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Boxcover for Celebrity Bad Girls
Celebrity Bad Girls
Starring: Rene Bond, Terri Hall, Candy Barr
Studio: Historic Erotica
Release date: 8/28/2012 
Boxcover for Vanessa Del Rio Triple Feature 9
Vanessa Del Rio Triple Feature 9
Starring: Paul Thomas, Mai Lin, Sharon Mitchell, Joanna Storm, Tiffany Clark, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio, Veronica Hart, Bobby Astyr, Jesie St. James, Jerry Butler, David Morris, R. Bolla, Gloria Leonard, Herschel Savage, Michael Gaunt, Peter Andrews, Gerard Damiano, David Sandler, C.J. Laing, Wade Nichols, Linda Vale, Debbie Revenge, Crystal Sync, Tanya Lawson, Terri Hall, Eva Henderson, Ellyn Grant, Nancy Dare, Roger Caine, Don Peterson, Philip Marlowe, Tony Mansfield, Suzanne Mcbain, Hope Stockton, Ursula Austin, Mike Feline, Mousiendi, Arlana Blue, David Williams, Terry Austin, Gilbert Palmitier, Jose Duval, Victoria Corsaut, Gorden Daily, Ginny Shenfield, Leonie Mars, Linda Maidstone, Candy Short, Celia Dargent, Sandra Blast, Sue Bright, Boris Smith, Bill Michaels, Dave Stien, Richard Gorden
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Directed by: Gerard Damiano, Richard Mailer, Lawrence Talbot
Release date: 6/13/2011
Formats: DVDRental
Boxcover for Blue Vanities 369
Blue Vanities 369
Starring: John Leslie, Terri Hall, Angelique Pettyjohn
Studio: Blue Vanities
Release date: 10/7/2008 
Boxcover for Roughies: Brute Lust, The
Roughies: Brute Lust, The
Starring: Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Serena, Bobby Astyr, Harry Reems, R. Bolla, Veri Knotty, Paul Scharf, C.J. Laing, Rene Bond, Candy Love, Jake Teague, Zebedy Colt, Carter Stevens, Terri Hall, David Pierce, Alan Fox, Colleen Brennan, Suzanne Fields, Nancy Dare, Roger Caine, Nina Fause, Eve Orlon, Keith Erickson, Ric Lutze, Heather Leigh, George Peters, Starlyn Simone, John Galt, Ronnie Love, Claudine Beccarie, Patti Snyder, Steven Sommers, Patricia Mason, Daymon Gerard, Raymond North, Alice Hammer, Faye Little, Vincene Wallace, Charles Neal, Monique Perris, Anthony Fortunado, Sara Bloom, Arem Fisher, Don Jolly, Norbert Meisel, Rafael Peralta, Mike Perry, James Brand, Dee Howard, Bunny Boyd, Doug Draine, Larry McCoy, Mickie Lynn, Tracy Scott, Candy Kay, Frank Rhodes, Michael Pataki, Art Roberts, Deanna Darby, Toni Roam, Alexis Blassini, Joaquin La Habana
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Directed by: Carter Stevens, Lee Cooper, Jimmy De Knight, Richard Rank, Norbert Meisel, William Rotsler, Lee Taylor, Huck Walker, Milton Vickers
Release date: 10/5/2007
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