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astroknight 110% Natural (Red Light District) 2.5 stars110% Natural (Red Light District) 2.5 stars110% Natural (Red Light District) 2.5 stars
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110% Natural (Red Light District)

110% Natural (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for 110% Natural (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
110% Natural (Red Light District) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks 110% Natural (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 110% Natural (Red Light District) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex 110% Natural (Red Light District) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 110% Natural (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 110% Natural (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 110% Natural (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  4/25/2002
110% Natural
Directed by Tony Ribas
Red Light District
Simultaneous VHS & DVD release 11/2001

Cast : Sophie Evans (non-sex), Iana (aka Janna), Jazmin (aka Szabina), Isabella, Laura (aka Lara, Marchie), Sylvia, Mandy Bright, Lisa, Lilliana (aka Lili), Nacho Vidal, Franco Roccaforte (aka Teo), Mick Blue, Alberto Rey, Tony Ribas

This movie could be subtitled “Hardcore Innocence 3.5” as it is essentially no different from the other Nachoribas movies, and was made by Ribas between the release of his Hardcore Innocence 3 & 4 for Elegant Angel. This was during the time that Dion Giarrusso split from Elegant Angel, and founded Red Light District. At first, he was to launch his own wing of Elegant Angel as “Volcanic Entertainment,” and it was probably with this in mind that Ribas signed his latest movie over to Giarrusso. When Volcanic morphed into the totally separate Red Light, what would have been Hardcore Innocence 4 needed a new title. Since most of the women were busty, it became 110% Natural. In the months since its release, Ribas has reverted to working with Elegant Angel, releasing the actual HI 4 and Exxxplosion (which would have been HI 5, before Elegant Angel decided to revamp their movie lines). 110% Natural is somewhat the sister movie to Nacho’s Killer Pussy 8, with some of the same cast.

This episode opens with Ribas’ well-known Hungarian wife, Sophie Evans, introducing us to the movie, and some behinds the scenes footage is flashed, though it is nowhere else on the DVD. This is Sophie’s only part of the movie, aside from bidding us farewell at the end. If you are a fan of hers, don’t buy this to see her perform!

We cut to a curvy dyed blonde, who is in a bathtub, using the shower head on her big floppy breasts. After some more nice tease, Ribas joins her in a bedroom. What she lacks in looks she makes up with enthusiasm, as she blows and fucks Ribas. The latter then trades places with Nacho, getting behind the camera so his friend can get frisky with the blonde. I still haven’t figured out her name, but she sucks and fucks Nacho again in his Blowjob Impossible 3. Ribas and Nacho trade places some more, and she shows good energy with both, taking their loads willingly. (Hours after writing this, I saw her labelled as “Janna” on a box cover, and so she is probably the “Iana” listed at the end of this movie)

I’m not sure where the first scene was shot, but it is a room Nacho uses a lot in his recent titles. It could be in the infamous House of Ass, since that is where the rest of 110% Natural was shot. On the ledge of one of the house’s balconies we find cover girl Jazmin in the company of blonde Isabella, one of my favorite actresses of the last few years. Nacho is operating the camera, and he has a great rapport with both these ladies. Nacho and Isabella had tremendous fun with each other in both Killer Pussy 8 and Rocco’s True Anal Stories 14, while Jazmin, who first came to notice as “Szabina” in Buttman’s Big Tit Adventure 5 and The Voyeur 15, gets it on with Nacho in Killer Pussy 7 and Hardcore Innocence 4, and appears in his Sexx the Hard Way 2.

TANGENT ALERT**** Isabella is reported by Private (Matador 9) to be Romanian. I have separately established that her buddy Sandra (aka Mary) is indeed Romanian. Both women get along fine with their Hungarian fellow porn actresses, though to say that Romanians and Hungarians “hate” each other might be understating the case. Jazmin is definitely Hungarian, and she and Isabella do some conversing in Magyar, a language that ethnic-Romanians don’t study. This scene has led me to conclude that Isabella (and Sandra) are probably from the large ethnic-Hungarian community around Timiosara (Temesvar in Magyar, the capitol of the Banat), in western Romania. **** END TANGENT

Both women have lovely, slightly curvy bodies, and pretty faces. Isabella in particular has a wonderful sense of humor, and speaks fluent English. Nacho jokes and kids with them a bit, and gets Isabella to pour some water on the little piece of fabric covering Jazmin’s breasts. Isabella shows her devilish side by then pouring the remaining water on Nacho’s crotch. Her punishment is to suck the moisture off of the bulge in his underwear, and naturally, Jazmin soon joins in. Somehow, Nacho’s cock emerges, and when Jazmin puts her lips on it, Nacho sighs, and calls her by her other name of “Szabina.” After some more tease, Ribas joins the fray, and Nacho hands the camera to someone (Roccaforte?). Isabella has spent plenty of time with Nacho in the other movies I listed, so for some variety she spends the rest of the scene with Ribas, while Jazmin does the same with Nacho. These couples really enjoy each other’s company, laughing and kissing, and fucking for all they’re worth. The action soon moves indoors, and the intercourse goes on for a long time, leaving everyone panting and sweaty (Ribas got used as a stud toy on those same couches by Barbarella and Nikki in Killer Pussy 8 at about the same time, and I feel sorry for the springs!). Ribas pulls out from mish fucking to launch a massive shot onto Isabella’s stomach and chest, while Jazmin rolls over from getting spooned by Nacho just in time to help stroke out his cum.

