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1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District)

1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VOYEURSKING's ratings for 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 1 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by VOYEURSKING  on  8/28/2005
Title: 1 In the Pink 1 In the Stink
Studio: Red Light District
Director: Robbie Fischer
Cast: Jayna Oso, Lyla Lei, Brandi Lyons, Ariana Jolee, Elizabeth Lawrence, Scott Lawrence, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano
Genres:: Straight, Amateurs, Double Penetration, Gonzo, Group Sex
Condoms: No
Reviewer: Voyeursking
Rating: 7 of 10

1 In the Pink 1 In the Stink

It is a movie that leaves the normal thing, that is to say that it has an erotic content that should take into account for future elections of movies of Robbie Fischer that it was not alone the director but also the cameraman of the movie. The girls completed unequally, highlighting the two oriental: Jayna Oso and Lyla Read, more the first one that the second that they demonstrated naturalness. Of the other alone Ariana Jolle has merits, because the other two are mediocre and not very natural in their erotic expressions, because their obligation is to impact visual and auditorily to the spectator, in the best possible form, and naturally. Of the boys it is also necessary to say that the acting is unequal, mainly at the moment of cumshot. There are some that surely take care of their feeding and whose semen gathers the qualities of a good visualization: compact, thick and abundant, and that the jets are potent, thick and well directed, but others ejaculate a thin, watery, almost transparent semen that you leave hardly, and that it impacts in weak and not well directed jets, and without the necessary forcefulness. These factors should be taken into account in future productions of Robbie, and we make it to him this way to notice with the hope that he listens to us. The users are also entitled to say, mainly when it is products that we in fact buy for our visual delight. What we want is beautiful girls that know to behave to the height of an erotic act that they know how to groan and to scream; boys of potent penis and with imagination, a good script and freedom for the improvisation and a natural handling of camera. On the whole Robbie gives at 1 in the Pink 1 in the stink, a qualification of seven on 10. Make an effort for the next one and I will give you more. VOYEURSKING.

TOTAL: 2 hours 19 minutes 46 seconds

Ariana Jolle
Jayna Oso
Elizabeth Lawrence
Brandy Lions
Lyta Read
Michel Stefano
Erik Everhard
Steve Holmes
Scotty Lyons
Manuel Ferrara
Robbie Fischer

First Sequence:
Jayna Oso
From the beginning it is sensed that it will be a session of high caliber. The main characters are true dogs in zeal that they make sex hopelessly. The capacity of Jayna to gobble the penis of its two partners is surprising, and she practices it until arriving on the edge of the asphyxia. I have seen violent but few coitus as this, where the realism cannot made a mistake. What one goes in the screen is happening, and although it is not an all continuous one it is seen that there is dedication, they surrenders full to what is making. In the DP that begins in 13:20 she really enjoys the two enormous penises for via anal and vaginal, making honor to the name of the movie, the same one that lasts until the minute 19 in six long and fascinating minutes. The DP is renewed later one minute, now her in position to be reverse cowgirl (RCG) another time with intensity and in advance even for erotic kisses that inflame even more to the spectator. The camera then takes advantage to carry out first spectacular planes. The sound is also very good, the screams and wailings of the Chinese paint a square of volcanic erotism. In the minute 22 the DP is carried out exclusively for via anal, that is to say both penises penetrate her simultaneously for the anus, that which Jayna non few screams finds difficult it, doesn't know if of pain or of pleasure. She is really a sick person, a dog in zeal. In the minute 25 the DP becomes entirely vaginal, that is to say both penises enter at the same time in the vagina, with great satisfaction for her according to she demonstrate it their screams and its face. It follows a vaginal and anal DP then and in 27:35, like it was natural, an immense discharge of semen in the mouth and the face on the part of both. It had been deeply disappointed if after so memorable work there had not been a worthy end as this. Applauses. I give him 9 on 10, at the three, but very especially to Jayna Oso.

