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Why Tyler Knight talks so much shit about the biz?
I learned about this actor the other day at some forum. I had no idea who this was. I saw a thread where he answers questions, and he talks a lot of shit about the industry. Seems like he's pretty bitter about it.I know it's not all rainbow and roses off cameras but, this guy seems like he goes a bit over the top with it. He makes it seem like if y ...
Monique Alexander's scene with Tyler Knight
I'm hoping to get some news on IR scenes that Monique Alexander has done recently. I heard that Tyler Knight said that he did a scene with her and I would like to know more about what he said and anything anyone else knows about the scene? I guess that I like a lot of us continue to wait for those Mr. Marcus/Monique scenes shot before Debbie Does D ...
question for Tyler Knight
That girl that "gushed", GiGi, whom you worked with recently and posted about in the thread "Moist Porn Girls"? What's the name of the video in which this all goes down? Which studio will be releasing it and when? m_burlock