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Boxcover for Lumberjack Gang Bang
Lumberjack Gang Bang 
(2.8 stars avg from 4 reviews)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore, Robert Harvey
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Release date: 3/6/2003
Lumberjack Gang Bang reviews:
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The Plot This movie starts with mail call at a camp of lumberjacks. Boss Blue Blake hands out the mail to all the guys, and then delivers some bad news. It seems that the bridge to town has been washed out, so there will be no way for the guys to get any pussy for the next 6 months. As a result, they do what they always do in this situation - draw straws to see who will be Camp Bitch for the week. Duke Miller ends up being the lucky fellow and soon hes down on his knees sucking cock. The movie is broken up into 7 chapters, but there are really only 4 distinct scenes. scene 1 All the guys gather around Duke with their dicks out, and he sucks them all. Some of the dicks are nice and hard, but a few of them are only at half-mast. scene 2 Next, the guys lay Duke down on a table and take turns eating out his ass while Duke sucks more cock. Curiously, Dukes underwear is left on, covering his dick and only exposing his asshole.
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DUKE MILLERS LUMBERJACK GANG BANG Written, produced AND directed by Blue Blake Starring: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Rhett OHara, Kelly Madison, Ray Stone, Damian Steele, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey and Matt Sizemore. Featuring Blue Blake in a non-sexual role. (pity). Blue Blake has managed to whip out yet another winner. Im still waiting patiently for the day that he decides to whip his wiener out once more, but as the renaissance man of adult entertainment, Blake still wears the crown. Not that there was much writing going on for his production of LUMBERJACK GANG BANG, it is with this video that his directing skills are shown to their best advantage. This in not a plot-driven release; it has a great set-up, which establishes everything one needs to know right off the bat. Blake himself introduces each man, by name, as The Boss, distributing mail to the logging camp. Nice touch. The Boss then announces that the bridge has been washed out, leaving theses horny loggers without women for the next six weeks, at least.
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Title: Duke Miller's Lumberjack Gang Bang Studio: Arena Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer: Andre Adair Editor: Drew Warner Music: Rock Hard Cast: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Matt Sizemore, Rhett O'Hara, Kelly Madison, Damian Steele, Staten McCormack, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey, and Blue Blake (as "The Boss") Date of Production: June 2002 Running Time: 70 minutes Extras: Interactive Menus, Instant Scene Access, Bloopers and Outtakes, Hardcore Photo Gallery, DVD Rom Compatible The Story Set on a logging camp, all of our stars are bulky and chopping block and carrying water. They interrupt from their busy ax grinding work for a bit of mail call and everyone is treated to a letter (or two) from their sweeties back home. However, their perfume scented letters come tainted with another sense of news straight from their Boss's (Blue Blake) mouth. Seems the bridge that leads to town is down and won't be prepared for close to six months.
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Boxcover for Finish Me Off
Finish Me Off 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Jon Galt, Jeremy Jordan, Brad Benton, Matt Summers, Evan Taylor, Marco Paris, Julian Pierce
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Release date: 5/9/2002
Finish Me Off reviews:
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Has it ever occurred to you when watching a porn flick that after watching the guys suck and fuck, just lying beside one another and jacking off was an anti-climax? To me it always seemed to imply Well you did your best to bring me off, but you failed and so its back to the old hand. It must have seemed that way to Chi Chi LaRue; too because in this film the prolific directrix extraordinaire has decided that in this film the guys would give one another a helping hand. Unfortunately Patrick Allen introduces the scenes in the guise of Dr. No-wank-alone. This adds nothing to the film, but does indeed detract considerably from it. The main problem is that there is no variation with Allens appearances. It is the same old, same old boring, badly written dialogue. If we saw him in various stages of undress or fondling some hunk or getting gradually higher, it might be more interesting. But I think it would be even better just to let the scenes follow without this irritating interruption. And pretty good scenes they are. First up (literally) are Julian Pierce and Travis Reed.
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Boxcover for High Desert
High Desert 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Mark Anthony, Troy Michaels, Austin Masters, Dean Phoenix, Dylan Reece, Jeremy Tucker, Nick Young, Jack Ryan
Studio: Sports & Recreation

Release date: 12/27/2001
High Desert reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Nancy Nathan Cast: Dean Pheonix, Dylan Reece, Marc Anthony, Troy Michaels, Jeremy Tucker, Jack Ryan, Nick Young, Austin Masters Story: A bunch of twinkie to mediumly buff studs head out to the desert and make whoopee in 5 unrelated scenes. Scene One First up are Dean Pheonix and Jack Ryan doing a little bit of slow motion smoochin outside their tent. The whole slow-mo thing went on a tad too long, but thankfully, by the time they were naked, things had sped up to normal speed. Dean sure is a hottie, and his little fuck-friend is pretty cute too. Its nice to see Dean suck dick in this scene for some reason I though hed be more trade than that. Dean does still only top, though, and ends up fucking Jack nice and slow.
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High Desert is a gorgeous and beautiful film to look at with some of the hottest models in the biz but its not without its shortcomings. You know how the music score can affect a movie? Well unfortunately, believe it or not, the music in this, although good, drags down the film more than it should. Its too bad because the photography, landscapes, and action are exquisite but it just doesnt have the punch it desires. And the last scene featuring Austin Masters as a trailer trash stud with a tattooed girlfriend (Betty Grub?) totally doesnt flow with the rest of the picture. That aside this is a striking production! It opens with Dean Phoenix and Jack Ryan who playfully and sensually enjoy each others company amidst their campsite in the desert. As they take turns caressing and sucking each other the new agey soundtrack plays with no dialogue whatsoever. Dean tops Jack and its all done in a somewhat artsy fashion. They are both hot but I really just felt the music dulled it down.
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Boxcover for Seven Deadly Sins, The: Gluttony
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Gluttony 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Troy Michaels, Anthony DeAngelo, Anthony Cox, Tanner Hayes, Eric Hanson, Rod Barry, Cox, Anthony, Diego Stefano, Tony Pacino
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Wash West
Release date: 9/29/2001
Seven Deadly Sins, The: Gluttony reviews:
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Director: Wash West Cast: Eric Hanson, Tanner Hayes, Rod Barry, Anthony Cox, Troy Michaels, Tony Pacino, Anthony De Angelo, Diego Stefano Story: Wash West delivers more story- driven porn this time in documentary form. Cutie-pie Tanner Hayes is making a video project on 60s porn star Dorian (Eric Hanson), complete with goofy interviews and retro film clips. Scene One Tanner finds one of Dorians first pornos at a garage sale, and rushes home to check it out. This scene is amazing. Wash West aged the footage with a layer of grain, and stuck in some of the glitches you normal see in 35mm film. The results are remarkable. If it werent for the condom, I would have sworn this scene was shot in the 60s. Anyway, the movie features Dorian and Diego in posing straps jumping on a trampoline and making out in the woods on a bench. Eric Hanson has a reputation for being somewhat of a cold fish. Ive only seen him once before (in Falcons Freshmen) and he was pretty indifferent to what was going on.
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