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Boxcover for Private Classics: Private Stories 15
Private Classics: Private Stories 15 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eva Falk, Nicolette, Caroline, Tracy Love, Alain Deloin, Nick Lang, Red Boan, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Rodolphe Antrim, Kristina Schwartz, Zoltan Hess, Karoline, Donald Hatcher
Studio: Private

Release date: 12/17/2004
Private Classics: Private Stories 15 reviews:
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This is one of Private's remastered (a.k.a., copied from VCR quality video) story collections which were made from scenes that didn't make it into feature movies; this was released in December 2004. The scenes were all shot in 1995-1996. Scene 1 (Karoline) - After Hours A bartender is cleaning up at the end of the day and a girl (cute brunette w/ short hair and nice curvy body and just a bra and thong panties on) in a framed picture comes to life...well, it's actually a girl in an open framed window in a room next to the bar, but you get the idea. The bartender gives her cunnilingus and she gives him oral sex before proceeding onto cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl on the couch in the hidden room before she takes it in RCG anal; somehow, she ends up laying on the pinball machine before sucking the guy off.
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Boxcover for Lust Treasures 6
Lust Treasures 6 
(2.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ian Daniels, Tricia Devereaux, Brian Surewood, Karen, Philippe Dean, Christophe Clark, Nikki Anderson, Michael, Andrew Youngman, Erika, Alain Deloin, Adele, Richard Langin, Nastasy, Karina, Nick Lang, Alex Mantegna, Jean Pierre Armand, Philippe Soine, Cecile, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Rodolphe Antrim, Kristina Schwartz, Julia Spain, Beata, Pal Kovesi, Zoltan Hess, Clarisse, Tony Toscani, Edwige
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman, Peter Backman, Francios Clousot, Christoph Clark
Release date: 8/1/2002
Lust Treasures 6 reviews:
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Lust Treasures no.6: Cecile, Julia Spain, Clarisse, Karen, Adele, Edwige, Krisztina Schwartz, Beata, Tricia Devereaux, Karina, Nikky Andersson, Nastasy, Erika (Private) Now for someone who has admitted to preferring features you may wonder why I chose to review this particular title. You only have to look as far as #9 on the cast list to understand why. Yep ADT's own Tricia Devereaux is in this little title from a scene she did in November of 1996. Needless to say I had to see this title. This is a compilation of never before seen on DVD scenes from the Private Triple X Series. As such you get a varied collection of scenes but I couldn't help but thinking throughout my viewing "why this scene?". In the extras section under Production Notes you will find a breakdown of each scene that tells you who is in it. What volume of the Triple X series it came from, when and where it was filmed, and who directed it. I found this extremely helpful but in scene 2 the two women are Clarisse and Karen even though the production notes say Adele and Karen.
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Lust Treasures 6 (2002) 142 min Studio Private Director Various The Women Cecile, Julia Spain, Adele, Karen, Edwige, Krisztina Schwartz, Beata, Tricia Devereaux, Karina, Nikky Andersson, Nastasy, Erika  DVD Format Dual Layer Special Features Interactive menus, chapter selection, trailers, photobook, production notes, cast profiles Pros Karina, Cecile Adele, Edwige Cons Clarisse, problems with audio sync in several scenes Raincoat Factor Medium [ /image ] --> "Get your ticket to the lusty journey through the best treasures to be found in the PRIVATE archives. In this 6th gem of lust you will find the horniest girls around (Tricia Devereaux, Nikky Andersson, Julia Spain, Beata, and more . . .) in some of the best sex scenes taken from the Triple X Video series. Couples, trios, quartets and gangbangs in 11 sex stories to fill 142 minutes of hardcore" The Reality is that: it is hardly a gem, but the DVD contains some good scenes from their porn library. Don't miss out on Karina's and Edwige's scenes! Organization: Compilation. A sex-starved man
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Boxcover for Triple X Files 7: Laura
Triple X Files 7: Laura 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vivian, David Perry, Monika, Christophe Clark, Laura, Carmen, Kathy, Santino Lee, Franck Versace, Richard Langin, Nick Lang, Philippe Soine, Lydia, Valerie, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Sofianne, Zoltan Hess
Studio: Private

