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110% Natural 13

110% Natural 13

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for 110% Natural 13:
Overall Rating 3 stars
110% Natural 13 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks 110% Natural 13 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 110% Natural 13 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex 110% Natural 13 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting 110% Natural 13 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras 110% Natural 13 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality 110% Natural 13 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/20/2007
Welcome fans to a new one from John Strong and the series features some pretty girls who all have two things in common, namely large natural breasts!! I'm not talking huge but good sized titties and among the girls you see include Denice K, Bree Olson, Malia Love, Angelica Raven, & Rucca Page. John's brought in a couple buds to help tame these hotties so I say let's get right to some highlights as our first girl's anxious to go.

Bree Olson with John Strong:

Well there certainly have been lots of words typed about this girl and more important for porn companies lots of dvds and loads have been launched to her pretty face, perfect sized boobs and I'd say she's a pretty nasty dirty talker and one of the best submissive girls working today. Bree's willing to do whatever and I mean whatever needs to be done to please her man and I've seen several good scenes from her in this past year already. The scene here starts with some herky jerky shots for the tease and I wasn't to keen on that. I like to see the girl slowly lose her clothes coupled with some sexy eye contact and with how the camera shots kept moving so fast and not settling on Bree for long I wasn't drawn immediately into the scene so I was glad when that stopped.

You then get Bree with smoldering eyes blazing a trail from the screen to our cock crawling over to where John's sitting and instantly his cock disappears withing her mouth. Bree can certainly work a cock with the best of them as evidenced here, she can deep throat well, do some sexy licking around the shaft and yes sprinkle in some dirty talk to get you in the mood. Nicely too the breasts are out and John does play with them a little and moving in up close you just get a spectacular shot of them. Sexwise they start with a good breast position in spoon and Bree's moaning up a storm as John drills her and it only gets better when they get to reverse where the tits dance the tango, lambada, the twist, name any dance and these titties were doing it, just awesome movment. Bree's got quite the nice butt too so a turn in cowgirl was in order and the footage doesn't disappoint. The two have good chemistry going, it's more a full on fuck assault, not passionate ala Manuel maybe but this kind of raw power fucking suits Bree to a T. John splooges on those boobs with Bree offering cleanup and licking at the jizz on her boobs. Bree has it working on all cylinders now folks and perhaps the next area for her to tackle if she's interested in some feature work and yeah that might disappoint her rabid gonzo fans but I think she just might have the chops to be the type of all around performer like a Hillary Scott so I hope someone gives her a try.

Denice K with Michael Stefano:

Up next we have a girl I've been admiring now for a couple years. Denice has flat out one of the sexiest bodies in porn from an engaging face to marvelous melons and yeah she's packing a good booty too so like Bree before I'd put Denice in the total package category. The same herky jerky style tease begins her scene too and you get some shots of her tits but it's so uneven, not lasting long I'd just FF and I hate saying that until you get to the more solid footage.

Once that stops we have Michael coming right in going right after her tits and Denice is so sexy licking her nipples as Michaels doing the other one. Already I'm detecting a much different feel for this scene and it's one I really love watching. The passion is written all over Denice's face and Michael's among the best cocksmen today at bring such a performance out of a girl. Denice just lets it all out and watching the breast play followed by Michael eating her pussy out. I was on porn cloud 9 watching their energy which was so in tune it was amazing to watch and makes this probably Denice's best scene I've ever seen. The sex only feeds off the excellent tease they began with her tits and pussy. Lovely turns in both cowgirl and reverse where Denice has those titties dancing up quite the storm and wearing her enjoyment all over her face plus a few ringing endorsements flow from her mouth. Michael ends the scene blasting a substantial load down upon both tits and just to see how giddy Denice was as he was popping just put a bow on this fabulous scene, easily one of the best 1-1 scenes I've seen this year and I hope it's recognized at awards time in Vegas next year.

