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Boxcover for D.O.A.
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Timber, Trent Tesoro, Mark Zane, Paris Gables, Chris Justice
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Lizzy Borden
Release date: 10/15/2005
D.O.A. reviews:
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D.O.A. MOVIE TYPE: Plot themed 2 Hours 18 minutes DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden THEMES: Celebrities, Suicides CONDOMS: None Noted Date of Release: 10/05 Date of Production: 9/15/05 STARS: Paris Gables, Timber, Alias, Chris Justice, and Trent Tesoro REVIEW- The name D.O.A. is an appropriate name for this DVD as it fits. I was really looking forward to a disc that features 6 scenes with the very lovely Heather Gables. For some reason she now goes by the name of Paris Gables, but that is beside the point. This disc is a complete waste of time, Paris Gables not withstanding. In addition, the front cover of the disc shows Paris pretty face covered with cum. The photo is complete doctored, as there are no scenes on the disc showing Paris with that much cum on her face. Scene 1: The feature starts out with Paris driving in a warehouse complex. She stops to pick up a hitchhiker. When the hitchhiker asks what she is doing, she replies that she is driving around picking up boys, and some more really lame porn dialogue.
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Boxcover for City of Anals
City of Anals 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael J. Cox, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone, Julie Meadows, Liza Harper, Rod Fontana, Katie Gold, Timber, Tiger Lilly, Amber Woods, Barrett Moore, Shell Rene
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Michael J. Cox
Release date: 6/5/2003
City of Anals reviews:
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Reviewed By: Coyote22 INITIAL THOUGHTS: This is a release from Xplicit and is called City of Anals. I see that there a few hot looking females in the cast, and I guess from the cover there is going to be some anals so I guess we will see how accurate the box is. VIDEO/AUDIO: The video was decent with a little bit of grain. The audio was just about as good. THEMES: Anal, Oral, Lesbian, 2 on 1 (g/g/f) EXTRAS: Other Titles (fan fuxxx, awesome pussy, what makes you cum) CAST: Timber, Katie Gold, Barrett Moore, Liza Harper, Julie Meadows, Amber Woods, Shell Rene, Tiger Lily, Michael J. Cox, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone, Rod Fontana. HOW I RATE: I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rat
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Boxcover for Heat 2 (Adam & Eve)
Heat 2 (Adam & Eve) 
(2.5 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Michael J. Cox, Alexandra Silk, Billy Glide, Ian Daniels, Steve Hatcher, Felecia, Kia, Raquel Devine, Julia Ann, Liza Harper, Raylene, Johnni Black, Shayla LaVeaux, Yvonne, Vanessa Chase, Celeste, Brad Armstrong, Timber, Rebecca Lord, Kaylan Nicole, Angelica Sin, Mia Ciccero, Cortknee, Taylor Hayes, Caroline Cage, Jessica Conners
Studio: Adam & Eve

Release date: 6/16/2002
Heat 2 (Adam & Eve) reviews:
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Compilation Running length: 4 hours Female cast: Asia Carrera, Julia Ann, Johnni Black, Rebecca Lord, Nina Hartley, Tiffany Mynx, Roxanne Hall, Shayla LaVeaux, Taylor Hayes, Raylene, Alexandra Silk, Felecia, Cortnee, Angelica Sin, Raquel Devine, Kaylan Nicole, Kia, Yvonne, Caroline Cage, Liza Harper, Jessica Conners, Celeste, Mia Ciccero, Jessica Jewel, Paula Price, Male cast: Mark Davis, Peter North, Rich Handsome, Colt Steele, J. J. Michaels, Mickey G. John Decker, Rick Masters, Ian Daniels, Marc Wallice, Brad Armstrong, Brick Majors, Michael J. Cox, Billy Glide, Steve Hatcher, Alec Metro, Nick East Audio/Video: Most of the video was grainy, though it varied. Music was your typical porn music for most scenes. Condoms: some The Movie: There's 19 full scenes here, four hours worth culled from older titles. There's so many different people and situations that you can easily skip over any you don't care for, and no tedious plot to follow.
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Here is a compilation dvd from Adam & Eve which promises close to 5 hours of action and it boasts 19 scene starring some of porns well known stars among them, Raylene, Rebecca Lord, and Shayla LaVeaux. There are no extras to look at so identifying starlets may prove difficult. I noticed when you clicked on the Scene Index feature which was the only extra besides the play feature one that it gave the title for the movies but no ID's which sucks. The first scene has Raylene in a funky costume and wearing a big purple wig,lol. A nice highlight is seeing Raylene kneeling between two cocks for a dual blowjob. Both guys get to penetrate her lovely pussy and the scene ends with both pops on her breasts and she does a little cleanup. I will just say the next scene featured Kaylan Nicole and two guys one of whom is the commonly known as the dick of death for what he did in the industry and I won't comment any further on his sorry ass.
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Running Time: 3 hours 58 minutes (cover states almost 5 hours) Production Date: 12 / 27 / 2001 Director: Various Cast: Raylene, Angelica Sin, Raquel Devine, Julia Ann, Rebecca Lord, Johnni Black, Shayla LaVeaux, Alexandra Silk, Felecia, Taylor Hayes, Cortknee, Caroline Cage, Kaylan Nicole, Timber, Celeste, Kia, Yvonne, Mia Ciccero, Liza Harper, Ian Daniels, Michael J. Cox, Billy Glide, Steve Hatcher, Brad Armstrong, Alec Metro, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Shawn Ricks, Cara Lott, Valentino, Brick Majors, John West, Nina Hartley, Rich Handsome, Colt Steele, Jessica Jewel, Paula Price, Asia Carrera, Mark Davis, Tiffany Mynx, Roxanne Hall, John Decker, Rick Masters, J. J. Michaels, Mickey G., Sheila, Tyler Sweet, and Peter North Initial Expectations: Heat Vol. 1 was a pretty average compilation as I recall. Its about what Im expecting here as well. Initial Reaction: Its a pretty decent compilation, but the technical aspects arent that great.
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Boxcover for Silk Panties
Silk Panties 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alexandra Silk, C.K. Blade, Alec Metro, Evan Stone, Chloe, Luc Wylder, Katie Gold, Timber, Jewel Valmont, Shaena Steel, Blair Segal, Peris Bleau, Johnny Peters, Herschel Savage
Studio: Fallen Angel

