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10 Man Cum Slam 11

10 Man Cum Slam 11

Studio: Kick Ass
Category:  Gangbang
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MisterNoGood's ratings for 10 Man Cum Slam 11:
Overall Rating 3 stars
10 Man Cum Slam 11 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks 10 Man Cum Slam 11 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 10 Man Cum Slam 11 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex 10 Man Cum Slam 11 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 10 Man Cum Slam 11 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 10 Man Cum Slam 11 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality 10 Man Cum Slam 11 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by MisterNoGood  on  7/31/2005
Up first is 23 year old Estella Leon. This Puerto Rican girl has long black hair, a slight acne problem going on, and kinda plain looking. After all the interviews are over, she lifts up her shirt to play with her boobies until her nips get hard. Estella lifts up her mini-skirt and masterbates for a short time. When the guys enter, she gets to her knees to aggressively suck on the dicks pointing in her face. Often Estella uses her hands to stroke the guys at the same time she is blowing them. She may not have the looks of other porn stars, but she certainly has the energy. This greedy girl places two dicks into her mouth at the same time to suck on, then its onto inhaling them deep one at a time. Estella gets on her back for some inverted bjs and she uses her hand to play with their nuts as they bounce up and down in her face, then the guys sit on her chest to face fuck her. Once back to her knees the guys do a little bit of forced deepthroat on her and one guy jerks off into her open mouth and she looks into the camera and swallows. Estella then does some deepthroat and facefucking with the remaining guys, and another pops a load into her mouth and she turns to the camera and swallows. Still craving for more cum, Estella quickly sucks on the guys and the third jerks off into her open mouth, but the first blast hits her cheek, and the rest onto her tongue. Again this nasty girl turns to the camera and swallows, then takes another load from a sperm donor and she eagerly swallows that one as well. The fifth guy squeezes out a thick load right onto her tounge, and Estella turns to the camera and slowly wiggles her tongue from side to side then swallows. She then opens wide for the next blast of goo but the guy kept squirting onto her cheek and chin, and as if dying of thirst, she uses her finger to push all the jizz into her mouth and swallow. Estella spins to the other side and grabs a guy by his nuts as he jerks off onto her tongue and she swallows. The eighth guy stands up and proudly shoots seven cumblasts into her mouth and Estella turns her head to the camera and swallows the big load. She opens wide for the next guy to dump his load and she swallows, then the tenth guy cranks out a dribble of cum onto her tongue for her to swallow. Estella playfully masterbates for a short time, then a bonus eleventh guy squirts a load onto her face and mouth and she swallows. Estella performed well with alot of energy. Unfortunatly during the bjs she didnt make much eye contact with the camera, in fact often her eyes were closed while she sucked their dicks. At least during the cumshots she made some eye contact and kept eyes open.

Trica Oaks, a very pretty blonde with a butterfly tatoo between her medium sized boobs, slowly gets undressed. Soon little Trica has alot of men surrounding her with their wieners pointing in her face. Trica looks into the camera, grabs a guy by the base of his dick and sucks on him and uses her other hand to stroke the dick of another guy. Dick hungry Tricia takes many guys deep into her mouth, and she ends up with long line of pre cum on her chin from one of the guys cocks. While making great eye contact with the camera, Trica eagerly sucks on all the guys and soon there is more lines of pre cum and spit dripping off her pretty face. After a little bit of forced deepthroat and facefucking, the first guy aims it into her mouth, but most just drips straight down. She swallows what little entered her mouth. Tricia then blows a few more guys and one at a time they squeeze out a load into her mouth and she turns to the camera and, like a good girl, she swallows every time. Another guy makes a sperm deposit into her mouth for her to eat, then Trica gets a big facial blast and swallows what landed into her mouth. Guy number six cranks out three powerful blasts into her mouth for her to swallow then, one at a time, two more guys rub one out into her open mouth and she swallow while looking at the camera. The ninth guy leaks out a dribble into her mouth, then the tenth guy unloads into her mouth and Trica looks into camera, swallows, and smiles. Good scene. Trica made good eye contact with camera, and often used her hands on the guys dicks while she gave them hummers, and performed well.

The last scene is with the attractive redhead, Smokie Flame. She playfully lifts up her shirt a few times then slowly gets undressed. She gets to her knees and soon she is surrounded cocks. She slowly makes her way around the group of men softly sucking them and doing a little bit of deepthroat. The first guy unloads into her open mouth and she swallows while looking into the camera. Then a second guy squirts out a good amount of cum for her to swallow. Smokie sucks on two more guys and one at a time, they shoot cum into her mouth that she swallows. Smokie eagerly takes two more guys into her mouth and soon there is alot of pre cum and spit sliding off her cute face. One of the guy's shoots a large amount into her mouth for her to feed on, then the next guy follows up with a dribble onto her tongue. Trica turns her body to another guy and he squirts seven powerful blasts into her mouth to try to quench her thirst for sperm. Trica opens her mouth for the remaining men and one at a time two more guys unload into her mouth and she devoured both loads. She looks into the camera and the last guy squirts his cum into her mouth and she swallows. Trica performed well and made good enough eye contact to make it enjoyable.

In the extras section there is some bloopers from the cast.

On the postive side is that there are a few good scenes here. Two of the girls are attractive.

On the negative side is that sometimes the camera work can be weak. There is also a noticable difference in picture quality between the two cameras used to film the scenes. The interviews with the guys before the bjs start is just awful, I wish they would just do some good tease sequences. This series is supposed to be about the girls, I dont care what the guys are thinking about before the scene starts.

If you enjoy this series, you will like this one as well. If you are a serious bj fan you might want to purchase it or rent it.

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