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Boxcover for Dawna the Dead
Dawna the Dead 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Justin Case, Roxy, Ben Dover, Zoe Matthews, Zenova Braeden, Aiden Starr, Michael Hunt, Gwen Foxx, Ginger Cash, Drake Pharaoh, Joseph Mama, Chupa Pito, Phil Baker, Joe Miles, Alexxx Le Dez, Katt Morrison, Laume Conroy
Studio: Film Trauma

Directed by: Laume Conroy
Release date: 10/26/2010
Dawna the Dead reviews:
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Dawna the Dead tries to be a feature horror movie and an all sex movie all at the same time and ends up failing at both. I am not sure who the intended audience is for the movie as it seems to fall flat in all areas.
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Boxcover for Scale Bustin Babes 30
Scale Bustin Babes 30 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Angel, Rodney Moore, Betty Boo, Zenova Braeden, Karla Lane, Bunny De La Cruz
Studio: Rodnievision

Directed by: Rodney Moore
Release date: 3/3/2008
Scale Bustin Babes 30 reviews:
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When I was first starting to watch porn, one of the first directors I remember viewing was Rodney Moore. While I physically look nothing like him, there was a geeky quality about him in the mid 1990s that I found appealing. As a geeky fellow myself, I could relate, and I enjoyed the point of view stylings as I took in countless editions of his I Swallow and Creme de la Face series. This title is the 30th entry in the Scale Bustin Babes series (which is also the second name for the series). As a fan of BBWs, and knowing that Rodney had featured larger women in his movies before embarking on this series, I decided to take a peek and see whether Rodney still had his game or not.
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Boxcover for Bacon Love
Bacon Love 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Samantha Fox, Poison, Misty Mendez, Kimmy Lee, Zenova Braeden
Studio: Lava Releasing

Directed by: Oscar Myer
Release date: 7/15/2005
Bacon Love reviews:
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Fish Dont Fry in the Kitchen, Beans Dont Burn on the Grill Bacon Love 2005, 1 hours and 51 minutes (released 7/21/2005) Cobra-Digital Directed by Oscar Myer Starring Poison, Zenova Braeden, Kimmy Lee, Misty Mendez & Samantha Fox What You Should Know: This might be the movie you never find. The movie you never thought youd want to see. The movie that even the performers who are in it might not want you to find and thought youd never want to see. They dont want you to see it, know that theyre in it or know of its existence. But thats where I come in. You cant hide from me, chubby chasers -- I know where to find you! You have to laugh out loud at just how unapologetically offensive the title is, first of all. A lot of BBW titles have the words fat, chunky or whatever in them, but Cobra Digital just said fuck it and called their joint Bacon Love and you still totally get from the title what its all about.
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Boxcover for Chunky School Girls 4
Chunky School Girls 4 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lena Ramon, Dino Bravo, Steven French, Lisa Sparxxx, Alyssa West, Zenova Braeden, Zenovah Braeden, Shannon Monroe
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Grip Johnson
Release date: 5/19/2005
Chunky School Girls 4 reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 78 min. (cover states Approx. Running Time 90 min. which is about right for the total DVD length) Production Date: 3 / 29, 31 / 2005, 4 / 2, 6 / 2005 Director: Grip Johnson & Cram Johnson Cast: Alyssa West, Lena Ramon, Lisa Sparxxx, Sharon Monroe, Zenova Braeden, Dino Bravo, and Steven French The Short Story Initial Expectations: Grip and Cram Johnson are fun and tasteless enough that I cant help but look forward to all of their movies. Initial Reaction: Its the most fun Ive had watching a schoolgirl movie in a long time. Who Should Watch It : Anybody tired of the same old barely legal movie Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of heavily chunky women The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, and I dont think I heard a single background noise. The video is also pretty good. Its nicely lit and doesnt have any bad camera motion. It does, however, have a bit of grain.
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Boxcover for Clown Porn (Ramco Productions)
Clown Porn (Ramco Productions) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chris, Dave Pounder, Hollie Stevens, Jenna Brooks, Zenova Braeden, Travis Lee, Hef Pounder, Sailor Mike, Slacko The Clown, Helicopter Pete, Sam "The Package", Kelly Cornflake, Sheldon Unseen, Adam Schick, Leighton Hollingsworth
Studio: Ramco Productions

Release date: 2/7/2005
Clown Porn (Ramco Productions) reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 84 min. Production Date: 2004 Director: Chris Spoto Cast: Hollie Stevens, Jenna Brooks, Kelly Cornflake, Zenova Braeden, Dave Pounder, Hef Pounder, Sam, Sheldon Unseen, and Travis Lee The Short Story Initial Expectations: Theres only two things I know for this one. First, I have a mini-fridge full of beer when I need it. Second, that this ones for Loraine (and you thought Casey Kasem was the only one who could do long distance dedications!)! Initial Reaction: Its as amusing as I hoped rather than being as bad as what I feared it would be. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a laugh with their porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting clown anal The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is pretty clear and well balanced. Theres a few noises added here and there, but they fit the movie. The video is also pretty well done. Theres just a hint of grain and a little camera motion, but for the most part its nicely lit.
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