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t.t. boy
How much plastic work has he had done if any? Is he another Dick Clark in that when 60 he will look 30?
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT HIM , he was one of the first guys really to be rough and tough with the girls and now he is a owner with mostly all black lines. I think he is a pioneer and trendsetter in the biz. As for Evasive Angels his stuff was good a few yrs ago when he was directing and staring in it now he let Mark Anthony and Nate Threat and ...
T.T. Boy or Slayer?
I don't know if this topic has ever come up before , but who do you think ,people, is the HARDER performer?The best between these two? i've been watching both for awhile, and TT has still been keeping up the intensity with the sistas..Who is your choice to watch? Topic Moved by - Saki on Dec 12 2004