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Raul Cristian

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Date Joined: January 2005
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  • 11/29/2005 5:35:01 PM
  • asstraffic and
    Hello to everybody! I choose to pick up this quote jimbo733 because that's a direct question which might need the best answer;) So here it is: My name is Raul Cristian ( one of the two directors of Floyd-Agency ( Here you can find our references: I'm shooting / / / and which will be online in a week. Since this year our business get bigger I hired another team who's shooting for me 'cause I cannot take it alone any longer. So you might find some style differences between some since in a while, in case that you di...
  • 6/5/2005 1:28 PM
  • Is there an European equivalent of Spiegler Girls?
    Mienhagen wrote: Raul, please tell me about the Romanian talent used for those hot websites and/or Ana/Diabolic. Wishing you all the sucess you deserve! Well, not so many things to say because we didn't shoot with a lot of girls from Romania. Why? Because there is not so many girls wiling to do porn. That's why we are shooting in Hungary and Czech most of the time.
  • 6/5/2005 7:00 AM
  • Is there an European equivalent of Spiegler Girls?
    Hey Mienhagen! Well actually Floyd ( is shooting not only asstraffic & allinternal but givemepink & too. Becide that tomorrow we'll start the shooting for our first DVD for Diabolic and Anabolic. Hope you'll gonna enjoy that! Take care! Mienhagen wrote: More than four months gone and I learn that Floyd is actually delivering most of the talent for and!!! Wonderful! ...and good business for sure! I just hope they use a lot of cute new Romanian girls there, too! Any member of those sites able to confirm? Edited by - Mienhagen on 6/5/2005 3:42:11 AM
  • 1/27/2005 9:18 AM
  • Is there an European equivalent of Spiegler Girls?
    Yes...I'm planing to shoot some romanian production but the thing is that in Romania the distribution is verry have to wait and colect your money like a half a year and that's b...shit. On the other site would be interesting to shoot romanian starlets for our partners websites. Asstraffic and Allinternal on DVD?!...hmm, don't know...that might be a further plan but we are more focus on launching new websites with our partners instead on selling content for DVD.
  • 1/26/2005 5:55 PM
  • Is there an European equivalent of Spiegler Girls?
    As a reply for Mienhagen. Nice to meet you here on this site. Thank's for the nice words about our company Floyd-Agency. Regarding our Models Agency I have to tell you that when we started this business many years ago we where working as a Model Agency but since than we've grown as a producing company. . U can see our work on, and All the exclusive scenes are maded by Floyd. About Romanian, what can I say...not so many that's for sure. We where the Company that made the first Romanian Porn movie in romanian language and all actors where romanians but still, Porn in Romania is really at the Stone Age ! We really hope that this will be changed...
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