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Boxcover for Knight Gallery
Knight Gallery 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Casey Williams, Marco Rossi, Devyn Foster, Eric York, Bruno, Scott Baldwin, Alec Powers, Josh Powell, Rob Banks
Studio: Vivid Man

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 4/20/2006
Knight Gallery reviews:
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The concept in this transfer from an earlier VHS is from an old TV show, Rod Serlings Night Gallery. A tough-looking Bruno introduces each segment using the same staccato delivery of the sullen Mr. Serling. Each scene begins behind an ornate frame as though its a painting in a gallery. (See I got it.) PICTURE #1 A construction worker played by Tim (who is very pale here in a return to porn following his incarceration for allegedly murdering his sugar daddy) orders co-worker Casey Williams an attractive blond to crawl over here and suck my cock! Then, after Casey has played the flesh flute for much too long a time, Tim fucks the man for much too long a timeeven standing still at one point and letting Casey do all the work. All the while Tim babbles on in his typical egotistical chatter and gives his usual bored, lackluster performance that telegraphs to the viewer that he would really prefer cunt. (To be fair, Tim did do some good work in his early days, such as the classic Fratrimony.
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Boxcover for Boot Camp 2 (Ari)
Boot Camp 2 (Ari) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Tony Davis, Rod Garetto, Matt Windsor, Danny Brown, Lee Jennings, Danny Bliss, Brad Weston, Kevin Glover, Vincent Gionini, Alan Lambert, Rick Sands, Les Stone
Studio: ARI

Release date: 6/4/2003
Boot Camp 2 (Ari) reviews:
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This is another of the films from the past decade or so that has been transferred from VHS to DVD and is a sequel to Boot Camp I. It is not necessary to see part one, however, as this one is just a series of unconnected scenes. BOOT CAMP II: THE TRENCHES begin with a solo jack off by the by the overused Rod Garetto. My advice is to fast-forward. When Boot Camp I ended, Tim Lowe, the cute twink with the bent dick, was just begining to join Tony Davis and Les Stine in the bunk below for a last-night-in-the-barracks suck and fuck. Tony, whom I described as a feral-looking twink in Boot Camp I, is sucking on Stines dick. Les Stine is so furry that it looks as though hes wearing a hair shirt. Tim hops down from the upper bunk to offer Les a dick to suck and later face-fucks him. Tim then goes down on Les dick as Tony sucks him. Soon both Tony and Les are both giving their attentions to Tims bent boner. Tim sticks it to Stine. Feeling left out, Tony climbs up to the upper bunk where his dick will be on a level with Tims mouth in order to feed him some cock.
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Boxcover for Boot Camp (ARI)
Boot Camp (ARI) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Tony Davis, Rod Garetto, Matt Windsor, Danny Brown, Lee Jennings, Danny Bliss, Brad Weston, Kevin Glover
Studio: ARI

Release date: 3/26/2003
Boot Camp (ARI) reviews:
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This is another of the films from the past decade or so that has been transferred from VHS to DVD. It stars Tim Lowe a 6ft. twink with 7 in. (As Mae West once remarked, Forget about the 6 feet, lets talk about the 7 inches.) Tims 7 inches are very distinctive. The head bends sharply downward. I had a friend who had a toilet seat fall on his dick when he was little. Tims resembles his. At the start of the film Tim is about to go into the marines and is bidding farewell to his loving brother, Alan Lambert. In the 80s when this film was made, Alan was a somewhat fleshy but cute French-Canadian twink. In the 90s he bulked up from gym work to be an imposing and highly desirable specimen. After this remarkable metamorphosis he appeared in Falcons Grand Prize and Summer Buddies. He then killed himself in a park in Montreal as a protest against some government policy. [Quel domage!] Alan bids brother Tim a fond farewell by going down on his dick. Tim does the same for his brother in a nice 69.
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Boxcover for Something Wild 2 (Rage / Metro)
Something Wild 2 (Rage / Metro) 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Alex Stone, Scott Hogan, Beau Humphrey, Adrian Jackson, Michael Brawn, Jake Seever, Jesse Koeler, David Rockmore, Tony Young, Kip Astor, Scott Avery, Andew Bishow, Michael Carpenter, Paul Coder, Blake McDonald, Drew McGinnis, Rich Parsons, Charlie Stone
Studio: Metro

Release date: 8/2/2000
Something Wild 2 (Rage / Metro) reviews:
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Ah, the compilation video. It sure brings back memories. I remember the first gay video I ever bought was a vivid compilation. I remember feeling so lucky when I stumbled upon it. I thought to my self, Wow! 4 whole hours of gay porn for only $20! Why would anyone pay upwards of $50 bucks for a regular video when you could get 4 whole hours for only $20 bucks!? Of course now I know why it was so cheap it was utter crap. The whole concept of the compilation video is a scam to fool the uniformed viewer. Take a bunch of worthless scenes from older videos (that are no longer selling), and repackage them and try to pass it off as new. It was only a matter of time before someone started marketing compilation DVDs. So, with our expectations sufficiently lowered, lets take a look at Something Wild 2. For starters, there are no special features. No cumshot compilations, screenshot galleries, zip. When you get to the menu, you only get one option: Play movie.
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