Directed by: Alexandra Silk
Release date: 7/23/2001
Silk Panties reviews:
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Running Time: 87 min. Production Date: 9 / 12 / 1998 Director: Alexandra Silk Cast: Alexandra Silk, Katie Gold, Blair Segal, Chloe, Timber, Shaena Steele, Jewel Valmont (now known as Ava Vincent), Peris Bleau, Evan Stone, Alec Metro, C. K. Blade, Herschel Savage, and John Peters Initial Expectations: Ive heard good things about the Silk series and have enjoyed the few DVDs Ive seen from Fallen Angel. It gives me good hopes for this as well. Initial Reaction: Its a nicely done low budget all sex feature that has me looking forward to the rest of the Silk series. Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters, fans of Alexandra Silk, and anybody who loves to see panties Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for a plot Audio /Video Quality: The audio quality varies a little, but normally has most of the problems normally associated with gonzo porn such as a slightly hollow sound. Its normally pretty good, but there are some inconsistencies, such as having the audio change from a mix to only the music. The video is about the same.
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Boxcover for Thrust (Ultimate)
Thrust (Ultimate) 
(2.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Billy Glide, Steve Hatcher, Stacy Valentine, Mark Davis, Johnni Black, Timber, Shawn Ricks, Jon Decker
Studio: Ultimate

Directed by: Thomas Paine
Release date: 5/4/2000
Thrust (Ultimate) reviews:
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Running Time: 80 min. Production Date: June 1997 Director: Thomas Paine Cast: Stacy Valentine, Johnni Black, Timber, Mark Davis, Jon Decker, Steve Hatcher, Shawn Ricks, and Billy Glide Initial Expectations: Ive heard fairly bad things about this, both from other reviewers and others whos opinion I value. I enjoy both Stacy and Johnni so Im hoping it isnt as bad as Ive heard. Initial Reaction: It isnt horrible, but it isnt too great either. Audio /Video Quality: The audio is normally balanced fairly well but there are a few parts that are very unbalanced. Theres a slight grain to most of the video, but the bad lighting is the main problem. Music: The music is the normal cheesy porno music and slightly overpowers the rest of the movie. Review: Thrust revolves around the first female bomber pilot in the Air Force (Johnni Black) whos facing a court martial because Stacy Valentine finds out that Johnni was having an affair with her husband (Mark Davis).
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Who can resist Stacy Valentine? Blonde, dangerously curvy, fresh-faced and cute as hell, this babe is a wet dream (and well-fed) Barbie doll come to life, which is not unusual in porn, but Stacy definitely has a charm which will work on even the most ardent brunette fans (such as myself). Although when it comes to fair-haired girls, women like Ginger Lynn, Juli Ashton and Shayla LaVeux float my boat moreso than the common bleached blonde sex dolls, but Ms. Valentine is simply irresistable to me. She gives blowjobs with a rhythmic, sensuous passion and looks just plain sexy while getting fucked. Well, as it turns out, she is really the only redeeming feature in Adam & Eve's THRUST, yet another strictly plain vanilla, straightforward porn movie shot several years ago, which is only average at best. The plot (more like a theme, actually) involves sex within a military setting, so you get lines like "Drop your bombs all over my face..." which will have you rolling your eyes instead of indulging in other physical activities.
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Boxcover for Blowjob Fantasies 1
Blowjob Fantasies 1 
(3.4 stars avg from 4 reviews)

