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Boxcover for Spit Swappers 2
Spit Swappers 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vivian, Christine, Veronica, Sophia, Heather, Mya, Evelyn, Deja Daire, Xana Star, Kelly Wells, Faye, Roxxxy Rush, Puma Swede, Glauren Star
Studio: Pink Visual

Release date: 9/12/2008
Spit Swappers 2 reviews:
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This is a film aimed at a very specific fetish--spit swapping. Lots of spit play in this film. Little to no actual sex. Lots of spit though. Many cuties make this film appealing, but they are not engaged in much sexual activities. Did I mention there is lots of spit in this one.
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Boxcover for Huge Boobs Galore 3
Huge Boobs Galore 3 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Xana Star, Jersey James
Studio: Pink Visual

Release date: 11/23/2006
Huge Boobs Galore 3 reviews:
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Synopsis 4 scenes of beautiful, bouncy boobies . Mmm, Gabriella Banks, & Xana Star ? Sweet. Onto da sex . Scene 1 Gabriella Banks with Joe All vaginal . Interview. Tease: shower soapage, baby oilage . Mutual oral, tit fuck, missionary, p2m . Doggy, reverse cowgirl ( bouncy bouncy), p2m . More rcg ride-age, cowgirl, spoon (wiggle wobble). Tit fuck, more mish...Gabriella's mouth gets Joe's white wonder tonic . Redhead, me likey . Scene 2 Jersey James with Donny All vaginal . Blond with well done implants . Interview. Tease:Car Wash, shower, solo self-love . Oral, missionary, p2m, doggy, spoon, cowgirl . reverse cowgirl, p2m, more rcg ride-age, mish . Tit fuck, more mish...Jersey's sweater meats get showered with slippery sperm . Scene 3 Melodie Peters with Joe All vaginal . Long haired brunette with big boobies (real) . Interview.
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Boxcover for Jiggly Juggs (Bad Seed)
Jiggly Juggs (Bad Seed) 
(2.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Frank Gun, Tommy Gunn, Jennifer Luv, Alicia Rhodes, Sativa Rose, Carmen Hayes, Luccia, Xana Star, Bryon Long
Studio: Bad Seed

Directed by: Brett Maverick
Release date: 2/24/2006
Jiggly Juggs (Bad Seed) reviews:
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Six scenes, all of which follow the same basic script. The script works pretty well and the pacing is just about right. There is quite a bit of boob bouncing and other titty goodness in this movie, but does suffer from a few annoyances, such as a visible set and the director being heard on camera. The haning udders of Carmen aren't to be missed, and who can refuse the sweet smile of Luccia? If you like boobs to be bouncing, jiggling, hanging, and otherwise moving about, this feature won't disappoint.
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Stars Luccia, Alicia Rhodes, Carmen Hayes, Xana, Sativa Rose, Jennifer Luv, Tommy Gunn, Byron Long and Frank Gun Five major scenes plus one "bonus" scene, photo gallery and trailers for other titles. I must be out of it. I just don't care for some of the things that are going on in modern flicks, but you can't really tell from the box covers what you're going to get. For example--I hate spitting; but this movie (and an alarming number of others) have enough spit and phlegm to make me thing I'm watching ALIEN. Are they chewing tobacco?? My other major beef, and this title is a prime example, is what it means to be a "big boob" movie. You'd think you'd be after people (like me) who like big boobs. You'd think they would be featured in the movie. Yet many of these movies, and Jiggly Juggs is a great example, look like someone said "she's got D-cups--use that scene" regardless of anything else. So if you really like big tits, that's great but you're mostly going to see them ignored. They may get a cursory touch or a suck or a stroke, but not much more than that.
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Boxcover for Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract
Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract 
(5.0 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Xana Star, Dax Star
Studio: Comstock Films

