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Boxcover for Taking Of Christina, The
Taking Of Christina, The 
(5.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Eric Edwards, Terry Hall, C.J. Laing, Jack Thompson, Bree Anthony, Roger Caine
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Armand Weston
Release date: 8/30/2004
Taking Of Christina, The reviews:
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Produced and conceived by Jason Russell, written and directed by Armand Weston, THE TAKING OF CHRISTINA (1975) is based on actual events that had occurred over the early days of October 1974 as two ex-cons abduct a young woman and pay the consequences. Standard frame. 82 minutes.
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Armand Weston's third feature The Taking of Christina remains both his most visceral and dynamic film even over 30 years after it was made. Featuring excellent performances from its three leads, especially Bree Anthony, solid scripting and direction from Weston and a fine original score from Jack Justice, Christina is one of the strongest hardcore features from the mid 70s.
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Boxcover for Story of Joanna, The (Alpha Blue)
Story of Joanna, The (Alpha Blue) 
(4.0 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Jamie Gillis, Terry Hall, Gerard Damiano, Zebedy Colt, Juliet Graham, Steven Lark, John Busche, John Koven, Roy Carlton
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Release date: 9/18/2003
Story of Joanna, The (Alpha Blue) reviews:
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A young, aristocratic woman, played by Terri Hall, falls headfirst into Jamie Gillis' dark and ultimately deadly web when she has a chance encounter with the harsh, unfeeling millionaire one fateful evening. Indeed, from the moment of their initial meeting at an establishment of fine-dining, Hall finds herself entranced and enveloped by Gillis' austere and mysterious demeanor, and the dark, sinuous path upon which the two set forth turns not only sinisterly sexual but dangerously controlling, as well. How it all will turn out for the pair is anybody's guess, but the outcome certainly looks best. Such is the case in "The Story of Joanna", an acclaimed Golden Age release from director Gerard Damiano and the Alpha Blue Archives.
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Tis a shame that great film like this are treated like dirt by the companies that release them. Gerard Damiano's powerful and majestically shot masterpiece inspired by the great French Novel "The Story Of O" is one of the finest hardcore films EVER made by one of the genre's finest directors. Jamie Gillis is Jason, a wealthy socialite who discovers he is dying of a rare (although unnamed) desease. He thus "adopts" a young woman, Joanna (Teri Hall) to keep him company during his final days. She however is unaware of his ailments. Their relationship quickly turns from one of short term lovers to a violent bondage filled endurance test for poor Joanna who is tormented in just about every way possible. Slowly, as their profane relationship continues to develop, Jason becomes weaker and weaker due to his mysterious ailment while Joanna grows stronger and stronger through her torments... Damiano's great strengths as a director are present in every aspect of this masterpiece.
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Terri Joanna Jamie Jason Zebedy Griffin Juliet Gina "The Story of Joanna" from 1975 has the most highly developed storyline of any porn film I have seen. I don't want to give to much of it away, but it involves Jamie Gillis being a millionaire who picks up this woman and sets about degrading her for a special purpose he has for her later in the movie. The degredation of her though is very central to the plot of the movie and after what I had read of how this was one of the rougher movies of the 70's I was surprised by how tame it was. The acting in this movie is top notch, I have not seen a porn film with acting equal to this one. The music is excellent and the sets are beautiful. The audio and video on the dvd for this movie are not that good though, about equal to some of the classics VCX puts out on dvd.
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Boxcover for Through The Looking Glass (TVX)
Through The Looking Glass (TVX) 
(3.8 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Terry Hall, Kim Pope, Al Levitsky, Terri Hall, Nancy Dare, Catherine Burgess, Laura Nicholson, Ultra Max
Studio: TVX

Directed by: Jonas Middleton
Release date: 7/24/2002
Through The Looking Glass (TVX) reviews:
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One of the best hardcore films ever made, Through The Looking Glass is a beautifully shot, masterfully directed, wonderfully scored, amazingly edited, and astoundingly well acted gem of a film. Softcore star Catherine Erhardt stars as Catherine, a rich socialite who is obsessed with her deceased father (played magnificently by Jamie Gillis). Ignoring the affection of her husband (Douglas Wood) and her daughter Jennifer (Laura Nicholson, who was 16 when this film was made), Catherine spends all of her free time upstairs in her attic, masturbating to objects which remind her of her father. One evening, while engaging in such activity, she thinks she notices an apparition, resembling her father, inside the mirror.
