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Boxcover for Seductive Lesbians
Seductive Lesbians 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Toni, Kristen, Olivia, Jamie, Cherry, Angie, Barbie, Francis, Liana, Eva Anna
Studio: Juicy Entertainment

Release date: 3/31/2010
Seductive Lesbians reviews:
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Seductive Lesbians features six girl/girl scenes where the girls have great bodies and most have long hair and gorgeous faces. There are no set-ups or interviews. From start to finish there is girl on girl action. The sex is erotic, but not very intimate. It is too bad that it is so short, overly edited, and didn't offer much extra.
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Boxcover for Let Me Suck You Off
Let Me Suck You Off 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Toni, Tatiana
Studio: 3 Vision Entertainment

Release date: 7/17/2005
Let Me Suck You Off reviews:
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This is a blowjob movie where the girls are driven around the Jersey shore in a limousine, and try to pick up guys to give blowjobs to. It sounds like it could be fun, so I am looking forward to seeing this. In the back of the limo are Tatiana, an attractive blonde with glasses, and two other cute girls (who are billed as different names in the credits and on the boxcover, so I am not sure what names they use). The girls get a quick interview, and they play around with each other for a short time. The limo drives to a porn shop and Tatiana gets out of the car and walks around the store and eventually talks a guy into going outside into the limo with her. After the guy signs the necessary paperwork, the three girls pull his pants down, and take turns sucking on his dick. One of the girls, a cute brown haired girl, has him put on a condom and she rides on top of him for a few minutes, then the girls get back to blowing him. Outside the limo there are some bystanders talking, so the limo takes off and heads to the porn studio to finish the scene.
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Boxcover for Grafenberg Spot, The
Grafenberg Spot, The 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jazz, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Raven, Toni, Nina Hartley, Sandy, Tracy, Sophia, Lois, John Holmes, Simone, Angelique, Rick Savage, Annette Haven, Sapphire, Harry Reems, Teresa, Susan, Lili Marlene, Rita Erotica, Elise, Pepper, Debi Sundahl, Thor Southern, Al Rand, Miss Susannah, Susie Bright
Studio: Mitchell Brothers

Directed by: Artie Mitchell
Release date: 1/2/2005
Grafenberg Spot, The reviews:
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The Mitchell Brothers' "Grafenberg Spot" was a movie described in the book "Bottom Feeders" as a "six-day wonder shot to fund legal expenses". By the sounds of that description, you would think that the movie is a piece of shit. "The Grafenberg Spot", however is a quite watchable, and actually very entertaining film that while doesn't reach the standards of "Behind the Green Door" or "The Resurrection of Eve", is still a must-see in the adult genre. The cast in this movie are amazing. It is certainly a who's who of adult cinema in 1985. Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, Annette Haven, John Holmes, Amber Lynn, Nina Hartley, Lili Marlene, Rick Savage. Traci Lords was in the original version of the film. Story tells of a comparative literature graduate named Leslie (played by Ginger), who has the habit of pissing in her lover's (Harry Reems) face while getting eaten out. She goes to a clinic where a doctor (Annette Haven) teaches her about the Grafenberg pleasure spot.
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Boxcover for Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3
Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Toni, Tyler, Venus, Tyler Wood, Tony Pounds, Calli Cox, Sunrise Adams, Bobbi Barrington, Calli
Studio: Digital Sin

Release date: 12/10/2002
Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3 reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3 (138 min.) Featuring: Calli Cox, Bobbie, Sunrise, and Venus Synopsis: The two porn teams duke it out to win the scavenger hunt contest by completing crazy sexual antics with strangers. Overall: This is the porn version of MTV's "Road Rules" and Shane's World makes good use of the concept. Team two comprised of Sunrise and Venus do a lot of lewd scenes with strangers that they pick up off mall strips. With all that extra work, it was very surprising that they didn't win the scavenger hunt.
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Shanes World hits frat row and I wish I was there. They surprise frat houses, get naked, give out handjobs, pile into showers, and the camera surveys the guys pants to see whos getting hard. Most of them cant get hard with all their friends watching, but when Venus and Sunrise bring guys into their limo they respond easily, and cum quickly. The scavenger hunt got me going much more than the five sex scenes thrown in the middle. Even though some of the frat boys have no idea how to finger a girl, and ram massive dildos up Calli's hole, at least there are real reactions, shock embarrassment, shyness, and excitement. Bringing Shanes World to a frat houses is a great idea. My biggest complaint is that Toni, one of the cutest guys in porn, didnt get any action with the college girls. Shanes World should have offered 1,000 points if one of the porn guys could make a girl off the street cum. That something Id pay good money to see! In all honesty I fast-forwarded through the sex scenes. You can read about them in this review.
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Boxcover for Strutters
(1.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ruby, Chloe, Ariana, Shay, Ashley Renee, Porsche Lynn, Toni, Lois Ayres, Shane, Megan, Monique, Casey, Nikki Lynn, Roxxi Raye, Valentine, Heidi Neiss, Nikki Nyce, Markie, Frankie, Vixxen Vaughn, Andrea Amore
Studio: Adam & Eve

