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The Basics
Please don't type in all caps. Please don't post the same thing in multiple threads or forums. Signing up for multiple usernames is not allowed. Please don't quote people's entire posts - quote only relevant sections or address the person by name.

Adult DVD Talk is a Friendly Community
Treat fellow posters as neighbors. Please be respectful of each other and each other's threads. If what someone has posted angers you, wait until you calm down before you respond or simply don't respond. Think before posting. Trolling (baiting people by intentionally posting inflammatory messages) or incessantly harping on an issue/person will lead to the deactivation of your account.

Adult DVD Talk is a Community of Porn Fans and Industry Insiders
Please do not talk about pornstars, directors or producers as if they are not here. (Katsumi sums it up nicely.) We are lucky to have industry participants, and they are paying attention to your constructive criticism. Insults will get you nowhere and lead to the deactivation of your forum account. If you work in the industry please be honest about your porn connections. See our Member Directory for a list of stars, directors, producers and other insiders who participate.

Please Do Not Use Our Forum as a Mean to Get Free Advertising
Adult DVD Talk is a free site because we are supported by advertisers. You may post press releases in our Porn News forum if they are relevant. You may post a link to your sites in your forum profile. We greatly appreciate any reciprocal links to Adult DVD Talk on your site. Links with affiliate codes attached are not acceptable. They will be removed and your account deactivated. If it appears that you are posting simply to advertise your website we will email you about this. If you continue to use our forum for free advertising and not discussion we will deactivate your account. If you are connected to a studio, store or other company and promote that company as if you are not connected, your account will be deactivated. The forum is not the place to conduct business. Please handle that via email. Address questions about advertising, cross-promotions, or reviews to

Moderators are wonderful people who volunteer their time to help keep our forum organized, friendly and informative. Please thank them regularly and send gifts occassionally. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to that forum's moderator. If you have an issue with how something has been moderated send a polite email to the moderator or webmaster. Posting a bunch of crazed nonsense about democracy and free speech will only lead to the deactivation of your account.

Forum Moderation
Moderators do not and cannot actively review all messages and posts made in the the forum. Most moderation is handled after-the-fact through a complaint process. If you see a post or a member behaving in a manner that violates these etiquette guidelines please use the "Message a Moderator" function near the top of every forum page. This will send a private message to the moderator(s) of that sub-forum and they will usually review your complaint when they next visit the forum.

Pictures & Avatars
You can add an avatar and a larger image by logging into your profile (link at the top of the forum.) Please use r-rated images - Image Policy

Adult DVD Talk respects the other's intellectual property and Copyrights. Please do not post copyrighted images or content. Your account may be deactivated for repeated offenses.

All in All
Adult DVD Talk is here so we can help each other answer questions and simply have a good time. We want to have fun too. We do not want to spend our time enforcing rules and reminding people to be respectful. We're fortunate to have such an interesting, amusing, considerate group of people gathered here who always welcome new faces. Thanks to everyone who participates! Enjoy!

Studio Reps, Directors and Stars please also see this introduction to Adult DVD Talk