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Introduction: Updated on March 3, 2003 to include screenshots. Note that the quality of these screenshots is, unfortunately, indicative of the poor AV quality of the DVD transfer. This is a "companion" review to Flash's review from a couple of weeks ago. I say "companion" because, in general, I'm not going to give duplicate technical information about this title - that is all easily accessible in Flash's submission. The purpose of this review is to offer an alternative viewpoint from which to consider the merits of the movie. Ironically, I never would have written this review at all were it not for the fact that I'd just purchased this movie (based on some Internet research) and then almost immediately after receiving it happened to see Flash's review. What's even more remarkable is that I'm not a regular ADT follower so the odds that I would have gone to this site on a day when his review was in the "recent" list were very small.
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Through the Looking Glass A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: TVX Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $29.95 DVD Release Date: August 2002 Movie Specs: Genres: Feature Film, Golden Age Classic (1972 - 1984), Horror Run Time: 91 minutes Rated: X Release Year: 1976 Director: Jonas Middleton Written by: Ronald Wertheim, David Maryla, Jonas Middleton Cast: Catherine Erhardt (as Catharine Burgess), Laura Nicholson, Douglas Wood, Marie Taylor, Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall, Roger Caine (as Mike Jefferson)       Disc Specs: Audio: English 2.0 Mono Subtitles: none Video: Pan & Scan, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: DVD 5 (SS, SL) Special Features: none [ /image ] --> Synopsis: Catherine Johnston (Catherine Erhardt) is married to Richard (Douglas Wood), but their marriage is going through a troubled period.  Catherine is having hallucinations of her father (Jamie Gillis) in a mirror, beckoning for her to come through the mirror to the other side of the glass.  Although she tries to resist, Richard doesnt realize how troubled his w
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Boxcover for Opening of Misty Beethoven, The
Opening of Misty Beethoven, The 
(4.6 stars avg from 7 reviews)

Starring: Jamie Gillis, Constance Money, Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Jaqueline Beudant, Jenny Baxter, Mary Stuart, Terry Hall
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Henry Paris
Release date: 1/29/2001
Opening of Misty Beethoven, The reviews:
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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the production of "The Opening of Misty Beethoven", the 1970's adult film classic from director Radley Metzger and VCA. Starring Constance Money as a young prostitute whom the late Jamie Gillis chances upon while plying her trade in a Parisian theater, this flick traces her journey from an erotically uninspired bore to a talk-of-the-town, world-class sexpot. Indeed, under Gillis' tutelage and with his wealthy friend's (Jacqueline Beudant's) fortune, Money transforms from a hapless, young harlot unwilling to suck a dick to a seasoned pro, capable of pleasuring a group of men, turning homosexuals with her charms, and ultimately seducing the most powerful name in men's publishing and his mistress (Gloria Leonard).
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What do you get when you mix Metzer, a classic play, two very hot actors, and a relatively big budget? You get the best porno movie ever made. Unfortunately, that's not saying very much since most porn movies are extremely bad and being the best of the worst isn't exactly a very good accomplishment. The largest problem with this movie is that the plot was razor thin and extremely fragmented. The flow of the story was continuously interrupted by needless scenes of blowjobs. (Way too many blowjobs in my opinion. Metzer is way too obsessed with blowjobs. The ratio of blowjobs to vaginal sex was something like 10 to 1.) He also liked to add in ridiculous dialogue to the ends of good scenes. I suppose his intention was to break the tension of sexual arousal with some comedy. (Mainstream movies do this all the time like when they add a comedy bit to an action sequence.) This device did not work for this movie because it ended up coming across as being stupid rather than funny which is funny since the play that this movie is based on is actually funny all the way through.
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NOTE: This is not your typical review. Others have done an excellent job reviewing the content, scenes, performances, etc. of this porn classic. This "review" concerns itself with how the DVD's contents compare with the complete, uncut original release version of the film or an early (before prior self-censorship) VHS version. The Ratings given refer either to the "original" version of the film (Performers, Plot, Sex, etc.) or to the DVD version (Extras, Value, etc.) and are relatively arbitrary. The important info is that which follows. MISTY (ALMOST) INTACT! To paraphrase one of Jamie Gillis lines in the movie, Theyve left alone Misty Beethoven! Theyve left alone Misty Beethoven! After side-by-side, shot-by-shot comparison of the new DVD version of the Henry Paris (Radley Metzger) classic with an old video that appears to have been made from an original release print of the film, only two short shots and the end title appear to be missing from the new DVD.
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