Directed by: Tony Comstock
Release date: 5/20/2005
Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract reviews:
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Who hasn't heard of this movie by now? If you haven't, you should be ashamed of yourself for missing out on one of the most exciting, inspiring films in the past few years. I didn't say "porn films"; I just said "films". For those who somehow missed it, Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract is a documentary of a couple in love. Oh yeah, there is sex. Hot, dirty, naughty, real sex - the way it is supposed to be done. But that is not what this movie is about in my opinion. This movie is about a couple in love and the things they do. The viewer gets to hear their story, and then watch this beautiful couple show their love for each other in the most raw and real manner known to man. My email to Tony Comstock after watching went like this, "I really loved it. I was blown away. It came very close to restoring some faith in me that people really can be that into each other, and that sex and love can be related to one another.
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"Opposites attract because they are not really opposites, but complementaries." Sydney J.Harris I just saw a love story. One with all the makings of a fine, sweet tale -- you know how it goes -- the handsome young man who spies the pretty woman at a party and smiles, but doesn't think he stands a chance with her. The pretty woman who swoons a little when she sees him walk by, the friend who acts as the conduit for secret messages about the woman's desire to know him and kiss him...want to know how it turns out? Well, so did I -- desperately. It turns out, in this romantic real life story, that Xana and Dax are perfectly suited to each other, they fall deeply in love, they learn what turns each other on and they have hot sex. In teaming up with filmmaker, Tony Comstock, they get to tell us their love story and show us their lovemaking.
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The Little Details Running Time: 45 min. Production Date: 2005 Director: Tony Comstock Cast: Xana Star and Dax Star The Short Story Initial Expectations: Marie & Jack: A Hardcore Love Story blew me away. I hope it didnt get my hopes up too high for Xana and Dax! Initial Reaction: Its had me smiling for over an hour now, and Im sure its going to continue into tomorrow. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting sex with real emotions Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a school bus full of Eskimos going around doing pro-bono double anals The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. Theres a bit of an amateur feel now and then, but here I think thats done on purpose. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, and I dont think I heard a single background noise. The video is also nicely done. It has a little grain to it for artistic effect, or maybe just to make the viewer think of how cool the movie would be if it were shot on film.
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Boxcover for Big Gorgeous Breasts 1
Big Gorgeous Breasts 1 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kim Chambers, Dale Dabone, Dino Bravo, Vicky Vette, Eve Laurence, Grant Michaels, Xana Star, Penny Porsche
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Release date: 9/27/2004
Big Gorgeous Breasts 1 reviews:
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Big Gorgeous Breasts Studio: Simon Wolf Director: Robert Herrera Year: 2004 Feature Time: 2:05:12 Extras: Behind the Scenes / Bonus Scene / Trailers (0:57:57) Starring: Penny Porsche (Cover Girl) Eve Lawrence Kim Chambers Vicky Vette Xana Star Lea De Mae Themes: Boobs, Mature Women Here's another recent release from Robert Herrera and Simon Wolf. I've only seen one other title from the company (the previously reviewed "Nothing Underneath 3") and I was very unimpressed. I'm not holding out much hope for this one, either, based on the cover and cast list. There's a lot of mature ladies in this title, with the exception of Eve Lawrence, so porn viewers who like to see MILFs and older women in action might want to give this one a rental. Scene 1: Vicky Vette and a porn stud Vicky is a starlet I've only heard about and never sought out on DVD before. She looks like the prototypical 1990's porn star, with huge blonde hair and giant fake bolt-on boobs. She is more mature than the average 19-year old gonzo starlet.
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Boxcover for Tight Wet Panties
Tight Wet Panties 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Xana Star, Trina Michaels, Tory Lane
Studio: Elegant Angel

Release date: 9/13/2004
Tight Wet Panties reviews:
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Tight Wet Panties Running Time: 120 min. Production Date: August 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise Ive seen a few titles from Elegant Angel over the last year. The one constant has been that they always have a scene that is headed for the AVN Awards. The other constant has been that they relied on that one scene to carry the entire project. Well, that was then, this is now. Elegant has made huge strides to step out of the Evil Angel shadow and position themselves in the forefront of todays adult scene. P. Collins brings that rough, rugged and raw style from the 90s to his company, and the sum total of that just may prove to be porn gold. Tory Lane [ /image ] --> This girl burst onto the scene with her massive canons blazin the way. Fans of fake jugs around the world are most likely strokin to her round mounds of happiness. Aside from the Huey Lewis Hip to Be Square sunglasses, this girl was a dime. The action proved to be pretty good here, but I have to admit that I was Booby Trapped by those sweet milk cans and filthy mouth.
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Wow, will you look at the cover shot for this one. Two fine looking ladies pulling their drawers down to show off some bootie. So you want a little wetness with your sex then Zupko has some fun in store for you with this release. Some great opening tease shots of the girls wearing white and they are all soaked through showing off their better areas if you get my drift! Let's get wet and wild shall we! Tory Lane: They open with Tory already wet and she is pulling the material tight up her pussy and look at her nipples hard and Tory does a great job caressing those funbags. We keep those titties covered still as Tory moves to fingering both her pussy and ass for us with some excellent close shots given. One boob is then pulled out and it was right there for the licking but alas she doesn't. Soon both boobs are out and some water is sprinkled down on them as Tory continues to play with her pussy.
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Boxcover for Juggernauts 2 (Mayhem)
Juggernauts 2 (Mayhem) 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Hatcher, Alex Sanders, Mika Tan, Jada Fire, Jada, Sledge Hammer, Talon, Kody Coxxx, Xana Star, Trina Michaels
Studio: Mayhem