Second Sequence
Elizabeth Lawrence
In the minute 28:50 we see Elizabeth Lawrence, one favored 26 year-old girl whose vagina shines big and experienced. After the habitual interview of four minutes where it shows their charms, their two gallants enter. She has incrusted in the anal road a dildo type pear that quickly it is replaced by a penis, while she makes a fellatio to the other boy, although it is seen that their throat is not so deep. The gallants exchange places, and indeed she is not made for deep buccal introductions. The rhythm is not as dynamic as in the first scene and one feels kind of a deception after having seen so much action. The main characters in fact are acting, it is not felt that they live the moment. For example, in the minute 40 her masturbates the penis of one of them and it is noticed that she makes it with reluctance, without delivery, that which is bad. The planes of the movie are not well achieved, it is abused of the dildo to fill holes, evidently there is not an effective script, everything is at random. In the minute 44:35 there is a DP but without the intensity of those previous with Jayna Oso, with the added difficulty that lasts scarcely one minute. In the minute 46 there is a new DP, but another time without naturalness, acted, as reveals the main character face, which disappoints my perception of old spectator of pornographic films. A little that they improve the things at the end with the inclusion of interesting camera planes, first very descriptive planes of the DP, but the skillful wailings of Liz don't help a lot. This DP is prolonged a little more than the first one but it is not completely satisfactory, the sequence should have put an end here to a volcanic spermatic spill inside of and outside of the anus and the girl's vagina, but that doesn't happen; it is preferred in the minute 50 to go to a third DP, her in position CG, with the same monotonous sounds of their screams forced by the lapse of three minutes. The end lengthens, because a vaginal DP continues a little more erotic, because the girl's vagina is really extralarge, and the gallants have already cheered up that takes us until the minute 58 in that a foregone one takes place final mediocre. So much the volume of semen like the quality of the same one are depressing, because the seminal liquid of both muchachones is thin, without body, watery, that which decides us definitively to give him a 5 on 9 to this sequence.

Third Sequence
Ariana Jolle
In the minute 57:45 the sequence begins, with this girl of Latin appearance that says to be 20 years old, of soft voice and of good breasts (up to now the best of the three). The handling of the camera has improved. She takes off the clothes and sample a well taken care vagina but enough traveled. When the two boys appear, she lights up of the penis of one of them while the other one lavishes him a black kiss. It follows a double fellatio with art and passion, the girl knows his. The first penetration is vaginal, while she makes a deep buccal insert, with relative success. There is change of even and now her in position CG is penetrated vaginally, while she makes a good fellatio to the other one. Then they pass to the position of the dog, similar with VP and F, the things go warming and grabbing more speed. It arrives then the hour of the first anal insert, that which is completed cleanly, her in position RCG, of that they which pass to the vaginal and anal DP. Good work of the three, they occur entire and she encourages them with their absolutely natural wailings, so much that it even inflames and she invites to the masturbation to the spectator.
In the minute 1:14:42 a second DP begins, now her in position CG, also anal and vaginal, and of the same erotic intensity. There is a good camera handling, and in spite of the difficult thing that it is to capture a DP appropriately, for the angle so narrow in that the action, the result takes place it is magnificent, during almost two long minutes. After two minutes of exclusive and intense vaginal penetration, the DP is renewed being her in the same position CG. Two new intense and memorable minutes, for the screams of her. Then an exclusive vaginal penetration that then transforms in cunnilingus, scene worthy of it turns then it is seen that the boy wants to see the girl enjoy; I even believe that this was not in the libretto and that it is genuinely natural, born of the moment (sees it and analyze it and they will agree with me!). it proves It the passivity of the third that he waits without intervening. Also notice the erected nipples of the girl, and then the new vaginal insert to that she was entitled after the excellent suck. Recently there they realize that the third exist and they continue the libretto. She is incrusted anally in position RCG and it is clever to receive their friend-lover vaginally, the same one that previously requests him the homage of a fellatio and a suck of testicles. In the minute 1:22:25 a DP begins, anal and buccal. Finally they get ready for the end. Her knelt and both of foot to their sides ejaculate although not in the measure that we waited. So good action is not crowned by a solid and abundant ejaculation, the semen of these boys is watery and not very abundant, and the very thin jets. I would have made it undoubtedly better. Finally, alone for it, and because she accumulates the little semen in the mouth and it gobbles it, I qualify them 8 on 10.

