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1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District)

1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kelly's ratings for 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  3/16/2004
Title: One Dick Two Chicks #2
Company: Red Light District
Length: 2 hours and 17 minutes (137 minutes)
Production Date(s): September 10, 2003
Release Date: March 1, 2004

Director: Robbie Fischer

The Abridged Version: With “One Dick Two Chicks #2” (2004), Robbie Rischer has again unleashed his wildly mediocre brand of assembly line porn onto the world. The overall cast is middle of the road, the location unchanging, the formula boring, the interviews with the girls somewhat creepy, the moans and dirty talk ridiculously forced, and the tape an overall waste. Not surprisingly, it even appears that some of these scenes were originally filmed for inclusion on the initial installment in this series, which explains why some of the girls refer to the title as “Double Play.” This was the original title and, considering the baseball jerseys all the girls wear and the set-ups of the scenes, a wildly more inventive one than the “porn for dummies” moniker now slapped onto this go-nowhere series. For those of you uniformed readers, this series is Red Light District’s respectable attempt at giving the viewer what they want. There has been a considerable demand for a girl on girl series for a while now and with this Robbie has offered a compromise, in which each scene opens with brief kitty licking before throwing a guy into the mix. So, essentially it is a “lesbians are fine as long as they get out of the way when the guy wants to fuck their girlfriend” kind of thing. And in the land of porn, where no girl is a lesbian but all girls are bisexual, that is perfectly fine. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it seems that he has even cut down on the actual girl/girl action in this second installment, somewhat stripping it of its distinctiveness. To be fair, this was probably done due to time constraints and as such I actually find this one hotter than the first. And in fact I would argue that, despite its fundamental change to the series' formula, this is indeed an improvement over the first volume, especially in the heat of the sex and the cutting down on some of the dirty talk. Part of that is due to Toni Ribas being in 3 of the 5 scenes, as he screws his girls too hard for them to have time to feed back lines to the camera that Robbie probably wants them to say like, "You like that dick in my pussy, huh?" as girls in the first volume would. However, it still looks far too much like assembly line product.

Scene 1: Serena South (gorgeous, petite brunette) and Jynx (raven-haired goth chick, carbon copy of actress Debi Mazar) w/Toni Ribas (30 minutes)

First off, both of these girls are very attractive. In fact, if you just look at their faces and ignore their hair they resemble each other considerably, one tanner than the other though. Secondly, they are both all ready out of porn. Serena shipped out with the Navy and Jynx seemingly disappeared. Either way, we are introduced to them with the phrase, creepily deliver by Robbie, that opens every single scene, “Who do we have here?” Serena, in an old-time Atlanta Braves jersey, and Jynx, in a contemporary Oakland A’s jersey, quickly disrobe. In the process, it becomes apparent that they also have the almost exact same body type: young and slim with small natural breasts and derrieres to die for. Jynx licks Serena’s pussy before Toni comes in, rather quickly, and takes over, nonverbally demanding that his dick take center attention. The girls comply, abandoning everything and providing a double blowjob. Then everything goes typically, extended cowgirl for the two girls, brief doggy for each, reverse cowgirl for each, and cowgirl/reverse cowgirl/doggy anal for Jynx. In the end, Toni impressively shoots a big facial on each girl, hitting one in the left eye and the other in the right eye. For starters, this is a great scene. Unfortunately, it will end up being the best scene in the whole bunch, with the level of acting minimal. However, that is more a tribute to Jynx than Serena, as Ms. South at times, especially when she would just be sitting off to the side and not even playing with herself mind you, seemed to moan for no reason.