Directed by: Frank Thring, Pierre Woodman, Francios Clousot, Nic Cramer, Christoph Clark
Release date: 4/24/2002
Triple X Files 7: Laura reviews:
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Triple X Files 7 (1998) 79 min Studio Private Director Various The Women Lydia, Carmen, Valerie, Sofianne, Vivianne, Viviann, Monika DVD Format Single Layer Special Features Interactive menus, chapter selection, trailers, photo gallery, biographies, production notesPros Laura, Valeria Cons Carmen, Sofianne, VivianneRaincoat FactorMedium " In business for pleasure" you will see what sort of lustful boob-business two executive and a big-breasted blonde get up to in a hotel room. Two beautiful women, "Carmen & Laura", liven up the evening for a rather excited gentlemen In "Nympho Service" a black man asks for the "special service" of the hotel: to have a stud sent to his room to help him satisfy his girlfriends insatiable lust. The dampness of the sea is not the only thing that moistens two girls panties on board a ship.
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Boxcover for Voyeur 7, The
Voyeur 7, The 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Olivia del Rio, Zenza Raggi, Mr. Marcus, Claudia, Elizabeth, Monique, Regina, John Walton, Suzy Q., Katalin, Betty, Oliver Sanchez, Yves, Maria De Sanchez, Frank Gunn, Fanny, Alain L'Yle, Zoltan Hess, Little Joe, David Lark
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: John Leslie
Release date: 3/3/2002
Voyeur 7, The reviews:
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Running Time: 127 min. Production Date: 4 / 7 / 1996 (11 / 13 / 1996 feature) Director: John Leslie Cast: Betty Anderson, Elizabeth King, Katalin, Margot Kidney (listed here as Fanny), Maria De Sanchez, Monica Baal (listed here as Claudia), Monique, Olivia delRio, Regina, Suzy Q., Alain Lyle, David Lark, Frank Gun, John Walton, Little Joe, Mr. Marcus, Olivier Sanchez, Yves Baillat, Zensa Raggi, and Zoltan Initial Expectations: John Leslie has rarely disappointed me. Im not expecting to add this one to that number. Initial Reaction: One scene didnt do much for me, and its the only problem with the entire feature! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting hot and slightly artistic sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who just wants straightforward fucking without any artistic value to the camera work Audio /Video Quality: The audio is excellent, yet far from perfect. You cant always hear everything, but unlike most scenes it actually helps out these scenes.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage
Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dina Jewel, Danielle, Atilla, Zoltan Hess, Orsolya Blond, Gloria Green
Studio: Private

Directed by: Jurgen Wolf
Release date: 5/17/2001
Private Gold 19: Sex Voyage reviews:
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Directed by Jurgen Woolf Released 1997 VHS, 2001 DVD Cast: Dina Jewel, Susan, Petty, Danielle, Susanna, Orsolya, Roxy, Karen, Orsolya Blond, Eva Tyson, Jack Slater, Zoltan Hess, Attila Hun (aka Nick Lang), Francesco Martin, Andrew Youngman, Rudolf Antrim, Mike Foster (one of the guys is Zenza Raggi under a different name) Sex Voyage is the red-headed step sister to Private's Operation: Sex Seige, shot at the same time with the same cast on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. The ship, painted with the Private logo, sailed to various ports in the western part of the sea, where Nic Cramer shot intensive set- piece action sequences (and some mediocre sex) for the big budget Sex Seige. My impression is that Sex Voyage had to shoot what it could, when it could, resulting in a so-so movie, one that does not hold up to the Private standard. It doesn't help that the video quality is abyssmal for a DVD, under-lit and with mucho grain. Still, things can't be too bad when Dina Jewel is on hand as star.
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