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Red Ezra

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Porn Connections: Director
Date Joined: September 2004
Location: Los Angeles
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  • 4/23/2005 11:38 PM
  • Juli Ashton leaving
    Juli will be very missed - I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Juli and Tiff on XM Playboy Radio Show - they were a great on air team - lots of fun and very candid - and always... a sexy, beautiful girl. Good Luck Juli is you see this post...I hope you have found the love of a lifetime and all your dreams together come true.
  • 4/13/2005 5:25 AM
  • Director Red Ezra - First Post!
    Hey everybody - thanks for keeping an eye out for my work - DRIVE turned out better than I had hoped for - Savanna Samson was a dream to work with - she is so beautiful, talented, and dedicated to the work, a real pleasure. Monique Alexander and I have worked together before a few times, she is adorable and so sexy too - Vivid did the right thing signing this rising starlet. I would love to hear any personal reviews of this movie - it ships out April 14th, 2005 - thanks!!! check out my site -
  • 4/13/2005 5:07 AM
  • Red Light District To Shoot Features!
    In my opinion - James Avalon is one of the top Adult Directors in the World - truly talented eye for detail and beauty - it's good to see him with a strong company dedicated to making quality features - Looking forward to seeing your work. Edited by - red ezra on 4/13/2005 5:07:25 AM
  • 4/12/2005 5:39 PM
  • Red Ezra's Taboo 21 ships today...
    For immediate release to the press from Red Ezra... Director Red Ezra's ( big movie shot for Metro/Cal Vista ships today called TABOO 21. It's the latest in the long running series of decadence and lust with a strong interracial love story set in 1920's Prohibition Deep South. AVN review AAAA spotlight pick with AVN Awards Pre-Nominations for Best Video Feature and Best Director Red Ezra. Red Ezra: "What could be more Taboo than mixed race Black/White love affair in the deep south in the 1920's? Maybe an interracial love triangle with a daughter/step-mother maybe? How about a three way anal love triangle? This was my inspiration for making this latest edition of the Taboo series, I wanted to do something r...
  • 12/16/2004 10:45 PM
  • Director Red Ezra - First Post!
    Thanks everyone for your heartfelt messages regarding the passing of my dear friend Dimebag Darrell - it has been a very difficult time for all of us who were close to him. Please give me some time to heal from the loss and I will address your questions and comments at a later time.
  • 12/8/2004 11:39 PM
  • Director Red Ezra - First Post!
    Thanks so much Vodka Tonic and Only! - I'm glad to hear I have some fans here - makes it all worthwhile - it's nice to get the feedback - I usually don't get that - I hope Vivid works out for me - looking forward to working with them and Savanna. Will keep you all posted and thanks! Edited by - red ezra on 12/8/2004 11:39:19 PM
  • 12/8/2004 12:03 PM
  • Director Red Ezra - First Post!
    thanks dumblonde - that movie list is a little short actually - I am working ona total filmography for my site with pics, trailers and such - with my script and stories about the production - pretty big undertaking and getting bigger of course with the new shows - will post when it is online.
  • 12/8/2004 12:00 PM
  • Director Red Ezra - First Post!
    Hey astroknight - glad to hear you are still watching my movies - as far as Web Cam Girls - it has some good scenes in it - but I agree it might not come off as one of my better efforts all said and done - like most two day features - you get what you get sometimes - no time for being creative - you just get it done and hope it works out in editing - no excuses - no regrets - the Venus/Julian scene and Sophie Evans/Chris Cannon scene are pretty strong - hot scenes with hot performers....I think you will like The Getaway much more - that movie has a bigger feel to it and has some great scenes in it. As far as what movies to watch to "get a feel for Red Ezra?" ummm...well - they are all so different really - I would say that Wic...
  • 12/8/2004 10:51 AM
  • Director Red Ezra - First Post!
    Hello ADT! - I have heard that some fans and porn industry folks were curious about what I am upto lately - so - I thought I would stop in and say hiya! - thanks for the support and interest. It's been a tough year for me - a roller coaster ride to say the least - I still haven't found a place to truly call home for my movies - I have been shooting for Metro/Cal Vista for the last year but executive changes within the company have made it pretty difficult to continue. Change, they say is inevitable - I am rolling with it - I am very happy with the movies I have made for Metro/Cal Vista - I appreciate the opportunity I had with them - some of the best work I have done to date. Taboo 21 in particular - A fun project that I think a lot o...
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