Malia Love with Mr. Pete:

There's a very nice busty girl who greets us in the next scene and watching her frantic tease unfold you can tell she's stacked and yeah possessing a nice bottom too. You see a little oil/lotion spread over her tits making them shiny and there's a quick lick at her nipple but again it's all moving to fast for me and no pausing at all to appreciate what is obviously a hot body.

Thankfully we do get some time to do that plus it involves Malia sucking off Pete and some titty fucking ensues also. Sadly Pete doesn't seem interested in sucking on her tits but he does show some interest in checking out Malia's ass and she's also a girl I'd put in the total package category having a pretty face, big natural boobs, and a jiggly PHAT Ass! Pete doesn't do oral which I would have liked to see but instead goes right to laying pipe doggiestyle and the floor shot from the side shows those titties jiggling nicely. In the spoon position Pete is at least courteous enough to lift her boob up so Malia can suck on a nipple and I really enjoyed the close shots in cowgirl. A good ass like this should always get the cowgirl treatment and like so many others Malia's ass looks awesome sliding up and down, no anal but still a great shot. Pete ends the sceen laying his load on those large hooters and there's a little rubbing in but nothing else. After two really good scenes this one fell a little off the pace for me.

Angelica Raven with John Strong:

On we go with this scene beginning with some up close shots on Angelica but again we don't linger long and the picture keeps moving about. You see the girl but nothing stays in focus for to long before the shot changes and I hope this doesn't continue in the next volume. I see Angelica licking at her nipples briefly but again can't really enjoy it because the shot doesn't stay on the screen longer than a second maybe.

Once the tease stops we dissolve nicely to Angelica engulfing John's cock and the sideways shot always gives a good representation of a blowjob plus she mixes in both softer style with the gagging style so a little of both ends of the bj spectrum. Oh my the reverse here was so good, the bouncing of her tits was just as you'd want with reverse plus they work in a good floor shot which really drives the excellence of this position home. John also slips in that ass for some doggie anal and finally drops his load on those boobs and you have Angelica rubbing the jizz in and the perfect ending would have seen her licking up that cum from those freshly glazed tits but for whatever reason they only fade out.

Rucca Page:

The final scene features one more busty babe and she's got on some red fishnet which hugs those hooters tight. In the fast moving tease you see Rucca work them out and yeah caressing with some shaking but by now I'm just wishing to get right to the scene I don't like this tease style at all.

We finally stop and find Rucca with the tits out doing a little pussy stroking when an erect John Strong walks up and she goes after his cock like a pro. Good style from Rucca doing a little deep throating, hand jerking, good eye contact and she lets John have his way too a bit doing the popping the cock out from the mouth real quick. Sexwise the best shots definitely come in anal with reverse anal featuring some amazing boob flopping and you get some good ass shots when he opens Rucca up for vag doggie. This allows John a chance to spank that ass red as he is pumping. Mr. Strong makes the easy move up to her ass to continue the hard doggie action and this time we close with the pop going into her mouth with Rucca swallowing.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good dvd but was kept from being in the near great category for me anyway from how the teases were shot. I didn't like the herky jerky stuff and it didn't do the girls full justice either as we don't linger on their bodies as they are revealed instead moving around so fast one second showing her tits, the next they're covered. I just hope this is only shot for this volume and next one features a more steady flowing shot for the tease and I still hope and hope someone will shoot some consistent footage of a woman licking her nipples. I can't be the only one who finds this erotic and when you have such glorious tits as Bree or Denice in the mix you owe it to the fans to fully pleasure those breasts and that means more than having the girl caress them for a short time. Let them both get into the licking and you got a perfect example of that in the second scene with Denice and Michael which for me was by far the best scene on this disc but I also thought Bree and John had some good raw power fucking going on in their scene and the remaining scenes also had moments but those first two clearly rose about the others. Extras here include a photo gallery, a popshot recap and some BTS so check it out for more hot boob footage. Worth a rental at least for the girls in the cast especially Bree and Denice.

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