The next view is one of the sexiest I have ever seen. Good f-ing God, Laura is just too hot as she licks (almost fellates) a red ice-pop. She has a pouty face and sensuous eyes, which go with her tight curvy body to cry out that she was born for fucking on screen. The dusky brunette sits against a railing along an edge of the grounds, with Budapest spread out in the distance behind. After three minutes of incredible tease, Mick Blue joins her. There’s lots of caressing and making out before she drops down to blow him, something she does with wonderful dedication. I could almost imagine Jackyl’s song “She loves my cock” playing in the background. Laura then mounts Mick cowgirl, before bending over for a long, beautiful session of standing doggy, all perfectly filmed. She looks just as good on her back in the grass, getting screwed in missionary. The camera cuts away for a moment, to show Alberto Rey watching the action. No doubt he was drawn outside by her deep moans of delight! The twosome becomes a threesome as Mick and Laura join Alberto on a picnic table. Her mouth treats Alberto’s cock just as kindly as it did Mick’s, and then the guys fuck her in various positions. The scene has already gone on for quite a while when the anal begins, which evolves into a vigorous DP. Eventually, half an hour after it all began, each guy strokes a load onto Laura’s perfect breasts, before she gives Mick post cum head. Laura appears with Isabella in Killer Pussy 8, and as “Marchie” is in Superfuckers 10 (which I’ve never seen). Apparently, as “Lara,” she is also in 110% Natural 2, which is again from Red Light District, but is an unrelated product directed by David Luger. I’ll have to investigate this!

Around the corner, at the house’s playground, sultry 1 by Day model Sylvia teases the camera and fondles her lovely breasts. She’s a tall, slender brunette, who looks much better here than in the more recent Big Natural Tits 4 (though she has a much more active role there). She’s joined by Mandy Bright, who looks to be the victim of a bad makeup artist. Mandy is tall and curvy, and anyone who has seen Beautiful Girls 4 knows that she is actually quite pretty, but here she appears very plain. She is a veteran of a lot of Nachoribas work, and about this same time Nacho gave her the fucking of a lifetime by the house’s indoor pool in Killer Pussy 8. She joined Jazmin with Nacho in Hardcore Innocence 4 for another sex-marathon, and was teamed with Roccaforte in Sexx the Hard Way 4.

Sylvia and Mandy explore each other’s bodies a bit, and then Ribas joins the fun. Everyone licks and gropes each other, before Mandy gets fucked in several positions, while Sylvia gets her carpet munched by whomever is convenient. Sylvia doesn’t have any intercourse, which seems odd, but then this scene is strangely assembled. It is shorter than the others, and the photo gallery makes in clear that some moments were edited out, though not for any “naughty” reason. An ok, but rather weak scene ends with Mandy stroking Ribas’ load onto Sylvia’s heaving bosom.

Finally, 1 by Day model Lili (here “Lilliana”), a cute, skinny dirty-blonde poses on another balcony with tall, slender, black haired Lisa. The latter has nasty buck teeth, but once you can get past these, she’s rather pretty and shows great energy. She really shines in Hardball 15, shot about the same time at this house. One of her partners in that one is Roccaforte, who also turns up here, in the company of Mick Blue. After some light lez tease, the girls come inside to interrupt the guys’ chess match, which results in mutual oral pleasuring. Then both girls get fucked hard, in every position, by both guys. After everyone expends their lust, Lilliana strokes Mick’s cum onto her chest, and Lisa does the same with Roccaforte. I was surprised she didn’t do anal, since she takes Roccaforte and Rey hard and deep up her ass in Hardball 15.

The movie ends with credits that include some names that differ from those listed on the cover (“Lilliana” is here, but not on the box, and while Jazmin is once again “Sabina”), as Sophie appears again to get a hose turned on her. The wet clothes highlight how nicely toned her body is, as she waxes rhapsodic about all the lovely breasts just on the screen. A good movie might have been even better if she and the hubby got it on.

The DVD extras amount to a decent photo gallery. That’s all. This was Red Light’s first release, and the Nachoribas movies don’t normally have much in the way of extras, so perhaps there wasn’t time to add any of the sort of extras Red Light now uses.

As with most of the Nachoribas titles, 110% Natural is all about the sex. An attractive cast fucks each other silly, and has a lot of fun along the way. The extreme good of the Laura scene balances the weakness of the Sylvia/Mandy one, and even that moment isn’t terrible. Most of the couplings involve very good chemistry, and I can (and have) watched Laura’s scene over and over. If you need extensive anals and DPs to enjoy a movie, you can comfortably skip this one, but for simple, no frills sex, I recommend it as a rental. And if you are collecting all the Nachoribas titles, 110% Natural is another must-buy.

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