Big Black Monster Dicks lines (TT seems to have taken over for Jake Steed on the latter).

I should point out that I usually detest TT Boy. He often seems unnecessarily crude with his female costars, fucking them like a blow-up doll that lacks any feelings. So I wasn’t sure what to expect with 18 and Nasty 26, but I was eager to see it, since I knew it had Nacho and a girl named Katerina who is also in Killer Pussy 10.

The movie, shot in Prague, opens with Nacho lying on a bed, with Katerina on one side of him, and Jana on the other. Both are tall, curvy young women with ripe bodies that include wonderful large breasts. Katerina has the face of an angel, enormously cute and with expressive eyes. Jana is a bit plain, but not bad looking, and has the sort of pale skin some guys love. I’ve noticed from the cover that she’s in Nacho’s Sexx the Hard Way 4, and I believe Katerina is too.

It’s 2am, and the girls are tired, but Nacho is eager for action, and after showing off the fine female flesh, starts groping the women. Why shoot so late? I’m guessing the two following scenes were filmed earlier in the same day. Nacho’s attention wakes them up, and they respond by blowing him, showing great enthusiasm. There’s lots of kissing (and laughing) all through the scene, with Nacho and Katerina showing extra fondness for each other. The ladies kiss and rub and lick each other too, when the positions allow. Nacho is having a great time, and thanks “Phillip” for letting him be part of this. “You’re telling everyone my name...” TT responds. Nacho grins, and corrects himself, “Thank you Troy,” (TT was a boxer years ago as “Troy the Boy”). After high energy fucking, each girl gets some fairly short anal. They then share Nacho’s cum, with the scene ending at the 26 minute mark.

Next we find Edita and Janavi sitting on a couch, where TT greets them. They are tight bodied blondes, and while both are pretty, I personally prefer Edita, who smiles a lot. Her body is nicely toned, with the exception that a few sit-ups couldn’t hurt. As “Carol” she is in Sexx the Hard Way 3, Killer Pussy 10, and Nacho’s Blowjob Impossible 3. Both women are apparently in the brand new LWCBBMD 15. Another star of that movie is Teo, otherwise known as Franco Roccaforte. He walks in, and TT greets him as, “a monster.” “No,” Teo grins, “Not a monster today.”

The girls begin to blow Teo, and Edita shows that she has the better onscreen presence. She does a great job through the long scene (46 minutes!) of paying attention to her costars while also looking sexily into the camera now and then. Teo’s a bit big for both girls, but Edita in particular has fun getting her pussy stuffed. While he is banging away at Janavi, TT convinces him to trade places. Teo takes over the camera for a few minutes, so that TT can enjoy the attention of the ladies. He devotes most of his time to having Janavi ride him, till he finally cums weakly. Then Teo is back in front of the camera, giving Edita one of the rides of her life. Janavi next gets down on her knees, and at first enjoys the powerful thrusts, while Teo and Edita French kiss. But after a while, she’s had enough, and starts to get a look of distress on her face. Teo slows down, and has the girls share his cumshot soon after. With the fire put out between her legs, Janavi manages a smile of relief, while Edita hardly stopped smiling the entire time.

We conclude with the best scene. TT is lying on a bed, and since it’s his movie, he has three lovely ladies with him. All are good looking and have slender, sleek bodies. Silvia is a cute half-Afghan brunette with a great atttiude. She and Nacho wore each other out in Blowjob Impossible 3, and she is also in LWCBBMD 15 and Rocco’s Initiations 4. Zuzana is blonde, and even better looking, and appears in Killer Pussy 9. Brunette Michelle gives her name as Victoria, and appears as such in Sexx the Hard Way 3 and LWCBBMD 15. She was just a month past her 18th birthday when this was shot, and is so pretty it is almost painful. TT has all three young women pose and tease, and then it becomes a free for all, with everyone licking, kissing, sucking and groping each other. All the girls get dicked, and TT keeps raving about how great they are, especially Michelle. He cums while fucking her, but thanks to the magic of editing, is immediately back in action. Zuzana looks especially good riding reverse cowgirl, and Michelle looks amazing doing anything. Meanwhile, Silvia is no slouch in any department. The fucking and sucking continues, and these girls are having even more fun than Jana and Katerina did in the first scene. TT finally cums again, and then shows off the female bodies for a few minutes more. “Not bad for 33, huh?” he asks them. 33? He’s been around for what seems like forever, I thought he must be 40. “Not bad for American boy?” is his next question. The girls assure him he did fine, and TT was so pleased with this scene that he announces plans to shoot more scenes in Prague. “American girls piss me off, stupid bitches. Fuck you, stupid bitches...” he declares, “’re whiny, crying, can’t take anything...” The girls just laugh, and tell him, “Czech girls are the best!” “And Slovakia!” one adds.

It is notable that aside from a brief, light choking of Javani, TT displays none of his customary “assholiness” in this movie. I have made the case for a while now that much of what is considered mysogynistic behavior in porn is really an attempt by male actors to get a response out of passive female costars. The women may be intimidated about fucking on camera, they may not care for the scenario, the guy might repulse or bore them (hello Ed), or they could be simply going through the motions to collect a paycheck. I don’t endorse or condone TT’s churlish behavior, but I can understand that to some extent it is elicited by the poor quality of the American women (sometimes genuine prostitutes, apparently) he often works with. The Czech performers in 18 and Nasty 26 show mostly outstanding energy and enthusiasm, so he can respect them and doesn’t need to provoke responses.

The movie has no meanness, and also no anal after the first scene. So in spirit it really is just like the Nachoribas movies, with the emphasis totally on the sex. The last scene runs 44 minutes, so while there are only three scenes, the running time is a respectable 116 minutes. I enjoyed it fully as much as the best related movies, such as Killer Pussy 9 & 10 and Blowjob Impossible 3. This sort of fun, high energy sex is what I watch porno for, and 18 and Nasty 26 made me feel good to be alive.

Still, I must point out that this is no-frills movie making. If you want a plot, or any set-up at all, you’ll be disappointed. No money was spent on sets or effects. But the women are young, pretty, and all natural, and the movie is perfectly shot for what it is. The picture quality is high, the lighting good, and the cameramen (TT, Teo, and probably Nacho in the last scene) capture all the action while emphasizing the lovely female bodies. The DVD is bare bones, with a small gallery of interesting action shots and decent biographies that match each girl with a photo while providing a few personal details (I don’t doubt that Katerina spent the rest of the night with Nacho, as is stated). There is only one chapter per scene.

In conclusion, I rated this so highly because of the attractive cast and fun sex. A movie such as Hardball 15 has sex that is just as good (with more anal, for better or for worse), and more of it, along with much more in the way of extras. I gave that one a 4.5, but these ratings are relative. This one gets an overall 4 because what is there is so good, but it should be recognized that 18 & Nasty 26 is an outstanding example in what is (overall) a lesser quality body of work. So I while I recommend purchasing it if you are collecting the Nachoribas movies, I do so with that caveat that you should pay less than you would for a Evil Angel or Private movie.

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