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Before there was Sandra Romain, there was:
Zorahh Banx! I just got one of Kick Ass video's compilation of Big Titties dvd. On the cover is a picture of a woman with one of the greatest bodies in the history of porn, Zorahh Banx AKA Mina. Zorahh's fucking was so uninhibited and powerful, she left porn studs laying dead from fatigue as if they were thrown on the side of the road. Sandra Romai ...
Is Zora Banks still active?
I haven't seen her in a while. I know she did some Viv Thomas stuff within the past couple of years, but anything else?
Zora Banks-Any Obscure Titles?
Hey, how's it going, I got a gift of sort over the weekend in the form of a screener of Rocco's True Anal Stories 4 . I didn't care for most of the scenes (this is vintage, misogynistic Rocco putting girls heads into toilets) but the first scene with one of my all time faves, Zora Banks aka Mina, is great. That wasn't the gift. I had actual ...
Extremely Hot Zora Banks
Does anyone know what movie this scene is from? Zora Banks
Is "Alida" an alias for Zora Banks?
I have a scene of Alida in Pickup Lines 60. She sits on a dick--which I don't know if Zora does because the two scenes I have of hers are lezbian only. Is it the same girl? Looks like it to me, though iafd doesn't list a connection between them, and says Zora (MINA) was in Pickup Lines 31, not 60.