Release date: 5/6/2002
Strutters reviews:
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For those of you that buy your porn online you have to know that new regulations have hurt us severely. Not only do the best images get blurred on the boxes, but in most cases you get the standard Image Not Available tag on most sites. That said, the cheap titles and comps are left with nothing but the reviewers notes to sell a title, and this is one of those titles. Strutters is a comp distributed by Adam & Eve. It boasts 25 of the world sexiest women but I have to admit that todays porn hound might not recognize most of the names. Porshe Lynn, Nikki Lynn, and Ashley Rene are some of the bigger names on this disc, so if that doesnt meet your standards, I suggest you reconsider. Dont get me wrong, this title has some good action, attractive women and nasty sex, but these women are not young, not current and not a fair sampling of what you find in todays porn. For the sex purist and classic fan this is good pick up, but for the younger or more demanding fan, this may not satisfy your urge.
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This is a dual sided compilation DVD of 30 scenes, plus 1 bonus scene, which I ass-u-me is from Adam & Eves archives, but I could be wrong. There are no credits as to where the scenes originated, no directors are credited, and no performer IDs are given. I would go into detail, but since this is a compilation full of scenes of unknown origin, Im not gonna bother. OVERALL [Synopsis] : The video quality was about average throughout, with some scenes being slightly better, and some scenes being a lot worse. The performers ranged from average in looks to pretty good looking, with a few standouts, and some low lights as well in there. The scenes were also short, usually lasting an average of around 5 minutes There are a total of 31 scenes on this compilation 10 scenes plus a bonus scene, on Side 2, and on Side 1 there are a total of 20 scenes. The front of the boxcover says 4 Hours Total! and the back cover says 4 Hours Total! 3 Hour Feature Plus Previews and a Bonus Scene.
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Boxcover for Virtual Blowjobs: Down The Hatch
Virtual Blowjobs: Down The Hatch 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Charlie, Sky, Toni, Taylor St. Clair, Amber Michaels, Dasha, Stevie, Kaitlynn
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Dyanna Lauren
Release date: 4/6/2001
Virtual Blowjobs: Down The Hatch reviews:
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If you like blowjobs, then this is THE dvd for you. All of the girls give a short (about 3 minutes) intro to their blowjob where they are naughty or nice (you decide). The intros are one on one meaning that they talk to you. Then there is the bj that is first-person, and they talk as if it is your member. The bjs come in three angles (top, side and bottom). Most of the girls are gorgeous and give good performances. My favorites are Charlie and the tag team effort from Kaylynn and Amber Michaels. All of the bjs are around 5 minutes and end in popshots (most are kinda weak). Overall this dvd is awesome. If you want a virtual blowjobs dvd, BUY THIS ONE. I have seen most of the other dvds in this series, and this one is the best BY FAR.
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Boxcover for Sex Freaks (NuTech)
Sex Freaks (NuTech) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: John Decker, Michael J. Cox, Kim Kataine, Nick East, Tom Byron, Lovette, Nyrobi Knight, Dave Hardman, Missy, Caressa Savage, Alex Sanders, Sharon Kane, Rick Masters, Toni, Stephanie Swift, Nici Sterling, Jack Hammer, Lennox, Frank Towers, Paisley Hunter
Studio: NuTech

Directed by: Gregory Dark
Release date: 4/24/2000
Sex Freaks (NuTech) reviews:
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-This is a Dark Works/ Evil Angel Production- Female Cast : Lovette, Paisley Hunter, Stephanie Swift, Nyrobi Knights, Nici Sterling, Missy, Lennox, Kim Kitane, Toni, and Caressa Savage. They all dance to some original music,as their names appear, during the opening. Male Cast : Tom Byron, Michael J Cox, Alex Sanders, Nick East, Rick Masters, John Decker, Dave Hardman, and Frank Towers. Sharon Kane as Lips Rip Hyman as Julio Midnight Produced by Gregory Dark This DVD follows the adventures of Julio Midnight. Rather than give away the story, I will just list who gets what done to them. SCENE ONE : Stephanie Swift, Nyrobi Knights, and a guy dressed as a clown (Tom Byron?). Stephanie gives bj and gets fucked vaginally (a bit of rough sex). Clown cums in condom and dumps the semen onto Stephanies face. Nyrobi gets fucked vaginally and then anally, clown cums again. [Two on-lookers applaud] SCENE TWO : Paisley Hunter and two guys dressed as flies. She gives bj, gets fucked vaginally, and gets a dp.
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