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  • 7/28/2012 10:25 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    *looks both ways* Is the coast clear?I really miss everybody here, so I came back today to say hello and I love you all... Hi, love you! ❤ I want to be here to talk to you -- I care less now about the gossip. Fuck it *jerk off gesture*.Not sure what scenes are coming out soon, but I still have to shoot for Brazzers, Joey Silvera, and Elegant Angel.
  • 7/5/2012 1:30 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    ^ Hmm, I think the site is down temporarily?Edited by - remylacroix on 7/5/2012 1:32:40 PM
  • 7/5/2012 1:22 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread by - remylacroix on 7/5/2012 1:25:46 PM
  • 7/3/2012 3:41 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    Bigscotsman27 wrote:Remy will be missed big time but we'll always have the hula vid, and hopefully more hula vids in the future Remy?Definitely gonna work on some more sexy hoop videos for sure!
  • 7/3/2012 3:31 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    To the awesome fans: I love you and I thank you for the millionth time for the support and enthusiasm you've shown me. Even having fans is truly amazing, and I will never take that for granted. Connecting with you here has been fun.:)To the moderators: I have stopped running to this thread and started dreading it. I would like it to stay up, especially because I enjoy the correspondence and there are a ton of scenes still coming out, but I think we can all agree that this has gotten too negative. Is there any way to delete and/or block the jerk posts individually? Or is it all or nothing?Edited by - remylacroix on 7/3/2012 3:44:46 AMEdited by - remylacroix on 7/3/2012 1:57:02 PM
  • 7/1/2012 12:54 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    bono-ONE wrote:^But you see it under mine I hope. I think most would rather see Remy posting here or discussion on her scenes than what this thread is turning into so hopefully we can steer it back to that otherwise it will be locked. Thanks.Thank you. Hopefully people can play nicer...
  • 6/30/2012 11:10 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    thedude008 wrote:RemyLaCroix wrote:Can't a girl have other ambitions than being a "star"?NO!!I just have 2 questions:1. Did you really escort? 2. Also if you do/did would you continue to? Sorry I had to ask. Are you kidding me? This is bullshit. I've NEVER ESCORTED. And I never will.I should've left my piece at my blog post, but I've let this thread suck me in to the gossip. Fuck.
  • 6/30/2012 7:10 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    Harri Patel wrote:OK, enough with the weeping and wailing and rending of garments. Let the irresponsible speculation begin. Is Remy really quitting porn because:1. Mom found out?2. Stupid boyfriend making her stop?3. Disturbing incident with obsessed fan? (Can anyone suggest who that might have been?)4. Anal warts?5. She's having my baby!6. Crossed Spiegler, and now she'll never spread her legs for this industry again?Now it's your turn.WOW. Can't a girl have other ambitions than being a "star"? Like I said, porn was just one awesome thing I did in my life. Why wait around to get jaded? I was never in this for fame or money.Some people. Smh.
  • 6/28/2012 3:13 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    ^ Not burned out, no. This is the part right before I get burned out. Where I can walk away feeling nothing but great things about what I put out there. Burned out would sound like, "FUCK THIS, PEACE YA'LL!" Only joking. Kinda.<3
  • 6/28/2012 11:55 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    ^ I did protect my tweets to limit my Twitter a bit, but did so not knowing that the only people that can see my tweets now are the people I follow. I thought it was the other way around, so I've just changed it back. Also, my original Instagram got deleted and it's now @urKITTENrightMEOW.It may not be lengthy, but please read my most recent blog update as it took me three days to write.<333
  • 6/27/2012 11:16 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    thedude008 wrote:PornStarNamedBuckNaked wrote:HOLY SHIT! I just saw on Remy's twitter feed that today is her birthday!! Happy Birthday Remy!! I love you, my wife to be! Do you need some Birthday spankings? Did you buy her something off of her wish list?Edited by - theDude008 on 6/27/2012 9:22:53 PMI don't do wishlists. But I love love LOVE happy birthdays from PSNBN and other lovely people!
  • 6/27/2012 10:50 PM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    Hey guys, thanks for all the birthday wishes :)My Twitter is still there, it's @Remymeow instead of @Remylacroixxx. Meow.
  • 6/20/2012 3:59 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    edking wrote:YouTube: Interview with porn star Remy LaCroixFun times with Dogfart. Just wanted to reiterate that I'm not really a size queen... The interview above is affiliated with Cuckold Sessions, and their fans live for small dick humiliation and black cock comparison. :)
  • 6/20/2012 1:05 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    ^ Definitely going to check that out. Thank you.On that note, I'm off to Colorado for another hippy, hula hoopy music festival called Sonic Bloom! I'll be back in a few days, but I will miss you all. Keep it sexy while I'm gone, and I will return with many pictures!XOXO
  • 6/20/2012 12:44 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    ^ It was a great shoot. Matt Williams, former Hogtied director, is in the process of starting his own website called Sexually Broken. I love the kinky shit like no other. But the day trips to SF just KILL me. I get to go home, but not see my mom or best girl. Or eat at my favorite places. Or live at home! Boohoo, I'm just a sad, homesick girl.BTW I finally shot for Nubiles today and pumped out four super duper fun solos. I hope you like them!
  • 6/20/2012 12:17 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    RemyGetsMeWet wrote:^ Totally benign unless I'm correcting myself.Remy's just had a very nice timeCan't really show you anything else that won't get pulled.P.S.:Remy I do hope you were acting, Size queens are demoralizing.Mmm love that picture. That's a happy Remy! I am not a size-queen -- I was playing to the BlacksOnBlondes crowd, acting the role a bit as I often do for Dogfart Network, yes.
  • 6/18/2012 1:17 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    RemyGetsMeWet wrote:REMOGRAPHY PART I:Remoholics,As far as I know , to date, this is everything our Mistress has shot.At Least I Hope It Is, It Wiped Out My Porn Budget For The Year and When More Comes Out, It Will Cut Into Next Years Budget.Remy Slow Down A Little, I Can't Live On Ramen Much Longer.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________MIGHTY ONE - I VERY LIKELY MISSED ONE, ME NOT BEING YOU AND ALL, FILL US IN.____________________________________________________________________________________________Keys:SO=Shoot Only / Site Sub Avail -> $2P/$ MO= 2 Day Pass/ Monthly -> FSO=Full Site Only - No Trial PeriodDL = Download To Own -> DVD = duh_________________...
  • 6/18/2012 1:10 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    Awww, thanks guys. Cheers to you as well! I surely love seeing your posts just before bed. Sweet dreams my PSNBN, RemyGetsMeWet, Bissy, Algaliarept, and Mr. Cornell Lingus... And all my other lurking loves ;)
  • 6/16/2012 10:55 AM
  • Remy Lacroix ADT Thread
    Good morning ya'll! Did you catch this on your way in here? CRAZYTALK.Also, I'm very excited about the Fucking Machines feat. that just came out yesterday. These are my all time favorite pictures (I'm still unsure of the rules, but hopefully these pass.)[mod edit: two images removed. see the image policy. No sex acts. That includes jerking off other girls with your hands or toys.]:)Edited by - remylacroix on 6/16/2012 10:55:46 AMEdited by - killbillvol69 on 6/16/2012 11:01:24 AM
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