Scene 2: Madison (blonde on the cover) and Roxy (brunette on the cover) w/Mark Ashley (27 minutes)

Madison and Roxy grace the cover of this tape and, thanks mostly to the allure of Roxy, tricked me into renting this one. What the cover does not show you are Madison’s horrendously ugly two tattoos spread across her back and two tattoos above her pussy and then on her stomach and what it cannot show you is Roxy’s unfortunate tendency to overact. On top of that, Madison is looks freakishly thin, with her ribs being a bit too pronounced for my tastes, and is generally not very attractive. Here, there is absolutely no pretense of any girl on girl action as Robbie actually reaches into the frame a couple of times to squeeze the girl’s breasts as they are slowly undressing and then we cut to Roxy bent over with Mark Ashley licking her pussy. Before long, Mark is struggling to get a rhythm going as he is screwing Madison’s somewhat hairy, very tight pussy in doggy style. They get through it though and Madison, who is now completely naked and thus looking her absolute worst, seems to enjoy it. Roxy gets her turn in doggy and then Madison takes another shot in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, with far more luck and heat I might add. Mark then unleashes his monster of a cock on Roxy’s tight ass in doggy. The sudden wetness on her ass and pussy is undoubtedly result of what must have been a massive amount of lube to loosen that ass up. Irregardless of the methods, these two really get into this as Roxy breaks her airs and moans her head off as Mark pounds her balls deep, though her re-occurring demands of, “Fuck my ass!” reminded me of Zora Banks in that it sounded hot because of her accent but I couldn’t tell how authentic she was. (Note: Roxy speaks with an English accent) Mark screws her bum in reverse cowgirl, where the dynamics of a cock that big in an ass that tight are magnified. Surprisingly, we get a gape shot in here. In the end, Mark’s dick spits out a considerable amount of cum on the kneeling girls’ faces.

Scene 3: Corina Taylor (cute, short haired brunette w/dainty body) and Michelle B (typical blonde porn star w/nice natural breasts) w/Toni Ribas (26 minutes)

Corina and Michelle just don’t do anything for me. Ms. Taylor is cute with naturally brunette hair with blonde highlights and Michelle a girl from England who looks especially uncomfortable during the interview. The girls do get to practice their tongues on each other a little bit before realizing their true purposes in sucking Toni’s cock. Each impressively damn near deep throat the guy before Corina jumps on for a ride in cowgirl. Luckily, Michelle breaks out of her shell once she starts getting the deep dickin’ in doggy. This is nothing compared to how vocal she gets when Toni somewhat abruptly sticks it up her ass for some tight looking anal sex in doggy and sideways missionary. After Michelle hogs the cock some more in reverse cowgirl, Corina gets another turn in doggy. Toni again unleashes a double facial, though nowhere near as massive as earlier. He hits Michelle in the eye (bad aim with him? Or is it perfect aim?) and she clearly does not like it and as a reaction Corina moves away, leading to a somewhat botched facial. They both lean back in for some final head. Since this scene, Corina has opened up her backdoor to the highest bidders and Michelle has stuffed her chest full of silicone.

Scene 4: Lisa Marie (cute dirty blonde w/slim body) and Paris (hot redhead w/a similar body and breast size to Lisa, slightly pronounced nose, paler skin than Lisa) w/Julian (25 minutes)

Neither of these girls are gorgeous nor are the typical looking porn stars. To me, they are simply hot and the deal breaker on why I ever rented this. An anal scene from Roxy scene was appealing, but I had been dying to see Paris in an actual video ever since her appearance on and here it is. We start with the two hotties, Lisa in a growingly popular black with pink pinstripes number and Paris in a black bra and panty set, briefly detailing their sexual histories for Robbie. And possibly more so than any of the other girls so far, these two very genuinely look like they want to get at each other. However, Robbie denies them this pleasure by throwing Julian at them after Paris has only been able to lick at Lisa for approximately 40 seconds. They, of course, comply and double team Julian’s massive member for a blowjob. Paris briefly sneaks away to get some more licks at Lisa before the fucking begins with Ms. Marie in reverse cowgirl. Lisa, who like Madison earlier is maybe a tad bit too thin, looks pretty hot here, with her pussy pretty clearly wet and dripping over Julian. Unfortunately, we are denied any good close-ups of this and it passes to Paris getting poked doggy style. Julian’s dick again finds itself getting real wet as it pounds into a tight pussy, as Paris’ moans get increasingly louder. Lisa jumps on for some more in cowgirl and finds her head being pulled back by her hair at the hands of Paris, who briefly ups the roughness ante here. The triad moves to a missionary on the side of the couch, which looks hot but also realistically extremely uncomfortable for Lisa who could have fallen off the couch very easily. Perhaps it was worth it to get the angles plus some nice pussy to mouth for Paris. Ms. Frenchie finally gets some more cock in reverse cowgirl and an especially sexy missionary, initially filmed from below to accentuate her forbidden asshole. It looks so inviting. They both take turns in sideways missionary before Julian alertly pulls out of Paris and shoots off on the girls’ faces. They wave to the camera, ending the scene. I liked the action, but I fear that others may not find Paris nearly as alluring as I. Since this scene, Lisa Marie has kept busy in the business, doing an anal scene about every blue moon. Paris, unfortunately, has been far less active. As of this writing, this is only her second released scene, with no others on the horizon.