Starring: Candy Vegas, Inari Vachs, Rebecca Wild, Candy Apples, Katie Gold, Timber, Jacklyn Lick, Melanie Stone, Sabrina Johnson, Bianca Trump, Sunshine Blue, Tangerine, Nellie Pierce, Zina Fox, Phyllisha Blue, Sydnee Steele
Studio: Metro

Release date: 4/24/2000
Blowjob Fantasies 1 reviews:
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I love this movie, it was one of the first porn films I ever saw. The girls in the film perform some amazing blowjobs and from a female's point of view it is very educational, all girls should watch this movie. Within a few days of seeing it I was acting out some of the scenes with my boyfriends. The best of the scenes are: Candy Apples and Katy Gold suck a guy off together. At one point Katy is fingering her slit and she says "Do you like it when I play with my pussy?". All the guys I've tried this with answer with a resounding "Yes!!" At the end of the scene Candy is wanking the cock up and down and she looks right at the camera and says "Look how nice your cock is, so hard 'n' erect". Not suprisingly the guy soon comes all over their faces and they lick it off each other and finish by giggling at the camera saying "It's all good!" As I'm english, I particularly like the scene with the lovely Sabrina Johnson as a schoolgirl sucking her 'stepfather' off. There is a wonderful upskirt shot (also in the title sequence)of her showing all her vulva from underneath, and the scene has obviously got her excited because all her slit has opened.
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Right off the bat this movie is great for a number of reasons. 1.) You never see any of the male performers' faces. It's all shot from their POV, so the camera focuses at nearly all times on the girl's face slobbing on an anonymous guy's dick. 2.) The girls do alot of baby-talking to the camera; always saying just the right things at the right times. 3.) With one or two exceptions which are to be avoided using the skip forward button, nearly all the girls are hot. Not hot, like say, Jemna Jamison or Terra Patrick hot; but rather, hot like an everyday day young girl that you'd turn your head to watch walk by, at say, a shopping mall. On second thought, I'd definiteley rate Inari Vachs, Bianca Trump, Rebecca Wild, and Candy Vegas as smoking. 4.) It contains one of the greatest facials ever caught on film. The aforementioned scene stars Phyllisha Blue and a very famous dick of gigantic proportions. Phyllisha is typical of most of the girls in this feature. She's attractive and very young, but her looks are not on the level of Inari Vachs or Bianca Trump. Still, she gives an amazing performance here that alone is worth the price of this flick.
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Starring: Sydnee Steele, Candy Apples, Katie Gold, Melanie Stone, Sabrina Johnson, Tangerine, Bianca Trump, Phyllisha Blue, Nellie Pierce, Timber, Candy Vegas, Sunshine Blue, Zina Fox, Rebecca Wild, Jacklyn Lick, Inari Vachs Pros: Melanie Stone's ass!!, fantasy driven, Sydnee's body, intensity of scene with Candy Apples and Katie Gold, don't see the guy's face Cons: most of the girls were not very attractive, weak cum shots For me, this DVD provided the classic example of a DVD that does not live up to the expectations of the trailer. I saw the trailer and was very eager to see all of those hot chicks giving head. I couldn't wait to see it. I especially was eager to see that girl on the stairs (later I found out it was Melanie Stone). What a great ass? Now that I look back on it, the trailer was a classic case of quick editing and graphics covering up things that may persuade the person not to buy it. The really vital information was not given.
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Boxcover for Motel Blue
Motel Blue 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Billy Glide, Kobe Tai, Lexi Leigh, Timber, Jacklyn Lick, Marc Wallice, Jamie Lee, Deva Station, Joel Lawrence
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Paul Thomas
Release date: 4/24/2000
Motel Blue reviews:
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The second DVD I bought, and the first one from big name Vivid. Right off, you notice the difference between this DVD and one from a smaller company like VXI - tons and tons of extra features. Even the quality on the DVD is higher, a direct result of Vivid's production values. Multiple angles show off the advancement of the DVD technology, as you can switch to different views of the action. We'll start with the good points - the women look great in this video, especially Kobe Tai, the star of the flick, and the beautiful Deva, especially when they engage in the final and hottest scene of the video. The dancing between Deva and Jacklyn Lick is also tremendous, and even better, this scene features multiple angles. Ever wanted to see a lapdance from a different angle? Go right ahead. It's fun! Now the bad part. The rest of the scenes are..well, not nearly as good. They consist mainly of Kobe peeping in on couples twice, being caught once and dragged into the middle of a threesome.
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