Fourth Sequence
Brandy Lyons
It is now the shift of Brandy Lyons in the minute 1:25:15 that she appears with the two gallants of outburst. It is a girl of long black hair, of good body, but of small breasts (for my pleasure) and regular buttocks, not excellent. Anus and experienced vagina, the second rosy and of protuberant lips that one of the boys doesn't lose the time in nibbling. After the heating a double fellatio comes in which she demonstrates its good conditions for the deep throat. In the minute 1:33 the vaginal penetrating, first stage begins, in that which is demonstrated that its vagina has eaten up kilometers of penis for the wide thing that it is, and its lamentable inclinations to exaggerate in the screams and wailings, beyond the natural thing. Then in DS a new vaginal penetration takes place, with similar results (mediocre). In 1:37:19 they change position, now her in RCG, it is penetrated vaginally, there is an unforgivable flaw of edition of a fellatio that is not carried out for the wrong here it cuts, and the vaginal penetration continues without novelties. I change of even and now her in position CG is penetrated vaginally, in sequence in which there is not naturalness but simply libretto performance, so much that one of the boys has to masturbate to conserve the erection before that which she smiles... (1:39:20). The planes are good but few natural, it is pure performance. In 1:42:16 her is placed DS to be penetrated anally, anything of anything. In 1:44:13 she assumes the position vaginally CG, to open the way to a quick anal and vaginal DP that had seemed grandiose in other circumstances, but that for the antecedents it shines me false. It is that everything seems orderly, until the handling of the camera that every so often shows first planes of the open anus that should have some two inches of diameter (!), In 1:48:25 she gives turn and it is in position RCG, receiving anally to the first one and vaginally a second. Notice you the lack of naturalness in the fact that the penis enters in the vagina like in its house, dancing, but she tries to make believe with its screams that it causes him pleasure. Principle performance to end, they denote it the smiling looks amid the act that is supposed it is erotic for all. In the minute 1:52 happily stop to make theater and they get ready for the end, to the well-known style of these sequences. The first one that ejaculates is that of the right: abundant, fair it is to say it, but with semen of little density and whitish, and with potent but thin jets that are not visualized well from the erotic point of view, neither they cause visible and erotic impact neither in the mouth neither the face. The second has better luck, because the semen is denser and whiter, impacts visually and it goes direct to the mouth, although the focus is late and don't leave from the beginning but rather you already leave the mouth covered with semen, although the penis continues ejaculating and the semen flows to the mouth of her, where it accumulates and it slides for its chin. Here it finishes, not more. The qualification that I give him is 7 on 10.

Fifth Sequence
Lyla Read
Another oriental, in the minute 1:53:40, enough favored and flirt. Lyla seems thailandesa, well formed but of small breasts, although of firm meats. This girl has black blood, because her vagina is dark and unpleasant visible. In spite of it one of the boys that participate in the scene doesn't hesitate in making him the cunnilingus, although it doesn't pull up him the reactions that it, because she is occupied in a fellatio that doesn't have nothing new. After squatter of a double fellatio that they try in transforming into Deep Throat, but she doesn't have capacity to make it, although yes she makes a suck of testicles. The first penetration is vaginal in position DS, while she continues suckling the other penis and trying to make a decent deep buccal insert, that which gets fifty-fifty with a lot of effort. It is quite discreet in their screams although she doesn't have repair in making a black kiss to the boy that doesn't penetrate her. They change couple to make the same thing. Is there a disgusting lubrication with saliva for what believed an anal penetration it was (didn't they have lubricant cream to the hand?), but does that make it is to penetrate her vaginally for what reason then the saliva?. In 2:04:15 they change position, is she in RCG, now subjected to a vaginal DP that yes it is real because indeed the girl is narrow and doesn't she seem very bustled sexually. Evidently the two penises enter adjustedly in this small girl's vagina and one of the types throws more saliva, but it stops anything, because it doesn't penetrate her again. A second intent of vaginal DP takes place, and to her evidently hurts him because the two penises don't enter but until less than the half, and she even tries to avoid bigger penetration. In 2:06:20 they wastes away an anal penetration without varying the RCG poses, and then the anal and vaginal DP to confirm the title of the movie: 1 in the pink 1 in the stink. It is noticed that it is not performance but rather the three are feeling it, there are even erotic kisses, but a measure penetration still. The dark color of the girl's vulva makes highlight the clearest skin in the two penises. It changes the position and she is penetrated DS shortly by the vagina, then she is nailed CG vaginally in the first boy's penis and immediately the other one nails it for the anus. Good first planes, bigger intensity in the action, they have already grabbed hint, the wailings and screams of Lyla are really natural, it could not be expected less. They pass then one acrobatic poses: one of them being standing lifts it frontly having inserted her for the vagina, while the other one penetrates her for via anal, maintaining it both in the air in a DP very taken from below. Finally she makes to one of them a black kiss that we believe unnecessary and irrelevant for the erotic ends, while in position DS is penetrated by the anus. New vaginal penetration continues CG followed by a new vaginal and anal DP that regrettably is not continued but rather it has camera courts, that which removes him naturalness, but that it is prolonged for long minutes. It is the last sequence, because comes the double ejaculation finally to the well-known style. First that of the right, abundant and milky, visually perfect (applauses), with semen of good consistency that drips for the chin; the second, encouraged by her so that it floods it in the face, it completes fifty-fifty, and she has to appeal to hurtle some semen that has in the mouth to impress to the auditory. But although the last one didn't complete to a hundred percent, in summary the three were well. I don't hesitate in giving them 9 of 10.
Commentary of VOYEURSKING.

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