Scene 5: Lauren Phoenix (nasty dirty blonde, slim, tall body) and Heather Calls (light blonde, somewhat attractive) w/Toni Ribas (26 minutes)

Robbie apparently decides to completely forget the motif of the series in the last scene by beginning with Toni all ready in the shot, sitting in a chair with the two girls on his leap leaning in and kissing each other right in front of him. Porn hound that he is, Toni can contain himself no longer and quickly has his dick inside Lauren in doggy. They break for some blowjob action and then Mr. Ribas does something fucking impressive. Lauren is on her knees in front of him, deep throating like the nasty girl she is, while he is holding the seemingly tiny Heather up to his mouth to lick her pussy. Then he times it just right to slowly drop Heather on his cock for standing cowgirl right as Lauren is pulling off his crotch for a breather. With Toni so clearly enamored with these girls, the marathon begins. Unfortunately, I could care less about either girl, though I do acknowledge that Lauren is a good performer. Ms. Phoenix rests her well-traveled ass onto Toni in reverse cowgirl, doggy, and sideways missionary as Heather delivers some fluffing. In the end, Toni’s load ends up in Lauren’s mouth and through the magic of cum swapping it then ends up in Heather’s mouth.

The Verdict: With the crackdown on the girl/girl angle in this series, it has amounted to essentially a couple of scenes that, had you added cum swapping, would have been better served to be included in another Red Light District series: “Cum Swapping Sluts.” In this one, Jynx is solid and Roxy hot during her anal sequence. Lisa Marie and Paris did it for me, though some may be bored to tears by them. This one has moments of heat but ultimately appears to be just another sub-par tape from the assembly line machine that Red Light District has become. It is not an out and out failure of a tape though; as there are far worse things you could rent or buy.

Rent it or Buy It: In my horniest state, I would recommend you try this out as a rental. However, I am probably just hard up to see Paris and to see Roxy’s ass defiled. In my more sober state, I would recommend you pass altogether. I mentioned that there are far worse things you could get. Well, there are also far better things you could get, even other Red Light District tapes like “No Cum Dodging Allowed 2” (2003) or a Vince Vouyer or Erik Everhard tape.

The DVD:

Behind the Scenes (18 minutes)-
Oddly enough, all of the couplets get considerable coverage except cover girls Roxy and Madison, who get no joint or individual notice. We either see the girls undressing or interviewing in Robbie’s office or posing for stills on set, with hardly any looks at anything hardcore. The only notables for me were Paris interesting interview and a funny bit of Toni looking at a piece of paper with various glamour girl shots on it (recognize some of the girls in the pictures, none of them in this video) for purposes of apparently jerking off and covering by turning to the camera and holding it up and regarding it as the production’s “storyboard.” For those of you familiar with film terms or even mainstream DVD extras, you’ve got to admit it is a pretty clever joke.

Boner Footage (23 minutes)-
Remember how I said that Robbie most probably only cut the girl/girl stuff for time constraints? Well, that seems to be the case as there is no cock in site in the 23 minutes of boner footage. Instead, we see 7 minutes of Jynx and Serena South together, 8 minutes of Lisa and Paris, and 8 of Lauren and Heather. Despite all I said, I at least give Robbie credit for re-inserting this footage back into the product, though separate and exclusive to the DVD.

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