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Help with Victoria Paris movie
Can anyone please name the Victoria Paris movie these screen shots are from? I've been trying to find it for long time with no success. Any help would be awesome. Thanks. by - kwigibo on Nov 5 2008Damnit, oh well. I would upload the image but it s ...
Victoria Paris movie
Does anybody know the name of the Victoria Paris move from the sceencaps? I know Randy Spears is in it. Couple other scenes feature her is a threesome. Anybody got any help??
Victoria Paris in an 80's music video
I can't remember the song but it played a lot on MTV in the 80's Victoria Paris or her twin was in a red sports car with her hair blowing in the breezi. I think the car was flying through the air. Typical 80's hair music I believe or maybe something a little more electroinc. I Remember it was a good song. Does this jog anyone's memory. Was it her?
Victoria Paris
I was just looking at some old classics and saw Victoria Paris. Its been a long time. Does anyone know if she ever did an anal scene? IAFD does not list any.
Was Victoria Paris Into Women?
For the first time in about 15 years, last night Mrs. Bigfoot and I snuggled up and watched the porn classic, "The Chameleon". There is a great scene between Victoria Paris, Tori Welles and Peter North. It is notable for several reasons, the first being how Victoria moved ever-so-slightly to her left right before North pumped a gallon of ...
Is this Victoria Paris?
...or maybe her sister? Victoria?
Victoria Paris Anal Scene Discovery!!
I was just going through one of my early DVDs -- Knockers Volume #1: Melon Madness (a freebie I got from Adult DVD Now, long ago) from Metro -- and I was trying to work out which stars were in which scenes. Victoria is listed on the cover, but I didn't cop which scene she was in (she looks way past her best in the scene in question ), wh ...