Directed by: Alex Sanders
Release date: 9/13/2004
Juggernauts 2 (Mayhem) reviews:
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Juggernauts Running Time: 120 min.est. Production Date: June 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise Mayhem puts some serious box covers out. Its almost like looking at a Taco Bell ad. It looks so good and satisfying, but you always seem to regret your purchase. I have almost no complaints about Mayhems ability to cast women, but their inability to cast the right guy takes the heat out of their titles faster than cold water on a non stick grill. Trina Michaels I was convinced that this girl would be on the top of all lists by the end of this year. Shes had a pretty good run, but for some reason I just havent seen much of her lately. Her body is fierce and her brain is badder. Ive talk to T. Mike on multiple occasions and what I like most about her is the fact that after a brief exchange she makes you feel more like a friend than a fan. I know a lot of you want to fuck the stars, but Id rather talk too them. This was not her best work.
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Boxcover for Big Wet Asses 4
Big Wet Asses 4 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brian Surewood, Tony T., Mika Tan, Tyler Wood, Brett Rockman, Lauren Phoenix, Katrina Kraven, Pandora Dreams, Xana Star, Sara Jay
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Thomas Zupko
Release date: 8/24/2004
Previews: Movie Trailer
Big Wet Asses 4 reviews:
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  Prologue Since Thomas Zupko started to oil up the best asses in porn and show their owners getting fucked silly, Elegant Angel has had one of it's most talked about and revered series. This volume contains the awesome derriere of Buttwoman herself, Lauren Phoenix. She's paired up with Katrina Kraven, an ass lover's delight in her own right. Pandora Dreams and Sara Jay have been getting a lot of pub on the ADT boards for their assets and Mika Tan is a particular favorite of mine. Xana Star is a wild card for me, but her picture on the back of the DVD box looks good. I'm stoked. Let the debauchery begin. Lauren Phoenix and Katrina Kraven A quick cut montage of the girls showing off their oiled up asses and talking smack. Then they're together and rubbing those amazing asses together in an obscene ass dance. So hot. Lauren turns around and starts to toss Katrina's salad. Tony T is sitting above them, squirting oil on them with a dildo gun. Then with a super soaker.
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Boxcover for Appetite For Ass Destruction (Lethal Hardcore)
Appetite For Ass Destruction (Lethal Hardcore) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tony Michaels, Andrew Riviera, Talon, Dirty Harry, Shy Love, Richard Raymond, Xana Star, Dax Star, Nicki Hunter, Daphne Rosen, Kelly Kline
Studio: Lethal Hardcore

Directed by: Stoney Curtis
Release date: 7/12/2004
Appetite For Ass Destruction (Lethal Hardcore) reviews:
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I rate each scene on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten is a perfect score! Scene One (Nicki Hunter, two guys) Nicki is a cute blonde with big fake tits. Shes dressed in a sexy black dominatrix type outfit. She takes off her clothes and plays with herself and teases before the guys come in. She sucks on both cocks and theres some rough treatment included. The guys stick their asses in the ass and she rims them both. Theres vaginal sex in doggie, while she eats the other guys ass. More vaginal in mish. Theres anal in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, piledriver followed by facial cumshots. Lots of cum and she does some clean up afterwards. This very a very rough scene. The guys were very physical and LOUD...Too loud if you ask me! Rating: 6 Scene Two (Shy Love, guy) Shy Love is a latina with beautiful big brown eyes, huge fake boobs, and a great ass. I think she would be a perfect ten if she had natural boobs or at the very least, smaller implants. Anyway, she strips down, plays with her pussy, and ass fucks herself with a glass dildo. The hired dick joins her and she sucks his cock.
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